Thursday, October 6, 2011

Important Health News: Must See Video - Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination!

It is that time of here.... The time when the controlled media and all news outlets push people to line up like sheep and take their annual "flu shots".  There are even some of the Pharmacies and Drug Stores in Canada offering incentives for people to line up for these unnecessary shots by offering store coupons or gifts!   Such is the way now that people have to be bribed to take this poison... It truly is sickening to see!

I, and others, in the real truth movement have been fighting an uphill battle against the evil Pharmaceutical industries for years almost begging people to avoid these type of dangerous vaccinations and instead seek alternative products to help guard themselves from contracting the flu.    But what about the whole concept of vaccinations in the first place? 

I came across an amazing video the other day that I definitely want to share with everyone who reads this blog.  It is entitled: "Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination"  and contains some damning evidence that shows that in most cases vaccinations do not stop the onset of diseases but actually promotes them!   First, here is that important video.... I must warn everyone that it is over 2 hours long, but contains very important information for everyone.... And of course, I do have some additional comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  After I first watched this video, I was absolutely floored... When I was a child, I was given around 5 vaccinations during my time in Elementary and Middle Schools.  It is shocking to see that the schools of today, primarily here in North America, try to force children to take upwards of 20 (!!) vaccination shots before they graduate from High School.   That is madness!

Again, it is bad enough to find out that vaccinations do little to hinder the diseases that they are supposed to prevent, but we also know now that these vaccinations contain dangerous chemicals such as Mercury that is a neurotoxin.   There have been definitive links now between exposure to this Mercury and the rise in neurological disorders and Autism.    Therefore, how the hell can people blindly continue to allow their children to be subjected to these poisons?

Yes, it is flu season.   And again, I ask that readers of this blog absolutely refuse to line up like sheep and take the flu vaccines into their bodies.    There are always alternative ways of fighting the flu, including as I have always said to increase your bodies intake of essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin D to boost your natural immune systems.... That is so much better than the alternative...

To your better health, readers...

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