Thursday, September 15, 2011

US Israeli Controlled Puppet Government Makes Laughable Assertion That The Palestinian State Veto Is In "Interests" Of Palestinians!

The criminal state of Israel is in complete control of the United States government.   That, readers, is absolute fact.  It is disgusting to see the members of the US Congress, who I have now been calling "Congress Critters" as well as the Pro-Israel shills in the US Senate, totally bend over backwards and grovel for their masters in Tel Aviv.   They have absolutely no allegiance to the American public that actually "voted" them into office, and therefore I must ask again:  Why the HELL is the American public supporting these traitors?

To show how bad the US Government grovels and bows to their Jewish masters, I want to present a new article that comes from AFP, via the website: Activist Post, at, where the US Government is making the absolutely laughable and insane assertion that the US Veto in the Security Council for Palestinian Independence is being done in the Palestinians' best interests!   First, here is that Activist Post article in its entirety, and I do have some comments to follow:

US says state veto in 'interests' of Palestinians

Palestinians take part in an anti-US
demonstration in the West Bank
© AFP Marco Longari

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The United States said Thursday it would block a Palestinian drive for recognition in the United Nations Security Council because it was the only way to help Palestinians frame a genuine state.

In a move that has infuriated Washington and Israel, Palestinian leaders have said they will lodge an application for full membership of the UN or go to the General Assembly for enhanced observer membership this month.

But Washington has threatened to veto the application if it is made in the Security Council, saying it would harm prospects for peace talks and that a Palestinian state can only result from negotiations with Israel.

"We have taken the position we've taken because we do not believe it is ultimately in the interests of Middle East peace, of the process," said White House spokesman Jay Carney.

"It doesn't bring the two sides closer together. It would not bring the Palestinians any closer to statehood, and we believe that it would be counterproductive to that goal."

"Our approach is one that we think is in the interests of helping the Palestinians reach their ultimate goal, and the only way they're going to reach that goal is through direct negotiations with the Israelis."

Envoys from the United States and the European Union are holding talks with Palestinian and Israeli leaders in an effort to get them back into direct peace talks that stalled a year ago.

Washington is believed to fear that vetoing the Palestinian statehood move could undercut its calls for reform in other parts of the Arab world as people rise up against autocratic leaders.

But President Barack Obama is under heavy domestic pressure from Israel and domestically to prevent the statehood drive at the United Nations.

NTS Notes:  I have said it before and I will say it again... Why doesn't the US Government just get it over with and rename the United States of America, the United States of Israel?   Or why not rename Washington DC as Tel Aviv West?   

I am especially amazed on how this article shows the US President as a shill for Israel by stating how he is under "domestic pressure" from Israel to prevent Palestinian statehood... Excuse me, but how about answering to the domestic pressure and needs from your own people, the American public, first and foremost  Mr President?

For this article to say that the application for independence "harms" the fraudulent peace processes is a farce.   Israel has never wanted peace at all.... All they ever wanted is their selfish push for all of Palestine to be a Jewish only state.  In that warped idealism, there is absolutely  no room for the Palestinian people, period!

Again, this is nothing but pandering and stalling tactics while the criminal state of Israel pushes even harder to build more settlements to make a viable Palestinian state totally impossible.   It also shows again how the US Government bends over backwards to please their Jewish masters first and foremost well above their own constituents!

Time to again wake up America.... Get off of your fluoridated water and your daily dose of chemicals and realize how your own country is a puppet for a foreign power!

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Anonymous said...

What difference does it make if the entire population of USA is AWAKE? Our CongressCritters and others just ignore We the People.
They act like trained seals sucking up to AIPAC to line their own pockets.