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This Is A Laugher: US Tells Court That Phony Bin Laden Photos Must Stay Secret (!)

Believe it or not... There are still many people out there that actually believe the absolute fairy tale and laugher that a US Navy Seal team went on May 2nd 2011, and killed Osama bin Laden in a Pakistan.  Many have swallowed this absolute lie without any knowledge that Osama bin Laden had been already dead for 9.5 years by the time of that fraudulent attack, having died of complications due to kidney failure, and is buried in the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan.   The Navy Seal attack is nothing more than just another of a long list of lies put forward by the US Government....

But it seems that the US Government is continuing to perpetuate the Bin Laden killing fairy tale, and according to this report, from Yahoo News, at, they have put forward court documents that any pictures of "Bin Laden" from that farcical attack back in May cannot be released because they would harm "National Security" and lead to attacks on US citizens and property.    I have that entire laughable article right here for my own readers to view, and some comments to follow:

US tells court bin Laden photos must stay secret

WASHINGTON (AP) — Public disclosure of graphic photos and video taken of Osama bin Laden after he was killed in May by U.S. commandos would damage national security and lead to attacks on American property and personnel, the Obama administration contends in a court documents.

In a response late Monday to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group seeking the imagery, Justice Department attorneys said the CIA has located 52 photographs and video recordings. But they argued the images of the deceased bin Laden are classified and are being withheld from the public to avoid inciting violence against Americans overseas and compromising secret systems and techniques used by the CIA and the military.

The Justice Department has asked the court to dismiss Judicial Watch's lawsuit because the records the group wants are "wholly exempt from disclosure," according to the filing.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, accused the Obama administration of making a "political decision" to keep the bin Laden imagery secret. "We shouldn't throw out our transparency laws because complying with them might offend terrorists," Fitton said in a statement. "The historical record of Osama bin Laden's death should be released to the American people as the law requires."

The Associated Press has filed Freedom of Information Act requests to review a range of materials, such as contingency plans for bin Laden's capture, reports on the performance of equipment during the May 1 assault on his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and copies of DNA tests confirming the al-Qaida leader's identity. The AP also has asked for video and photographs taken from the mission, including photos made of bin Laden after he was killed.

The Obama administration refused AP's request to quickly consider its request for the records. AP appealed the decision, arguing that unnecessary bureaucratic delays harm the public interest and allow anonymous U.S. officials to selectively leak details of the mission. Without expedited processing, requests for sensitive materials can be delayed for months and even years. The AP submitted its request to the Pentagon less than one day after bin Laden's death.

In a declaration included in the documents, John Bennett, director of the CIA's National Clandestine Service, said many of the photos and video recordings are "quite graphic, as they depict the fatal bullet wound to (bin Laden) and other similarly gruesome images of his corpse." Images were taken of bin Laden's body at the Abbottabad compound, where he was killed by a Navy SEAL team, and during his burial at sea from the USS Carl Vinson, Bennett said.

"The public release of the responsive records would provide terrorist groups and other entities hostile to the United States with information to create propaganda which, in turn, could be used to recruit, raise funds, inflame tensions, or rally support for causes and actions that reasonably could be expected to result in exceptionally grave damage to both the national defense and foreign relations of the United States," Bennett wrote.

Navy Adm. William McRaven, the top officer at U.S. Special Operations Command, said in a separate declaration that releasing the imagery could put the special operations team that carried out the assault on bin Laden's compound at risk by making them "more readily identifiable in the future." Before his current assignment, McRaven led the Joint Special Operations Command, the organization in charge of the military specialized counterterrorism units.

NTS Notes:  Try as they may, the US Government is doing everything possible to avoid the absolute embarrassing exposure of the fraudulent attack on the "Bin Laden compound" back in May, even to the point of making the insane excuses that are evident in this Yahoo article...

The fact is that the Photoshop experts in the White House and the Pentagon cannot make a decent fake Bin Laden photo without anyone showing its fakery.    They have already tried several times since the BS attack back in May, and each time the pictures were quickly shown to be fakes.   Therefore the obvious course of action is to simply not allow any pictures to be released due to "National Security".

Again, readers, Bin Laden died almost 10 years ago now, and the US government kept the "dead guy" alive as long as possible because they needed their phony boogeyman for their equally fraudulent "war on terror".  The phony May attacks was just their way of finally killing off this boogeyman while they create a new boogeyman to keep the US public scared of phony "terrorism".     I must ask... When will the American public finally wake the hell up to this massive deception and the war on their own minds?

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