Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: View From Japan: Everything Is Fine (?)

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster is still ongoing, with no ending or any solution in sight.   It definitely troubles myself, and I do guarantee many others, that the controlled media continues to not give truthful reports of the real situation in Japan.  Instead they absolutely "sugar coat" the disaster these days, and try to create the image that everything is either fine or returning to normalcy in Japan.

But we do get reports coming from independent researchers in Japan itself about the real situation there.    For this article, I want to present a great video, that originally came out in June of this year, that gives a very interesting perspective of the situation from one person who is presently living in Tokyo.   The narrator of this video really does tell it like it is:

NTS Notes:  I absolutely got a kick out of this man's perspectives and his animate methods of delivering his message.... But what he is saying is very factual and absolutely the truth that everything is not fine in Japan!

What people need to realize is that finding Strontium 90 in the ground water around Fukushima is tell tale evidence of Plutonium decay, and disintegration.   And it is absolutely truthful that Strontium 90 is not safe for human health and that its accumulation in the human body will lead to Leukemia and Bone Cancer!

As I said before, the situation with the Fukushima disaster is far from over, and its effects will be seen over the next few decades with a massive increase in people in Japan and elsewhere dying from radiation caused Cancer.

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Jim said...

Here's another interesting report on Fukushima. Doesn't look good for that tiny little crapy country in the Middle East named IsraHELL.