Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Evil US Secretary Of State, Hillary Clinton, Knew Of Gadaffi "White Flag" Truce: US Drone Fired At Gadaffi Convoy After Negotiated Truce!

Yes, Muhammar Gadaffi is dead.. Since his death last Thursday, there has been much speculation as to the circumstances of his demise.   Much of the Jewish controlled Mainstream media has been putting out so much propaganda and pure lies that it is impossible to ever trust their news reporting ever again.  Therefore the real story of how Gadaffi died has fallen on the alternative news for the real truth!

Just today, I found reports of how Gadaffi was trapped in Misrata, and with no where left to run, worked out an agreement with the Rebels and NATO that would spare his life.  Under the terms of this agreement, which was under a  "white flag" truce agreement, he would yield power to the NTCm and he would have safe passage out of the country.  

However, according to this new report that comes courtesy of the blog site: The Intercept, at,  it seems that the United States violated the "white flag" truce agreement and killed Gadaffi with a Predator drone strike while his convoy was waving its white flags!  This is an abomination of international law, and here is that article for my own readers to view.  I do have some comments to follow:WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2011

Hillary Clinton knew of Qaddafi ‘White Flag’ truce: US drone fired at Qaddafi convoy after negotiated truce

Asia Tribune
Libyan Leader Muammar Qaddafi was traveling under a negotiated “White Flag” truce last Thursday in an agreement to leave Libya. More claims from sources inside Misrata, Libya that the Libyan National Transitional Council did in fact agree to allow Qaddafi and his convoy safe passage out of Libya.

In addition rebel sources in Misrata claim US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was informed of the “White Flag” truce negotiated and agreed to by Libya’s NTC while visiting Libya Wednesday October 19.

A widely read Internet blog site Larry reveals the above information noting that the site received them from reliable sources inside Libya.

The question now emerge is whether Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama engage in the firing on a White Flag convoy with the intent to assist in the capture and murder of Libyan Leader Muammar Qaddafi?

The web site Larry further reports: “It is our opinion that the information received from our sources inside Libya is factual. It has also been reported that journalists were not immediately allowed to report from the site of the US Drone attack on Qaddafi’s convoy until the rebels had the opportunity to dispose of any remaining evidence of the “White Flags” which were clearly connected to the convoy vehicles.”

The question today is: Was Secretary Clinton told of the “White Flag” truce giving Qaddafi safe passage out of Libya? Did Secretary Clinton use this information to prepare a US Drone attack on Qaddafi’s “White Flag” convoy? Who authorized the US Predator Drone strike on the “White Flag” convoy? Will Barack Obama be called to answer for the US firing on a “White Flag” convoy?

Wednesday October 19 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Libya meeting with the Libyan armed rebels. It has come to the attention of Larry Web Site via sources inside Libya that the Qaddafi convoy was traveling under a White Flag of truce which sources say had been negotiated with Qaddafi. If the information concerning a negotiated truce to allow Qaddafi to leave Libya is true and verifiable, and the United States was involved in or even made aware of this agreement, the US Drone strike on the convoy would be in direct violation of the Geneva Convention and a war crime.

The Asian Tribune previously reported that it was the US drone fire on Colonel Qaddafi’s convoy that led the rebels to capture and brutally assassinate the former Libyan leader.

The web site a day later confirmed that there was an agreement to allow Qaddafi convoy with white flags to proceed and that the agreement was reached between the NTC and Qaddafi representatives.

Sources inside Misrata, Libya have claimed Qaddafi’s convoy was traveling under a “White Flag” truce and also claims Qaddafi was sodomized by rebels before shot in the head.

While Obama stated back in the spring that the UN Resolution did not call for nor allow the targeting of Qaddafi, and stating the US would not target Qaddafi, last Thursday he referred to the capture & murder of Qaddafi as “we have done what we went in to do.” The claims that a truce was negotiated to allow Qaddafi to leave the country raise some serious questions as to what role Secretary of State Hillary Clinton played in the agreement. It also raises the question did Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration knowingly authorize a US Drone strike on a convoy traveling under a White Flag truce? If so, the Web Site raises, both Clinton and Obama should immediately be charged with war crimes and accessory to murder.

The web site Larry having obtained reliable information from inside Libya asks: Did Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama engage in the firing on a White Flag convoy with the intent to assist in the capture and murder of Libyan Leader Muammar Qaddafi?

Asian Tribune media survey has shown that many political pundits and non-mainstream media have question the circumstances the Libyan leader was brutally killed.

The “White Flag” issue is sure to dominate the political talk here in the United States and among global rights organizations, Asian Tribune understands.

NTS Notes:  OK, readers... How soon can we have a full report presented to The Hague International War Crimes tribunal so that both criminals, Barry Soetoro, and that evil Hillary Clinton, be brought up on charges of murder and violating International law?   The sooner the better!

When a truce is arranged, and any group waves a white flag, by definition as laid out in the Geneva Conventions on Warfare that group is absolutely NOT to be shot at or violated in any matter.  What has been demonstrated by the killing of Gadaffi while he was waving a white flag of truce shows exactly how low the United States has now stooped, and how it is definitely now an evil rogue nation that cares little for international laws or human rights!

The fact is simple.. There was absolutely no way that the evil forces of NATO and the United States would ever allow Gadaffi to live.  This war in Libya is a clash between the criminal private bankers under the Rothschilds bent on ruling the world, and Gadaffi's forces that opposed them and wanted their people to be free of that enslavement system.   The sick and evil Rothschilds wanted to make sure that Gadaffi would be destroyed to set an example to all nations that oppose their hegemony that they are to tow the line like good slaves or they are next!

Oh, what a sick world we do live in when the once great United States of America is now committing acts of outright murder and clearly violating International law!  I truly do feel for my friends living in the United States, because it will only get worse!

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Anonymous said...

I have had it up to here with this madness!For the past 10 years I have been going to the blogs and independent journalist seeing and reading the atrocities American and NATO forces are committing in Afghanistan,Iraq,Libya,Pakistan,Yemen,and Somalia.These are the violations of international law and the Geneva conventions America and NATO are doing.This is not a few bad apples!What is happening is widespread and systemic amongst the military.Drug trafficking, Abduction,torture,rape, murder, mutilating bodies,murdering civilians for sport,drone strikes,depleted uranium,carpet bombing cities,soldiers who get caught committing war crimes are given slaps on the wrist or get promoted and this has been going on 24/7, 365 days a year for the past 10 years and continues as I write!You know damn well Americans would never accept this if Mexico was doing this to them!So why should the Muslims have to accept this?They have every right to fight back against these tyrannical occupations.They are NOT insurgents,terrorists,enemy combatants, or detainees!They are guerrillas,freedom fighters,the resistance, and prisoners of war!Now they are going to send what I described to Uganda.Israel is at the center of all this madness and I'm expected to Support the troops?

Adalberto Erazo

mary sullivan said...


Northerntruthseeker said...

Adalberto... I do not blame you for being irate about how America has turned into such an evil empire...

I hope that people understand that I am not against the regular joe American citizen.. Just against their criminals in their government for carrying out acts of cold blooded murder!

Anonymous said...

Saif, Ghadaffi son is still alive, he is the best source to tell us what actually happened. The truth will come out sooner then the bastards think.

Anonymous said...

It is reported again that Gadaffi is alive. That the horrendous murder was that of his double who was in Sirte. Gadaffi would have been a fool to make any deal with his adversaries. He knew how vile they are. He has had his own dealings with them in the past. He knew he could not trust them. The US had tried to kill him once before in a bombing raid on Libya.

It is sickening to me for the USA to have such a vile leadership that thrives on atrocities and continues in power with no internal powers able or willing to stop them.

Adalberto, until a greater force can bring the USA to its defeat militarily, it will be a vile prowling monster with no intention of stopping its global agenda. Dissenting Americans cannot stop it internally, not even by the US Military which serves its corporate/government masters for profit only.

Ingrid B said...

we are judged by the company we keep, and, as long as the US keeps company with Zionism, and it`s project, Israel, which practices the same illegal agenda, then the US will be judged harshly, by the better part of the worlds`population..

Anonymous said...

Hillary Rosenberg Clinton is jewish.
Her maternal grand mother was Della
Rosenberg. No wonder she does not
have an ounce of patriotism or
conscience (antisocial). Nazi was
a zionist organ to chase jews out of
Europe to Palestine. The jewish
holocaust was a myth for sympathy
and $$$$$$$.

Anonymous said...

Gadaffi's Greenbook shows th way 2 freedom. See This is what holds resistanc in Lybia strong.they won't stop fightin to keep their freedom.somthing we slaves have never knwn tasted.its time, He's opened our eyes. May Almighty bless him where eva he is.I don't believ it was Gadaffi in videos.