Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: 2.76mR/Hr Fukushima Rainfall In Saint Louis Missouri On October 17, 2011 (Approximately 250x Normal Background Radiation Levels!)

With all of the news these days coming out about the financial collapse in the United States and pretty much everywhere else, and of course the Occupy Wall Street movements that have now gone global, we tend to forget about the ongoing disaster at the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant  in Japan that is still spewing out dangerous amounts of radiation that is sweeping around the globe!

To show again how much radiation is still falling to earth as radioactive fallout in North America, I want to present this newest video from Youtube user "potrblog", where he just took some measurements of radioactivity in rainfall at Saint Louis Missouri on October 17th, 2011.   Here is that video of his latest findings, and they are quite alarming... I have some comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Again, it is truly amazing how our Mainstream media all over North America, and pretty much the entire world, is continuing to downplay the dangers from fallout from Fukushima.  It has fallen on independent researchers to again and again show the truth, while the media perpetuates lies!

Normal background radiation is usually in the 0.10-0.12 micro Sievert /hour range, as shown in previous Youtube videos using SOEK radiation meters, and with the conversion of Rem to Sieverts being 1 Rem =  10milli-Sieverts, (1 Sievert = 100 Rem) (1milli-Rem = 10 micro-Sievert), and therefore 1 milli-Rem = 10 micro Sieverts, using some quick math shows that these findings are some 250x normal background radiation and definitely are truly alarming!

As I have already said, the Fukushima disaster is far from over, and the crippled and melted down reactors in that facility are still spewing out extremely high levels of radioactivity into the atmosphere, which is caught up in the jet stream, and raining down in North America as fallout.   

Please spread this video around for everyone to see.... Again it is preferable to know the truth about this ongoing disaster than to accept a pack of lies...

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