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Important Health News: CDC Caught In Blatant Lies About Pandemics And Vaccines

I am truly amazed to see how people are still gullible to believe the lies of the mainstream media and just go like brainwashed sheep to take their annual "flu shot" totally oblivious to the poisons within these deadly vaccines, and not caring about the horrible side effects that result from having mercury from these vaccines running through their bodies.  It is really disgusting!

Right now, I want to present the following article that comes from the Natural News website, at, entitled: "CDC Caught In Blatant Lies About Pandemics And Vaccines", that shows clearly how the Center for Disease Control serves not for the health of the public, but purposely creates panic situations about Pandemics and the need to have vaccines to serve the interests of big Pharmaceutical Industries to bleed the public for profit and greed..And for the CDC itself to bleed governments for more funding!  Here is that article, and of course, I have comments to follow:

CDC caught in blatant lies about pandemics and vaccines

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 by: PF Louis

(NaturalNews) The CDC relies on an authoritative presence to influence not just USA health policy, but world health policy. This prestigious presence also demands more federal funding, which is being questioned. It seems that the CDC's research, practices, and expenditures have been under scrutiny lately.

Although very few know of what has been hidden from public view regarding CDC investigations, there may soon be too much dirt for the White House to cover up completely.

Remembering the 2008 swine flu hoax

Remember all those pandemic forecasts from the CDC when different high numbers of swine flu outbreaks were reported? A CBS News program called "Washington Unplugged" wanted to know more details on how those figures were derived, but the CDC stonewalled that reporter.

To his credit, he went around the CDC by surveying each individual state's health agency, and he discovered thatvery few swine flu cases reported by the CDC were confirmed as swine flu.Most were actually a normal "seasonal" flu.

The discrepancy between CDC swine flu statistics and actual confirmed cases was too large to considered sloppy record keeping. Upon further pressure from "Washington Unplugged" news producer, the CDC clamped down more and decided they couldn't track swine flu cases anymore because "it was too difficult."

The CDC quit doing what they're supposed to do because they got caught cooking the swine flu stats.

This was a rare case of kudos for the mainstream media. For those paying attention, it flagged the CDC's bogus promotion of swine flu shots for aflu that hardly existed and that many considered less dangerous than a normal seasonal flu.

CDC lies about mercury in vaccines

From investigative reporter Tim Bolen of The Bolen Report's two part article "The CDC Has Known All Along How Dangerous Vaccines Are - And Has Covered It Up" (sourced below). As early as 1998 the CDC knew that there were problems with using thimerosal mercury in vaccines.

This was especially true with the ever increasing childhood vaccination schedule. Their own researchers turned in a internal draft stating this. The CDC decided to cover this up by hiring fake studies to explain away those mercury links to the rising autism rates.

The earliest misleading study was the "Danish Study," masterminded for the CDC by Kreesten Madsen, whose partner Paul Thorsen has recently been indicted for fraudulent funding activities. This epidemiological study became the cornerstone for the foundation of lies "proving" thimerosal was not a factor for causing autism or other childhood developmental disabilities.

Bolen adds, "Even the US Congress began to smell the CDC stink and investigated." A congressional committee released a 2003 report calledMercury in Medicine - Taking Unnecessary Risks. The report pdf can be seen here:

Congressman Dan Burton headed the investigation. He had a grandchild who was vaccinated then became autistic, and he was ruthless with vaccine industry and CDC representatives while he presided over hearings. The appropriate findings and excellent suggestions were ignored by the Bush administration and the CDC.

Bolen wondered where anti-vaccination activist Bobby Kennedy, Jr. got a one in six figure for developmentally challenged children. Then he came across a bulletin from the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics issued in 2004 entitledAutism A.L.A.R.M.(source below) which stated that one in six children had developmental/behavioral issues while one in 166 werediagnosedwith an autistic disorder.

Tim Bolen estimates that from 1998 to 2011, close to 12 million children worldwide have been afflicted with autism, making the worldwide autism ratio one out of 111 children. The CDC claims they don't understand how this is all happening. They just know it is.

The full title of the CDC is Center for Disease Control and Prevention. They're very heavily funded but clueless about autism and developmental disorders on the rise?

Ten billion and asking for more

In 2007 Senator Tom Coburn issued a report titledCDC Off Center(source below). The report cites huge mismanagement of funds for non-disease related expenses, generous payrolls, overly lavish facilities, and trips wasting funds on frivolous disease control issues while unable to explain how they are preventing disease.

CBS did a special report on Coburn's report, and mentioned that even then (2007) the CDC was asking the US Government for an additional billion dollars to its $10 billion dollar budget. See where the money goes on this TV report here:

David and Goliath

A Ph.D biochemist, Brian Hooker, whose son became autistic after a series of vaccinations, has recently filed a suit against the CDC for violating the Freedom of Information Act by not releasing data he has been requesting since 2005 regarding CDC studies that dismissed mercury vaccine dangers.

According to Bolen, Hooker is going in with top gun lawyers in the Washington, DC loop. He has given the CDC an ultimatum to release the documents he wants by late October 2011. This could be interesting.

Sources for this article include:

Bolen Reports CDC thimerosal cover up part 1

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Senator Tom Coburn's CDC Off Center report

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NTS Notes:  Again, the evidence is coming out that shows how these evil organizations are in it for pure profit and greed and don't give a damn about what is best in the publics' interest... 

I and others in the real truth movement went after these criminals right from the onset of the "Swine Flu" scare a few years back, calling their bluff... We were indeed proven right about that scam but because of our inadequate exposure to everyone at that time we failed to get the message adequately to the general public and therefore could not stop enough people from being gullible enough to go out like obedient robots and roll up their sleeves to receive the dangerous Swine Flu vaccine in their bloodstreams!   The result was thousands of people crippled by the dangerous side effects of that so called "vaccine".

Now that the alternative media is growing in stature and people are realizing that we are trying to get the truth out, maybe it is time for everyone to take a look at the evidence we present, stop being played as suckers, and demand investigations into the operations of the CDC itself... That time is long overdue!

As I have always stated... Do NOT go and take any of these dangerous vaccines into your body.   Take the time to research into alternatives to vaccines, including healthy ways to boost your body's natural immune system by taking supplements.... 

More to come


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The hospital in my town required
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