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Israel Controls America:Total Control Of United States (Full Video) The Israel Lobby!

Israel is in total control of the United States of America.   That, readers, and especially those living in the United States itself is an absolute fact.   The entire American government in Washington DC is nothing more than slaves and stooges to Jewish interests, and support the criminal state of Israel first and foremost and absolutely above the wishes and needs of their own constituents that actually "elect" them to office.   These so called government officials are nothing more than traitors to America, and the sooner the American public finally wakes the hell up and removes them out of office, the better...

Right now, I want to present the following video, that comes courtesy of Youtube user "o3optimus3o", entitled: "Total Control Of United States (Full Video) The Israel Lobby".  It is a shocking documentary exposing the power of the criminal Israel Lobby over the US Government and shows how the American government is nothing more than slaves to Israeli interests.   I have a few personal comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  There is an old saying that "No Man Can Serve Two Masters", and it is obvious from the findings in this video exactly who is the Master that the members of the US Government answer to.

It is indeed shocking to know how much the once great United States of America is now nothing more than a satellite slave nation of Israel.  The power of the Israel Lobby is shown clearly when Israel commanded their slave minions in America to veto any attempt by Palestine to seek its statehood.  And these criminals may soon order their American slave minions into a new war in the Middle East against Iran which will see American women and men dying for the criminal state of Israel!

Again, readers, pass this video around for everyone to see... It is so desperately important these days that the American public finally wakes up from their Talmud Vision brainwashing, and chemically induced lobotomizing of their brains, and takes their nation back from these criminals before it is too late...

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

More REAL History Revealed: Interesting Video By Deanna Spingola On The Eisenhower Death Camps!

As a true student of history, I am truly appalled as to how much we have been lied to in our education system about the real facts about our history,  especially the truth about what really happened during one of the darkest periods of the 20th century;  World War II and the supposed great genocides that occurred during that period.   I have discovered that the real truth has been purposely kept out of our so called "History Books" by design, to keep false versions of history, concocted by the criminals who want domination over our planet, being used to brainwash the masses!

Over 2 years ago, I put up an article pertaining to one of the most horrific true genocides that happened during and shortly after World War II.  That genocide was the Eisenhower Death Camps, and my original article can be found by this link: , under the title: "Rewriting History: The Eisenhower Death Camps" for my readers to view.   My article does make for some great exposure of the truth about a real genocide of the Second World War.

Now for this article, I want to present a Video, from Deanna Spingola who does a radio show over Republican Broadcasting Network, in which she reveals more truths about the Eisenhower Death Camps for her listening audience.   I have that video available right here via Youtube that I want to share with my readers.   I also have several more comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  It is again sickening to see our so called "History Books" full of stories about the Jewish "Holocaust" of World War II, but not one peep about the Eisenhower Death Camps genocide that is easily proven and easily researched.    It again shows how true history is being kept from the public while unprovable and non-researchable (especially in my own country, Canada) "history" is promoted!

It is a sad part of our REAL history that some 2-3 million German POW's and civilians perished by the hands of the Allied powers during and shortly after World War II, and that dark piece of real history has been kept hush hush to this present day.    It only shows how the victorious Allies were the ones who have written the "history" of that dark period and kept this horrific genocide by their own hands out of public awareness.  

Only now can the truth about what really happened in our history come forward and be exposed... It is the exposure of the lies of history that drove me to originally starting this blog, and I will continue to do my part to bring these truths out in the open for all to see....

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Shocking Report: Who Killed JFK Jr?

Many of us have forgotten that on July 16th, 1999, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Junior  (JFK Jr.), along with his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and his sister in law Lauren Bessette, all died when a Piper Saratoga II light aircraft, piloted by John, crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.   The original investigation gave a report that the crash was due to "pilot error due to Kennedy's failure to control the aircraft during a descent over water at night".   With that report the case was assumed closed....

But for years afterwards this accident aroused many suspicions considering that JFK Jr was known to be a superb pilot and not prone to making such mistakes, and the fact that many credible witnesses have come forward and claimed that the accident was absolutely no accident, and that there are many who may have wanted to see JFK Jr. killed because of his possible political aspirations.....

To help set the record straight on what really happened to JFK Jr, and possible motives for having him killed, I want to present the following article that originally was written by Tom Flocco, through his website at, and comes here courtesy of my friend: Whitewraithe, through her website: Pragmatic Witness, at    It is entitled: "JFK Jr.'s Assassins Identified In Official Report Sealed Until 2025", and I do recommend that my own readers take the time and read it in its entirety.  I have several comments to follow:

JFK, Jr.’s Assassins Identified in official report sealed until 2025

Who killed John-John?
by Tom Flocco,

“If a man or woman living among you in one of the towns the Lord gives you is found doing evil in the eyes of the Lord your God in violation of his covenant….and this has been brought to your attention, then you must investigate it thoroughly. If it is true and it has been proved that this detestable thing has been done in Israel, take the man or woman who has done this evil deed to your city gate and stone that person to death. On the testimony of two or three witnesses a man shall be put to death, but no one shall be put to death on the testimony of only one witness. The hands of the witnesses must be the first in putting him to death, and then the hands of all the people. You must purge the evil from among you.” Deuteronomy 17: 2-7

Division 4 team names Clintons, Bush 41, 43 in JFK Jr. assassination
by Tom Flocco

“One of my family members was related to JFK Jr.‘s grandmother, and although it was not a blood relationship, I had at least a half dozen lengthy conversations with John during the years before he died. We liked each other and hit it off; so this was why John opened up to me and seemed to trust me regarding his future plans to run against either Hillary Clinton for the Senate or George W. Bush for the Presidency in 2000. John had many conversations with my relative; and he gave her permission to discuss his political aspirations with friends so this was not a closely held secret. But what was interesting was that John told me he was pretty sure he could win either of those races.” (“Delbert,” former Interpol operative and CIA Division 4 team member)

Caldwell, New Jersey — August 31, 2005 — – “I know I’m risking my life in allowing you to interview me; but I’m aware there is an operational grand jury and indictments regarding the White House, so now is the time. I‘m tired
of knowing all the details and perpetrators of the murder of an innocent and good man without seeing justice. John’s death has caused tremendous trauma throughout the Kennedy family,“ said a 40ish ex-operative who consented to discuss the investigation and his part in writing the JFK Jr. plane crash preliminary and final reports authorized by the FBI.

“Just refer to me as ‘Delbert.’ That’s good enough,” he said, adding, “If they will kill ‘John-John,’ they’ll kill anybody.”

The long-time Special Forces and Division 4 operative’s explosive evidence, witness testimony and his team’s suppressed and classified final report naming former Presidents Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush, President George W. Bush and Senator Hillary Clinton among others as being involved in orchestrating the assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr. will require U.S. Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to hear testimony to investigate John Jr.’s death as part of his ongoing grand jury probe involving White House crime families.

1999 piper saratoga II TC ….similar to JFK jr. plane
During three exclusive interviews with, the ex-operative told us the final classified report specifically said “JFK Jr.’s plane broke in half just aft of the cabin. The damage was caused by a plastique (C-4) shape charge which was formed along the bottom of the fuselage and up along both sides of the walls.

The charge was caused to be set off or exploded with a large spark generated by a barometric switch device triggered by the altitude of the plane. In other words, the assassins chose the altitude for the explosion of the plane–a standard procedure to make the target’s murder look like an accident.”

Delbert said his team and their witnesses and families have been in physical jeopardy since 1999 “because the media did not report the truth about what happened;” and that all involved are now placing their lives in the hands of Fitzgerald and his deputies to prosecute the evidence–charges that will serve to mitigate compromised media outlets now protecting the White House with spin and insinuations that Fitzgerald is using the “perjury trap” to manufacture crimes instead of genuinely seeking evidence.

Sources close to one grand jury indicate the spin will not work this time. The U.S. intelligence community is monitoring the work of all the prosecutors and grand juries. Serious crimes with supporting evidence involving three branches of government and the media have already threatened the long term survival of the Republic.

We learned that scores of witnesses were interviewed by Division 4: a) at the scene of the explosion off Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, b) when the plane and bodies were recovered, c) in the White House regarding the assassination plot prior to the crash, and d) at the airport concerning what witnesses saw three days before Kennedy’s plane took off. Collectively, they tell a different story than the media–one that might ultimately rival the political intrigue surrounding ancient Rome’s ruling Caesars.

The decision to come forward

Click Here
After observing that the Division 4 JFK Jr. preliminary report (filed three days after the crash, but later leaked within the intelligence community for a number of years) had remained online for the last six months, contact was made with where we first saw the document. Webb had already faxed the document to more than 300 top electronic and print media outlets which collectively ignored it.

We inquired whether it would be possible to interview one of the active or retired Division 4 members who conducted the actual investigation and wrote the reports, given the rapidly gathering swirl of secret grand juries.

A former member of the Division 4 International Murder Investigative team named Delbert, who helped write the reports and interview witnesses, was asked to come forward by Stewart Webb and was subsequently contacted by, consenting to several interviews to discuss his findings in the leaked preliminary report and reveal specific names and evidence details contained in the final classified report which has been withheld from the American people.

Delbert told us today that he cringes when he reads the report and thinks about it being in ‘general’ circulation: “It was NEVER meant for general dissemination and consumption; and frankly, I’m somewhat appalled when I think of it being ‘out there.’ The final report was cleaned up grammatically and the actual facts presented in a much clearer, concise manner leaving out any speculation. But I regret this report ever getting out.”

Grand jury activity notwithstanding, what piqued our initial interest was a feeling that the Division 4 team, with experience tracking murderers across the globe and placed on loan to assist an overwhelmed FBI for the JFK Jr. probe–had apparently conducted an investigation far more complete than what the mainstream media was telling its trusting viewers and readers.

Not unexpectedly, the team was told to “back off,“ since its leaked preliminary report written by Delbert and another team member revealed specific contradictory evidence, calling JFK Jr.‘s death to be a “political assassination of the highest order.”

Division 4 investigative team’s past exploits can currently be seen on the Discovery Channel in “The Hunt for the Serpent,” about a serial killer they chased through Nepal, India, Pakistan and China; but the team also became well-known for a chase through the Hudson Valley into Canada before capturing the Green Valley killer who had murdered 43 young prostitutes. As part of this international version of the FBI, the team specializes in tracking serial killers and pedophiles across foreign boundaries.

The ‘Phoenix Project’ and assassinations

Years prior to serving on this team for three years, Delbert said he was a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces, attached to the Phoenix Project / Operation, on orders to “destabilize targeted governments by murdering government officials, elites, professionals, bankers, military leaders, teachers, professors and medical professionals.”

“This started in Vietnam and then moved to Central America,” said Delbert, adding “I was part of what we called the Bush-Clinton New World Order takeover to place in power selected individuals who received their marching orders directly from the U.S. government. Plain and simple, Project Phoenix required Americans to kill off innocent people to place in power those selected by the U.S. ruling elite; but I left, finding it very objectionable.”

“These activities are still going on today,” said the intelligence insider. “America now uses FBI Division 5, CIA Division 4, and elements from within the Department of Defense (DOD) and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for its dirty work. Five-man Delta teams made up of nationals from Mexico and Ecuador are being trained for house-to-house extraction and murder of American citizens–when the day comes that Martial Law is declared and what little is left of our Constitution is scrapped.“

“These (elements) are counter-intelligence goon squads of trained assassins which engage in covert operations both inside and outside the United States–with or without the knowledge of Congress which is supposed to be restraining them from actions against our own citizens. They’re out of control–just a marvelous group of human beings,” said the former intelligence veteran.

With a measure of insight into Delbert’s background and credibility, we asked him to talk about Division 4’s JFK Jr. findings, the specific content of the team’s written accounts and the details of the assassination plot.

The preliminary and final reports 

The preliminary report and our three interviews with Delbert provide an open window template through which to view previous evidence that could point to prosecutable obstruction of justice by a grand jury regarding past FBI probes of major political figures who also died in plane crashes or in another manner. Ample evidence indicates that Congress has permitted the Bureau to serve as a private taxpayer-funded political cover-up arm for each White House.

A grand jury itself presents what amounts to a citizen-controlled fourth branch of government, set aside by founding fathers as a necessary precaution against corruption, obstruction of justice and/or treason on the part of the Supreme Court, White House and Congress -acting separately or in concert.

Individuals talking to sources close to the grand jury told us that citizen panelists are currently reviewing powerful evidence with explosive documents and are dead-serious about cleansing the government.

A case in point for a grand jury to become operational would occur if, for example, Fitzgerald had witnesses who could corroborate that members of the Supreme Court received financial bribes in 2000 to install George W. Bush in the White House [ Part 1 / Part 2 ], or if Florida’s elected officials destroyed voter ballots to prevent Al Gore from becoming the duly elected president for the same reason. In short, evidence would be collected and the grand jury would hear testimony.

While John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. was reported to have died in an accidental plane crash on July 16, 1999, Division 4’s preliminary report reveals careful details dissimilar to those reported by news outlets, indicating what the team described in its report as “classic media disinformation, if not outright lies” pertaining to suspect circumstances surrounding the death of the only son of President John F. Kennedy who was himself assassinated on November 22, 1963 under a similar investigative cloud.

Most families of well-known politicians killed in “accidental” plane crashes were not afforded the opportunity of having a separate outside agency like Division 4 to investigate the evidence of their loved one‘s death as in the case of the son of an assassinated president. The prelim report summary is revealing:“Subject was a qualified pilot, in control of his flight, flying a reasonably new aircraft, in excellent condition. Visibility was 8 miles. Wind, calm. All indication from Forensics and Physical evidence investigations lend themselves to a violent explosion, either from an altitude or barometric pressure device, or from a Particle Beam laser. [Delbert said Particle Beam laser was left out of final classified report] Aircraft ‘broke up’ in mid-air, as evidenced by wide spread debris gathered from the ocean and several different beaches. This can only be caused by an onboard explosion, or an attack by a missile or Laser. [Delbert said missile and Laser were left out of final report] Considering the nature of current political leanings of subject and today’s political atmosphere in America, and the before-mentioned facts, there is little doubt that subject was assassinated. In fact, team [Interpol Serial Killer Alpha Team] considers this a Political Assassination of the highest order. It was meant to alleviate a potential threat to the ruling elite. And it succeeded.” [From the JFK Jr. preliminary report, filed on July 19, 1999. This document has been authenticated by several intelligence agents; and we were told copies have been passed around the intelligence community for several years.]

Four team members and two from another U.S. law enforcement agency who jointly participated in producing the final classified report, filed on August 5, 1999, revealed startling evidence which will prevent a continued cover-up.

The six members of the Division 4 team and others will have to be protected and then subpoenaed for sealed testimony; and the grand jury will also need to hear the testimony of scores of the team’s interviewed citizen witnesses who have thus far remained understandably silent about what they saw and heard regarding JFK Jr.’s tragic death.

Delbert said the team’s probe was rigorous. We found it staggering:

“a) 30-40 witnesses were thoroughly interviewed

b) Ten individuals said they actually saw JFK Jr.‘s plane explode in mid-air
Essex County Airport in Caldwell, New Jersey

c) Two witnesses told the team they saw George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush at the Essex County, New Jersey airport with Israeli Mossad agent Michael Harari and another Mossad agent who were both seen standing next to JFK Jr.’s Cessna–all four were at the airport just two days before the doomed plane took off with JFK, Jr., his pregnant wife and her sister

d) Several witnesses testified they overheard the murder plot being discussed in the White House oval office

e) One ‘company’ (CIA) witness at the scene saw the bodies and the damaged plane and told the team a mid-air explosion caused the crash

f) Approximately 150 witnesses gave individual depositions and signed statements for the final report

g) Three flight instructors who worked with JFK Jr. testified he was an excellent pilot and had logged a huge number of flying hours since being licensed–he loved to fly and was that good.”

Delbert told us “At the end of July, 1999, during the final phase of our investigation, we talked to several individual sources in the White House who consented to be interviewed as witnesses.”

“We included their testimony in the final draft of the report which was classified until 2025–not currently available to any living individual,“ said the former operative.

“Since concrete evidence of a plot involving three presidents and a current senator in the assassination of John F. Kennedy’s son–who the report said they perceived as a political threat and future rival–would not exactly inspire public confidence in the government, it’s probable that the American people will never see our final un-redacted report,” said Delbert, “unless there are grand jury murder indictments and a public trial.”

The Players

“The White House sources we interviewed overheard conversations involving individuals who made the decision to murder JFK, Jr.,” said Delbert, who joined three Division 4 fellow operatives and two other federal agency officials in alleging the following names in the final classified report as having participated in planning the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. after the team had interviewed all the witnesses involved in the case:

The Division 4 team member told us “The meeting to discuss the murder occurred in the White House oval office. The subjects named in the report who participated in ordering the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. were President Clinton and his wife Hillary–both in the room, former Attorney General Janet Reno–also in the room and who JFK Jr. had publicly called to task for her role in Waco and Ruby Ridge operations, FBI Director Louis Freeh–in the room, and former President George H. W. Bush, Lawrence Rockefeller (now deceased), and three Inner Circle Council of Thirteen members who were all teleconferenced into the oval office discussion via secure White House phone lines.“

Quietly taken aback by the revelations, we asked Delbert to summarize the content of the alleged oval office murder plot overheard by the team’s interviewed witness sources, including witnesses assigned to White House domestic security:

“a) Conversation about JFK Jr.’s magazine GEORGE becoming a political vehicle which could threaten ruling elite families and expose past White House crimes

b) Discussions about blowing up his Cessna, John Jr.’s vulnerability and even carelessness about his plane’s security when warned that suspicious individuals had previously been seen lurking around his plane at the airport

c) Attorney General Reno’s problems with JFK Jr. criticizing Waco and Ruby Ridge

d) Speculation about who John Jr. would pick to run against in 2000–Hillary Clinton or George W. Bush

e) Discussion about political family factions and relationships between federal law enforcement, national security and intelligence agencies

f) Discussion about how the assassination would take place, starting at the airport–with specific Mossad agents named by the subject conspirators without mentioning the actual Israeli agency

g) General agreement that John, Jr. had become over-zealous in planning to employ GEORGE to circuitously expose those who were behind the assassination of his father.”

White House-controlled foreign assassination teams in America

As we listened without comment, the Division 4 operative continued: “We were told by the same White House sources we interviewed that FBI Director Freeh left the oval office after the murder plot was discussed and met with Israeli Mossad agent Michael Harari who then met with his supervisor, General Rafael Eitan, considered to be one of the most dangerous Israeli agents who ever lived,” stated Delbert.

Delbert explained that testimony by White House and airport witnesses and others will provide outrageous but credible grand jury evidence that three United States presidents have their own private Israeli Mossad assassins–as well as assassins from several American federal government agencies–and will use them to commit treason and murder against other Americans perceived to pose a political threat to their power, a fact surely to horrify Jewish-Americans and all U.S. citizens.

“I had heard that even our own FBI agents literally trembled at the fear of being assigned to watch General Eitan’s movements, since collaborating congressional oversight allowed him to freely enter the United States at any time, using passports under a different name,” the Division 4 special investigative team member said.

[One of the most outrageous documents this writer has ever seen, confirming the existence of Michael Harari and his nefarious Bush-connected activities, was the Colonel Cutolo / Colonel Corone Court Deposition, which we found on www.]

Delbert continued his shocking narrative, “About three days before John’s plane took off and exploded in mid-air, Michael Harari, and another Mossad agent were seen with former President George H. W. Bush and his son Texas Governor George W. Bush at the Essex County, New Jersey airport where John Jr. kept his plane.” This fact was also confirmed by separate U.S. intelligence sources who are also willing to testify before a grand jury.

[click here to read more about Harari’s U.S. activities in the Cutolo Affadavit.htm also found at]

“All four were positively identified by an aircraft mechanic and a maintenance worker we interviewed for the final classified report; but we didn’t include their names or the names of some other key witnesses so that there would be citizens left to testify in case the Clintons or Bushes started having people murdered,” said the former Special Forces member.

Delbert’s chilling words provided concrete and credible proof that congressional oversight over counterfeit immigration documents acquired by assassins and terrorists, wide-open U.S. borders and homeland “security“ is so seriously flawed, broken down and corrupted that Senate and House members are permitting known foreign murderers to move around America at will.

Given the state-side depletion of National Guard and Reserve troops which renders the U.S. more vulnerable to foreign enemies while pre-emptive war based on lies is being fought, the physical and economic security of the nation is problematic enough to assert that Senate and House members may literally be conspiring against their own constituents in favor of a clandestine world-wide agenda supported by assassination of “troublemakers,” political or otherwise.

The American-French Alliance (AFA), a tightly-knit and hushed organization of active intelligence community patriots from both countries, is said to be waging an under-the-radar-screen war to stop rogue elements and assassins in the FBI, CIA, DOD and DIA–supervised by the White House and directly linked to Al Qaeda and former CIA operative Tim Osman (also known as Osama bin Laden) but also British MI-6 agents from engaging in black operations throughout the United States.

According to intelligence sources who spoke with federal whistleblower Stewart Webb, the AFA reportedly killed General Eitan in October, 2004 for his role in stealing the U.S. atomic nuclear codes from the National Security Archives. and other websites have previously reported circumstances surrounding an attempt by eight rogue British MI-6 agents to blow up the Chicago subway underneath the Everett Dirksen Federal Building where federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald and a grand jury are investigating multiple crimes and treason linked to the White House.

The physical evidence

“The preliminary Division 4 team report was written with my partner who has retired and returned to his own country. We were joined by two others from our team and two more from another federal agency in putting together the final report,” said Delbert.

“Our boss ordered us to re-write the final draft but we refused. We wanted to tell the truth; so they classified the (final report) until the year 2025 despite the fact that we had interviewed scores of witnesses who can corroborate all of our findings. This was August 5, 1999.”

“The obstruction of justice by our ‘upper management’ and the FBI caused so much chaos that they dissolved our team; then they, quite possibly along with the Clinton White House, tried to have me murdered within ten weeks at the end of October, 1999 while working in Belfast, Ireland. I was supposed to be in a car with a friend who was blown apart in the explosion,“ said Delbert.

“That explosion was meant either as a warning or an assassination attempt, and cost the life of not only my associate, but a friend of his as well; so I closed all my accounts, resigned from Division 4 and went underground by November, 1999, for six months,” he said–but not before devastating reports had been filed by a team of investigators experienced in tracking evidence and criminals all over the world:

Satellite Photo of the Essex Co. Airport.
[From the preliminary report] “Subject, John F. Kennedy, Jr. left Essex County Airport, Caldwell, New Jersey at 8:38 P.M. Friday, July 16, 1999 in a Piper Saratoga II TC. Aircraft was built in 1995, purchased last year by subject. It has been reported to have been in excellent condition–simple and comfortable to fly…Visibility was eight (8) miles–I say again visibility was eight (8) miles. Media reports of ‘hazy’ or ‘foggy’ conditions are untrue,” said the report.

“At 9:39 P.M. JFK radioed the Martha’s Vineyard Airport giving his location. Subject was completely calm, giving no indication of any difficulties, stating that he was making his final approach, no more than 10 miles from shore and 13 miles from the airport…When he radioed at 9:39 P.M., 17-18 miles West of Martha’s Vineyard, he was at 2,500 feet. When detected on radar 29 seconds later he was at 1,800 feet, 16 miles West of Martha’s Vineyard. He was then lost off radar. No MAYDAY was ever heard. Tower personnel at Martha’s Vineyard Airport verified previous data,” indicating an immediate catastrophic problem.

“Within app. 10 seconds of this final radio contact at 9:39 P.M., an aircraft fitting the description of the subject’s (aircraft) and in that same general location was identified on Radar by both Military personnel and Martha’s Vineyard Airport tower personnel as descending 1,200 feet in 12 seconds–a full, head-long dive, in other words. A reporter for the Vineyard Gazette newspaper told WCVB-TV in Boston that he was out walking Friday night about the time of the crash and say a “big white flash in the sky,” just off Philbin Beach. Luggage, a tire, plexiglass pieces of cowling have all washed up on Philbin Beach. Said reporter has now partially recanted his story by stating that ‘perhaps it was a bright light from an explosion, but he just cannot be sure.’ Reporter has been ‘gotten to, compromised. Unknown as to who, at this time.”

“Several local news reports initially (reported) that several people SAW and Heard an explosion in the air over the ocean South of Martha’s Vineyard towards Eastern Long Island, at the same time that subject’s plane ‘went missing.’ We have confirmed these reports by speaking with 4 of the witnesses who have asked to remain anonymous. Detected definite fear on their part.”

“All evidence at this time indicates that aircraft was in a fiery, head-long crash dive within seconds after the 9:39 radio transmission. Aircraft was equipped with a radar transponder that transmits a 4-digit ID code and the altitude. Aircraft contained a 406 MHz satellite Distress beacon which would have notified the FAA of exact lat. & long. Device was NOT Activated. Believe reason as aircraft disintegrated instantly.”

“Subject has been reported by all interviewed, including 3 flight instructors, to be an Excellent pilot who did not take chances. Subject had logged many hours and had acquired an abnormal amount of expertise for an individual holding a pilots license for only 15 months. In fact, it has been reported that JFK, Jr. had logged enough hours, and acquired enough expertise to qualify as a commercial pilot! He had passed instrument checks with no reported difficulties. Although subject did not like flying at night, all information indicated he did so efficiently. Media’s reports of ‘pilot error,’ ‘failed instrument test and checks’ and ‘scared to fly at night’ are patently untrue. Standard American Media disinformation.”

“When SK Alpha team began investigating weather anomalies and any possible phenomenon, (weather), Radar images/data that have proven useful in such investigations, to include the observations of Electromagnetic/radio frequency phenomena, were discovered to be missing from the archives for the Eastern Long Island/Martha’s Vineyard area during the two (2) critical hours in which JFK Jr.’s plane apparently crashed/disappeared. This is/was more than suspect. After demanding said data from air control personnel, and receiving stammering red-faced explanations as to it’s whereabouts, team notes data has been intentionally ‘misplaced,’ or in fact lost.”

“The head-rest, steering yoke, pieces of the cowling, plexiglass and carpeting were literally torn apart from/off the plane, floating up on Gay Head Beach. This indicates a mid-air explosion, not a stall and crash.

Debris from the crash has also been washing up on the West end of Martha’s Vineyard, creating a very wide-spread area of destruction (in other words, the remains of the aircraft are spread out over a very large area of space on the Ocean, indicating a mid-air explosion, not a stall and crash).

“Recorded conversation with air traffic control all indicate a calm, relaxed pilot in full command of the flight, with no difficulties in the final approach. Seconds after the last transmission, the explosion was observed and contact was lost with subject’s plane.”

“Previously mentioned weather and electro-magnetic/radio frequency data has been lost or misplaced. Since this typically NEVER happens, a cover-up of some sort is strongly indicated….The wings of the aircraft were NOT torn off, which they would have been had subject’s plane gone into uncontrollable dive, as being reported by the American press….If aircraft had had engine trouble, as reported, it should /could have simply gone into a slow glide and made a soft-water landing….NO MAYDAY was ever heard, indicating catastrophic occurrence.”

“…Every indicator points towards JFK Jr. having ’had enough’ of this humiliation [report said threats and blackmailing of Kennedy family] and planned on turning his magazine ’George’ into a true political vehicle for change. For the American public, not the New World Order. In fact, he had already begun this process by publishing factual exposes on George Wallace and the Rabin assassination. This alone is enough to have gotten him killed.”….Subject had begun looking into his father’s murder, and had developed plans to slowly expose those involved (in his magazine).”

“The American press/mass media are now releasing news reports that are far from factual. In fact, they can be considered, at best, to be (classic) disinformation, if not outright lies. In the initial reports that were released, the essential truth of the situation, the facts were being released. However, what is now being reported is (essentially) leaving out the essence of truth and simply glossing over what actually occurred. Again, what we regard as standard American Press procedures, disinformation at best. This strongly indicates a cover-up, or else the truth would still be reported.”

“Although requested onsite by Federal agencies, team has been coerced to ‘back off,’ albeit subtly and quietly. This particular tactic speaks well for itself. We have not ‘backed off,’ nor will we.”

Al Gore’s close call

Astute political observers are aware that electoral assassinations are very difficult to prove; however, such “accidental” deaths often result in “clearing the field” of a contending threat, rival–or witness of wrongdoing which would discredit or expose a candidate. Thus the way would be paved for an assured (or at least easier) election victory to retain or gain power by removing a political rival from the scene–forever.

Given the Division 4 reports and witness testimony relating to the White House assassination plot, the Fitzgerald grand jury will also want to initiate a probe of the close, coincidental time-line nexus between John Jr.’s plane “accident” and Vice President Al Gore’s “close call” the week before on Air Force Two.

Most Americans are unaware that the Chicago Sun-Times reported that about one week before JFK, Jr’s death on July 16, 1999, Vice-President Al Gore’s Air Force Two jet lost power and had to make an emergency landing while flying through heavily congested air space near Chicago. Gore’s plane going down would have resulted in another pre-2000, election-related “accidental” death almost overlapping John F. Kennedy, Jr.

The Division 4 team’s White House crime family evidence alleging JFK, Jr.’s assassination plot is reminiscent of a scene in the legendary mafia movie The Godfather, when Michael Corleone orchestrated the simultaneous murders of his five crime family rivals during the exact hour he attended the baptism service for his Godchild.

Intelligence sources have alleged to us that Gore’s plane was vectored, possibly resulting in loss of cabin pressure related to some sort of software technology, in a failed attempt to “clear the field” for George W. Bush’s 2000 presidential race.


There is evidence to prove that George H. W. Bush was a member of the CIA on November 22, 1963, the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated–a fact Bush 41 has repeatedly denied, according to Federal whistleblower Stewart Webb.

In his book The Immaculate Deception–The Bush Crime Family Exposed [1991, America West Publishers, pp. 31-39], retired U.S. Army Brigadier General Russell Bowen refers to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) memo unearthed in 1977-78, dated seven days after the assassination on November 29, 1963, describing the full briefing given to “George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency” on the day after the [JFK] assassination. [When Bush 41 was just 39 years old]

[General Bowen was an original member of Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during the 1940s with George H. W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, Allan Dulles and others who became known as the secretive “brown-shoe boys,” which later became the CIA. Webb revealed that General Bowen personally told him that Kissinger served as a duel spy for Germany and Russia during WWII before later becoming U.S. Secretary of State under President Nixon; and as of today, Bowen and Webb are still alive to testify and allege that such a spy can hold high U.S. office, the public none the wiser.]

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover wrote the memo [see link above] mentioning Bush; and curiously, Hoover met with others at the ranch of Texas oil baron Colin J. “Clint” Murchison, Jr. in Dallas, on the night before Kennedy was assassinated, according to retired Army Brigadier General William Penn Jones.

A FOIA lawsuit publicized an FBI report regarding a man identifying himself as “George H. W. Bush” who telephoned the FBI’s Houston office within hours of Kennedy’s death with information about a threat allegedly made against Kennedy by a young right-wing Republican, according to General Bowen.

The FBI report stated “On November 22, 1963, Mr. George H. W. Bush, 5535 Briar, Houston, Texas telephonically advised…that one James Parrott had been talking of killing the president when he comes to Houston.”

Since witnesses have connected George H. W. Bush to JFK Jr.’s airport and the White House assassination plot prior to his murder, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald would be negligent if the grand jury did not also probe the Hoover FOIA lawsuit evidence linking the ex-president to events surrounding the assassination of John Jr.‘s father, JFK.

All this gives rise to serious grand jury questions: Why has Bush 41 denied being in the CIA on November 22, 1963? Why was Bush [at the age of 39] fully briefed on JFK’s assassination on the day after the event? What does he know about Hoover’s meeting in Dallas on the night before? Who else was at the meeting? What did they discuss? Why did Hoover specifically name Bush in the memo?

George H. W. also denied being involved in Iran contra. But according to General Bowen, “investigators obtained copies of Colonel Oliver North’s diaries which documented Bush’s role as a CIA supervisor of the contra supply network. In 1988 Bush issued false statements to Congress, testifying he knew nothing about the illegal supply flights until late November, 1986; yet North’s diary shows Bush at the first planning meeting on August 6, 1985.”

Securing Justice

After considering the team’s gathered physical evidence, written testimony and our talks with Delbert, who had interviewed most of the investigation witnesses involved, rhetorical questions could be posed regarding how the mainstream media could be so controlled and manipulated that it would be able to cover up the obvious:

How come the media saw things differently than the Division 4 team? Were key editors, reporters and global media executives co-participants in obstructing justice by glossing over a political assassination? Will the media receive the same severe scrutiny by Phi Beta Kappa and Harvard Law grad Patrick Fitzgerald and his grand juries as the alleged perpetrators themselves?

While more than nine families in particular are literally hanging out there in physical jeopardy, knowing that witnesses, credible evidence and a classified report point to three U.S. Presidents and at least one Senator as having their own private teams of foreign assassins available to do their political bidding, the ball is now in Special Counsel Fitzgerald’s “court.” This, while Congress looks the other way, knowing it needs to be held accountable for gross corruption.

The pressure will be enormous on prosecutors and jurors alike. Witnesses and team members referred to herein will need to be afforded protection. That said, Fitzgerald and his staff of about 150 Assistant U.S. Attorneys possess the quintessential job description for probing White House felony families: regularly handling public corruption, narcotics trafficking, violent crime, jury tampering and white-collar fraud. But they must do their job.

Fitzgerald himself has played a personal role in many significant investigations involving financing terrorism, violent crime, narcotics, and gang prosecutions, particularly including U.S. v. John Gambino et. al., prosecuting crime family “capos and crews,” an ideal candidate to lead White House crime probes.

Given the mood of multiple intelligence sources understandably furious about what historians will say happened on their recent watch (the transfer of nuclear codes to China, the September 11 attacks and Oklahoma City bombing, an attempt to blow up the Chicago subway underneath Fitzgerald’s grand jury in the Dirksen building on July 18 and war under false pretenses), thousands of government agents are reportedly prepared to block obstruction and obfuscation if “deals are cut” or “private payoffs” are attempted in order to prevent the wheels of justice from turning.

There is a strange, unsettled feeling sweeping across the land. America seems to be aware that something big will happen this fall. Most can’t put their finger on it. But the markets know what’s coming.

Massive insider stock sales versus purchases were running $74 sold to each $1 of stock bought, right after alone reported that President Bush and Vice President Cheney had been indicted.

Unknowing investors with automatically deducted pension fund and 401K contributions are still buying into the stock market while the turmoil of coming political upheaval is slowing festering like an inexorable cancer ready to claim its victim.

In February, 2005, corporate business executives, officers and directors sold $5 billion in personal stock, establishing a new market record for unloading insider securities in a single month. What do they know that the public doesn’t?

The stock market may be poised to reprise its 2000 collapse even as inside traders and government funds are now grabbing more of America’s wealth and financial security by quietly selling. Americans should heed Dubya-speak: “Fool me once, shame on you or me, fool me twice, uh… fool me twice… uh…. I won’t get fooled again.”

Gold has moved from $385 to about $450 an ounce over the last 6-8 months; and the metal’s rise in value indicates that some investors are buying gold so they won’t be left holding the old maid (inflated fiat paper currency) in the event of a protracted political crisis.

The interest rate yield curve on long bonds is virtually flat in the face of ten straight rate increases by Allan Greenspan and the Federal Reserve. Future trust in the financial stability of U.S. currency is exposed when a 10-year note draws about the same interest rate as a 30-year note, hence the flat yield curve. (We used to be nicely rewarded for letting the government hold our money for a longer period. But not now.)

The gold websites are reporting that China and Japan have not purchased U.S. Treasury securities since last January; and that 80-90% of our Treasuries are now purchased “off-shore,” indicating private sources, secretive countries, laundered drug money, or “printing press finance” to quietly prop up the economy.

During recent House Armed Services Committee hearings, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld admitted to Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-4-GA) that China has been financing the entire Iraq War by purchasing U.S. Treasury notes. How is this possible if China is not buying our Treasuries? Is Rumsfeld telling the truth? Why isn’t the American media holding his feet to the fire?

Prescient warnings notwithstanding, witnesses with evidence in the matter of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. are available to testify and be evaluated in front of Patrick Fitzgerald, his staff of deputy career prosecutors, but most importantly, grand jury panels of American citizens who will listen and decide whether murder indictments are in fact warranted in light of Division 4′s evidence.

Fitzgerald and his grand juries are still operational in spite of the House, Senate and U.S. mainstream media, all of which will ignore this story, the evidence, the witnesses, and the preliminary and “classified” JFK, Jr. reports.

If approximately 150 witnesses and credible evidence is not enough to render proper justice in the assassination of the son of an assassinated U.S. President, then the American justice system is not worth the paper that the Constitution and the United States Code are written on; and it will be quite obvious that Patrick Fitzgerald was “gotten to,” and likely deserving of separate consequences.

However, all indications from intelligence sources confirm that Fitzgerald is a rather remarkable and heroic patriot who will not back down from his sworn duty. Given coming indictments against high officials in all three branches of government, the fourth branch (citizen grand juries) will be crucial this fall.

But then America was always supposed to be about the citizens–not powerful ruling elite families whose progeny have come to expect receipt of power, perks and privilege via noblesse oblige.

There is nothing noble about what some U.S. government leaders have done to America since November 22, 1963.

Purge the evil from among you.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Postscript: In a June, 1992 exclusive and published interview granted by President George H. W. Bush to Sarah McClendon, the grand dame of the White House press corps at the time:“George Bush, what will the people do if they ever find out the truth about Iraq-gate and Iran contra? ‘Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us.’ ”
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
In memory of Timothy Shane Flocco (1978-2000)
to end State Dept. vacation-death evidence destruction and travel corporation lying under oath

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

NTS Notes:  I for one have always had suspicion since the day that JFK Jr. died, and found the "official" reports and the media to be full of lies.   That is why I am one to believe in what Tom Flocco presents here as factual.

People in the United States need to wake up and realize that many of their so called "elected" politicians are criminals who would not even lose sleep with the idea of having a potential rival such as JFK Jr. assassinated to prevent him from potentially becoming the President of the United States.   The shocking part of this entire article is the NAMES of the individuals involved; including the Clinton family and the Bush family!

Was JFK Jr. assassinated to prevent him from becoming the next US President and/or possibly to prevent the reopening of an investigation into his own father's assassination?  You be the judge!

More to come


The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Important Video Report From Professor Chris Busby

The situation with the ongoing nuclear power plant meltdowns at Fukushima Japan is definitely far from being over.  Right now, there is a continuing media blackout about the truth about the situation there, and that alone is absolutely appalling!    What we may be witnessing is the end of Japan as a nation due to this disaster.

Right now, I want to present the following video report from Professor Chris Busby about the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.  This video is entitled: "Genocide In Japan! - Professor Chris Busby", and I have it in its entirety right here for my own readers to view.   I also have some personal comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I fully agree with Professor Busby's assertions that the Japanese government is criminally negligent in their reports on the situation at Fukushima.   It will take some independent researchers armed with geiger counters to go to Japan and get the truth out to the people about the true level of radiation that the people there are being subjected to.

I also am truly appalled at the idea that the Japanese officials may be transporting radioactive material into non-contaminated regions of Japan just to burn the material and contaminate the people there in a twisted sense of sick logic to avoid future court battles over Cancer caused by the radiation around Fukushima.  It does appear that this truly is a sick method of protecting the nuclear industry.

The bottom line is that people everywhere are being lied to purposely by our own governments about the real situation with the meltdowns at Fukushima.  It does appear that the only real method of getting the truth out again falls on the alternative media.

As Professor Busby requests... Please take this video, and send it out to everyone.   The lies must end and the truth must be told.

More to come


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Time For A Reality Check!

Since I was MIA over the last few days with few articles posted, there has been a lot of things going on in the World... We see the situation in Japan with the Fukushima nuclear disaster still ongoing and the controlled media is keeping the lid on the true situation there..  Closer to home (here in Canada) we have protestors on Wall Street in New York City who are demanding changes in the US fiscal policies (Good luck with that!), and of course we have the situation in Europe with the meltdown of Greece and other European nations saying NO to a bailout of the Greek economy.  There is definitely turmoil in almost all parts of the Globe!

I figure this is as good a time for a reality check on some of the situations in the world today.  For that, I want to present an article that comes from Tom Burnett, through the Rense online site at, simply entitled: "Time For A Reality Check".    I have that entire article right here for my own readers to view, and of course my own comments to follow:

Time For A Reality Check
By Tom Burnett

I am going to say this because no one else seems willing to.  These are the facts.  This is what is happening as we speak.  The time to prepare for it in a meaningful way is past.
The world cannot borrow it's way out of debt.  The money that should have been spent during better economic times was not, and there is no more.  The world has entered a monetary depression which will result in total chaos, war, misery and horror.  There is no longer a way out. 
The stock market is now UP on the HOPE that someone, somewhere can fix the mess in Europe.  They HOPE that because they are anxious to believe that the fools which created all these problems have a magic bullet.  They don't.
Equity markets have been spinning up and down for weeks.  Precious metal markets are erratic.  Last Friday, September 23, 2011, the markets came within a hair's breadth of going to the bottom and staying there.  They didn't because someone cooked the books in after hours trading.  There ARE no 'fundamentals' anymore.  Historical trends are meaningless.  The world has never been in this place before and it cannot save itself.
The NEXT time the markets go, and it could easily be this week - but it will certainly be this year - they will not rebound.  Gold and silver will not go up.  They will go to levels last seen about eleven years ago.  Everyone who has money in the market will lose it.
Sovereign governments no longer control countries.  Bankers control countries. They also own the stock exchanges and can manipulate them by high-speed computerized trading.  Politicians and bankers are not your friends.  They do not care about you.  That's why you have no home or job.  But it gets worse.  They don't intend to feed you homeless layabouts much longer, either. 
NO fiscal policy that is, or ever had been, or ever will be enacted by any government is for the benefit of the citizens.  Citizens are disposable.  You are disposable.  Look around.  Have the HUNDREDS of trillions of dollars that have been spent made your life easier?  No.  Your life is becoming worse by the day.  Your future, and that of your children, which seemed assured thirty years ago now seem hopeless.  You worry EVERY DAY now about things which should not have to worry you.  
Radioactive money
Fukushima is not on the road to recovery.  It is a boiling cauldron of fissioning nuclear waste that will kill 100 million people over hundreds of years.  It cannot be fixed.  Ever.  It cannot be contained.  It is poisoning the ocean, the air, and life on earth.  And there are hundreds more plants just like that which will never be turned off because people want energy and there is a profit in supplying it to them.
Of the people, By the people, For the people.
Police departments are being militarized.  That is just wrong.  Police officers live in your neighborhood and you ought to feel good about them instead of what is happening now - people feel like they live in an occupied country - and they have every right to feel that way.  The police do not exist to control the population.  They exist to protect and serve the citizens.  When they adopt the mindset of military 'operators', they have exceeded their charter.  That has to stop.  A LOT more citizens than everyone realizes are highly trained combat veterans.  They respect the police, but they expect to be afforded the rights and benefits of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
SWAT teams who kick down doors without warrants and kill people who are not suspected of a crime are out of control.  The TSA is out of control.  The DEA is out of control.  They are out of control because there is no firm connection between their leadership and the Constitution.  It is somehow assumed that police officers and their leadership is no longer accountable; that they are no longer governed by the same laws as everyone else. That concept has pushed this country well down the road toward armed insurrection.
It is not the job of the police to find reasons to arrest you.  It is their job to find reasons to protect you.
The Obama Administration
Responsible for all of this?  No.  But he IS responsible for not at least TRYING to fix it.  He did not keep even one of his campaign promises.  He didn't cause this, but he made it a lot worse and he still doesn't understand it.  He has got to go.  Even if we have to elect some nutcase - no longer matters.  WE HAVE TO SOMETHING ELSE!
No offense Mr Cain, but there are not going to be any more black presidents for a long time.  THAT is Obama's legacy.  THAT is what black America will remember him for.  And that's very sad.

NTS Notes:  I agree with Burnett's assessment of the Barry Soetoro (Obama) administration.  However, that criminal stooge is presently kissing up to Jews in both America and Israel in his vain attempt to secure their money and therefore their power to get himself re-elected in 2012.  It shows exactly who this criminal who calls himself the US President truly answers to first and foremost.

The fact is also that the world financial system is about to implode and the root cause is the failings of a Debt based monetary system based on Jewish banking Usury... Always throughout history any nation that has used this type of Usury debt based system as its basis for money has failed or collapsed... The present situation that the world sees itself today is just a repeat of the past, and mankind has not learned from this mistake.

It also truly sickening to see how  the United States is rapidly becoming a police state where its police forces brutalize the American public and are totally unaccountable for their actions.  The problem is that once the US economy finally collapses, the situation will become much much worse with the possibility of martial law being imposed on the American public and the brutality will only escalate!

Yes it is definitely time for a Reality Check, and a wake up call for everyone!

More to come


This Is A Laugher: US Tells Court That Phony Bin Laden Photos Must Stay Secret (!)

Believe it or not... There are still many people out there that actually believe the absolute fairy tale and laugher that a US Navy Seal team went on May 2nd 2011, and killed Osama bin Laden in a Pakistan.  Many have swallowed this absolute lie without any knowledge that Osama bin Laden had been already dead for 9.5 years by the time of that fraudulent attack, having died of complications due to kidney failure, and is buried in the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan.   The Navy Seal attack is nothing more than just another of a long list of lies put forward by the US Government....

But it seems that the US Government is continuing to perpetuate the Bin Laden killing fairy tale, and according to this report, from Yahoo News, at, they have put forward court documents that any pictures of "Bin Laden" from that farcical attack back in May cannot be released because they would harm "National Security" and lead to attacks on US citizens and property.    I have that entire laughable article right here for my own readers to view, and some comments to follow:

US tells court bin Laden photos must stay secret

WASHINGTON (AP) — Public disclosure of graphic photos and video taken of Osama bin Laden after he was killed in May by U.S. commandos would damage national security and lead to attacks on American property and personnel, the Obama administration contends in a court documents.

In a response late Monday to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group seeking the imagery, Justice Department attorneys said the CIA has located 52 photographs and video recordings. But they argued the images of the deceased bin Laden are classified and are being withheld from the public to avoid inciting violence against Americans overseas and compromising secret systems and techniques used by the CIA and the military.

The Justice Department has asked the court to dismiss Judicial Watch's lawsuit because the records the group wants are "wholly exempt from disclosure," according to the filing.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, accused the Obama administration of making a "political decision" to keep the bin Laden imagery secret. "We shouldn't throw out our transparency laws because complying with them might offend terrorists," Fitton said in a statement. "The historical record of Osama bin Laden's death should be released to the American people as the law requires."

The Associated Press has filed Freedom of Information Act requests to review a range of materials, such as contingency plans for bin Laden's capture, reports on the performance of equipment during the May 1 assault on his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and copies of DNA tests confirming the al-Qaida leader's identity. The AP also has asked for video and photographs taken from the mission, including photos made of bin Laden after he was killed.

The Obama administration refused AP's request to quickly consider its request for the records. AP appealed the decision, arguing that unnecessary bureaucratic delays harm the public interest and allow anonymous U.S. officials to selectively leak details of the mission. Without expedited processing, requests for sensitive materials can be delayed for months and even years. The AP submitted its request to the Pentagon less than one day after bin Laden's death.

In a declaration included in the documents, John Bennett, director of the CIA's National Clandestine Service, said many of the photos and video recordings are "quite graphic, as they depict the fatal bullet wound to (bin Laden) and other similarly gruesome images of his corpse." Images were taken of bin Laden's body at the Abbottabad compound, where he was killed by a Navy SEAL team, and during his burial at sea from the USS Carl Vinson, Bennett said.

"The public release of the responsive records would provide terrorist groups and other entities hostile to the United States with information to create propaganda which, in turn, could be used to recruit, raise funds, inflame tensions, or rally support for causes and actions that reasonably could be expected to result in exceptionally grave damage to both the national defense and foreign relations of the United States," Bennett wrote.

Navy Adm. William McRaven, the top officer at U.S. Special Operations Command, said in a separate declaration that releasing the imagery could put the special operations team that carried out the assault on bin Laden's compound at risk by making them "more readily identifiable in the future." Before his current assignment, McRaven led the Joint Special Operations Command, the organization in charge of the military specialized counterterrorism units.

NTS Notes:  Try as they may, the US Government is doing everything possible to avoid the absolute embarrassing exposure of the fraudulent attack on the "Bin Laden compound" back in May, even to the point of making the insane excuses that are evident in this Yahoo article...

The fact is that the Photoshop experts in the White House and the Pentagon cannot make a decent fake Bin Laden photo without anyone showing its fakery.    They have already tried several times since the BS attack back in May, and each time the pictures were quickly shown to be fakes.   Therefore the obvious course of action is to simply not allow any pictures to be released due to "National Security".

Again, readers, Bin Laden died almost 10 years ago now, and the US government kept the "dead guy" alive as long as possible because they needed their phony boogeyman for their equally fraudulent "war on terror".  The phony May attacks was just their way of finally killing off this boogeyman while they create a new boogeyman to keep the US public scared of phony "terrorism".     I must ask... When will the American public finally wake the hell up to this massive deception and the war on their own minds?

More to come


New Video: A World Declaration Of Liberation From Criminal Israel

I have been busy over the last few days taking care of some personal and family business... It does make it hard to keep up with events happening around the world, and to do this blog, when you have to take care of family and personal needs first and foremost.  Thanks to all my readers for their patience in the meantime....

For this article, I want to present an interesting video, that comes courtesy of Youtube user: "Snordelhans".  It basically is a video narration of a terrific article written by Les Visibles, at, entitled: "A World Declaration Of Liberation From Criminal Israel".   I have that video right here for my readers to view, AND I have the entire Les Visibles article, as the full transcript of the video, to follow:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A World Declaration of Liberation from Criminal Israel.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be free of the metal rings of the usurers.

Oy Yez, Oy Yez, the Temporal Court of the World Public is now in session, the more or less honorable, Judge Visible presiding! Be seated.

“Peoples of the world, I have reviewed your petition and I find the following to be righteous and true that a criminal banking and extortion empire was created in a land, formerly known as Palestine and now, illegally known as Israel. I have studied all of the documents and briefs pertaining to the historical record of actions, events and incidents that led to the illegal and immoral founding of this parasite, crime syndicate upon the previously named territory of Palestine. I find all arguments for legitimacy and continuance of the illegal state of Israel to be untenable and declare all of them null and void. I declare on this date, September 22, 2011, the recognition of the state of Palestine on all lands occupied by those so named and defined as Palestinians, as they existed prior to the First World War. I command that all usurpers going by the designation of Israelis be immediately expelled from all of the territories so named and relocated to any country that will have them and failing that to a secure, walled facility where they can be quarantined for the public safety and good.

I hereby command that all of the assets of the illegal state of Israel be seized as well as the assets of all Zionist entities and sympathizers the world over. I command the dissolution of all central banks, which are no more than organized crime laundries and counterfeiting operations, presently under the control of Zionist interests and headed up by the Satanic Rothschild Family. I command and demand that all assets of the Rothschild Crime Family and their surrogates and associates be seized and held in trust for the world public for wide dissemination among the victims of this vampire clan as soon as is practical and possible.

I command that all world politicians proven to be complicit in the drive toward world subjugation, under the rule of Talmudic Israelis and Zionists be arrested and held for trial under the charges of crimes against humanity. I command that the Federal Reserve be dissolved and all serving officers put under arrest and held for trial. I command that all police forces be stripped of all authority and all members placed under review for previous acts of suppression and violence against the citizens of any and every country so affected.

I command that Wall Street and all stock exchanges be rigorously investigated and all criminal actors presently engaged there be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I command that the entirety of world media, publishing, entertainment and any corporation and company, such as Monsanto that was purchased by the theft of public monies from criminal banking institutions, be taken out of the hands they are presently in and administered by non criminal professionals of proven provenance in respect of truth and full disclosure. I declare AIPAC, the ADL and all Zionist extortion gangs be declared hostile enemy combatants and the assets of all of these entities seized and their charters revoked.

I demand and so command that all ZATO forces of the Zionist Armies for Total Occupation immediately remove themselves from the countries of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and sundry and surrender their rank and membership in this murder organization effective immediately. All members of this mass murder machine who are found to be incriminated in violence against the world public are to be detained and held for trial.

I recognize Hamas as the legitimate voice of The Palestinian people and summarily demand Mahmoud Abbas remove himself from any further representation of the Palestinian people. I remove the authority of The United Nations and command the formation of an independent body to replace it.

I announce to the people of the world that Israel has been incontrovertibly proven to have been behind the 9/11, 7/7 and Madrid Train Station attacks and those who were so employed at this and all of their agents and accessories are to be arrested and held for trial on the crime of mass murder. I call for the arrest and detainment of all Mossad employees and agents around the world for crimes against humanity and demand the rearrest of the 3 dual national Mossad agents who were caught spying in Iran.

I declare all Kosher taxes on the people of the world to be at an end, effective immediately. I call for a full and complete investigation of all major historical events of the last hundred years to determine whether or not there has been systematic revisionism at work. I declare that it is impossible for 125,000 so called holocaust survivors to be living in the US and needing specialized medical care, as per the petition of two Israeli citizens, employed as representatives of the United States government, since that many persons were not liberated from the camps in the first place. I demand the return of all Homeland Security monies that were given ‘in the majority’ to Zionist entities in America to the exclusion of all other entities.

I rule and command that no Israeli or Zionist sympathizer be allowed to serve in any political or legal manner in any government anywhere and that they be forbidden to engage in banking or the law or any endeavor where the public may be placed at risk of the repetition of similar events associated with them over previous centuries and amply demonstrated by their expulsion from the majority of the countries of the world for the same crimes over and over again.

I officially declare an end to the promotion and perception of Khazar and Ashkenazi victimhood and define them as predators upon the body and fortunes of the public at large. I officially recognize that they cry out in pain when they strike you and I declare that the use of the term anti-Semitic be defined as a hate crime and an illegal act in the pronouncement of it and to be punished by terms of confinement soon to be set and by public ridicule and scorn.

I so affirm that political correctness is also a crime and is to be dealt with swiftly and comprehensively whenever it rears its ugly little head. I demand a full investigation into Zionist control of all representative organizations of alternative sexual practice to see the essence of the agenda at work and to determine whether or not these organizations are used as war material against other religions, as well as the culture and continuance of whatever country they are operative in. I command that the Talmud be formerly recognized as the official Bible of Satanism and that the practitioners of it now be seen and defined as the parishioners of the Synagogue of Satan. I declare all Noahide laws invalid from this moment in every country where they have been shoehorned into the charters and constitutions of whatever country it may apply to.

I officially remove all authority from all persons worldwide who are sitting judges in any and all capacities until their integrity and value can be proven to an impartial committee of their peers. I demand that all individuals in any and every capacity connected to government, industry, banking, the military, law enforcement and any organization or operation that affects the public in the day to day, immediately come forth and inform on their comrades, concerning any crimes or malfeasance and betrayal of the public trust, of which they may know anything at all, under penalty of suffering the fate of their associates, should they not act expeditiously and at once. All international corporations are now to be considered operating illegally and are commanded to stop and desist in all illegal activities or be subject to the full weight of temporal and cosmic law.

I declare all of the preceding as law and my authority to do so is affirmed by the cosmos that has had it up to the eyelids with the relentless shovel loads of shit that the people of the world are daily being buried in. I command and implore the heavenly hosts to descend upon this planet and wipe it clean of iniquity and all manner of criminal enterprise, so engaged in, by the so called elite, immediately. No appeals to the contrary of anything here said are allowed or will be considered at any time from this moment on. So say I, Chief Justice of the Temporal Court of the World Public, the more or less, honorable Les Visible. This court is now adjourned."

End Transmission.......

NTS Notes:  There is little to add to this video and transcript... Les Visibles, as usual, hits the nail on the head with this fabulous piece of work...

We definitely are at a crossroads when it comes to what path we are to follow into the future.  There are two choices of the path we take:  Tyranny and enslavement for all time to these criminals and their evil interests... Or breaking their shackles of their criminal debt enslavement system and ending their tyranny for all time.   It is still my hope that people everywhere finally wake the hell up and make the right choice!

More to come


Monday, September 26, 2011

Canada Is Israeli Occupied Territory: Disowning Palestine - Canada Took The Wrong Side!

On Friday, September 23rd, the leader of the Palestinian people, Abbas, rose in front of the UN General Assembly and formally submitted Palestine's application for full membership as an INDEPENDENT nation to a standing ovation by the General Assembly membership.  It is definitely a proud day for all of us, as a nation that has been under the terrible occupation and subjugation of the criminal state of Israel for some 44 years is finally formally applying for its own freedom!

However, there are nations that are under the full enslavement of Israel and who have done their Zionist Jewish masters' wishes and have said NO to Palestinian independence. One nation, the United States itself, has already said that it will veto Palestinian independence in the UN Security Council, and therefore will show that it truly is nothing more than a Jewish puppet nation!

My own nation, Canada, has also shown that it too is fully under control of the Jewish power elite, by saying that it would vote against Palestinian nationhood.  And Canada's stooge prime minister, Stephen Harper, has also said in public that he fully supports Israel and is against Palestinian independence as well.   Canada is now showing that it is definitely nothing more than a client slave state of Israel!

But there are many Canadians, including myself, that are truly appalled by the Canadian government's stance when it comes to Palestinian independence.  One such individual is former Canadian UN Ambassador, Paul Heinbecker, who has come forward with the following article that I want to bring to my own readers' attention through the website: Occupied Palestine at entitled: "Disowning Palestine: Canada Took The Wrong Side".   I have that entire article right here, and I do have some of my own comments to follow:

Disowning Palestine: Canada Took Wrong Side

Canada’s former ambassador to the UN, Paul Heinbecker. (UN)

By Paul Heinbecker | Palestine Chronicle | Sept 25, 2011

‘To see ourselves as others see us, would from many a blunder free us,’ advice as sound and pertinent today as when first offered the world by Robbie Burns a couple of centuries ago. Our government’s opposition to the Palestinians’ application to join the UN may be such a blunder; it will in any case likely burden Canadian foreign policy for years to come.

The government has characterized the position it is taking on the Palestinian application as principled and democratic. But many others see it as merely supporting the stance of a very hard-line Netanyahu government, beholden to intransigent and fundamentalist parties. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has in the past accused Benjamin Netanyahu of not having “made a single step to advance peace.” Former Bush and Obama defense secretary Robert Gates described Netanyahu as ungrateful and endangering Israel by refusing to grapple with its growing isolation. Former U.S. president Bill Clinton has said that the Netanyahu government has received all of the assurances previous Israeli governments said they wanted but now won’t accept those terms to make peace.

Our government has criticized the Palestinian application as “unilateral.” What much of the world sees as unilateral, and also illegal, is the Israeli annexation of East Jerusalem, the 44-years long occupation of the West Bank, the continuing confiscation of Palestinian property, the decades of building Israeli settlements on Palestinian land and the continuing transfer of Israeli civilians there – 500,000 to date – the placement of the security barrier not along the 1967 borders but on Palestinian land, the punitive character of the blockade of Gaza, the flouting of UN resolutions, etc. Last year, the Obama administration’s pleas to the Netanyahu government to continue the moratorium on settlements-building, so that there was something left to negotiate for, were rebuffed, including tellingly in a high-profile announcement during Vice-President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel.

Our government has not explained why the Palestinian application for full membership is such a bad idea. 

Many in Israel, foremost the Netanyahu coalition government, see it as anathema but others see it as a necessary step to restart a peace process that has run its course and has become a sham, delivering process not peace and providing cover for ongoing illegal settlements building. Had the Palestinians not acted, we would not be revisiting the elements of a peace deal in the UN today. Moreover, Palestinian membership in the UN would not change the need for the Palestinians to negotiate peace with the Israelis, as both sides have acknowledged, just as the independent states of Egypt and Jordan have negotiated peace agreements with Israel in the past, agreements that endure. Further, in an age of high-tech missile weaponry and drones, such a peace will come more readily and securely from Israel’s expanding the stake its neighbours have in economic co-operation than from preserving a few kilometres of strategic depth.

What a successful UN membership application would change is that it would give the Palestinians the standing of a state, which would reduce, but hardly eliminate, the decided tilt in the playing field enjoyed by the much more powerful Israel, backed by the still unmatched U.S. At the same time, a successful application would entail de facto perhaps even de jure recognition by the world community, including the Arab countries, not just of Palestine but of Israel as well. In addition, while the Palestinians would enjoy the rights of statehood, including accession to treaties and recourse to international courts, they would also incur corresponding responsibilities, particularly the obligation under the UN Charter to preserve the peace, including with Israel. Palestinians would also incur the legal jeopardy in those courts for any crimes perpetrated against Israel and Israelis. The reverse would also be true, but such “lawfare” is infinitely preferable to warfare. And, curtailing impunity and reinforcing the rule of law in international relations has long been an objective of Canadian foreign policy.

More broadly, while it is up to Israel to make its own calculations, it is not evident that time is on its side. One consequence of the Arab Spring is that the Arab governments it affects appear to find it necessary to be more representative of and responsive to their people than their autocratic predecessors have been. It is apparent that the Palestinian issue, which is seen in most Arab (and Muslim and Third World) countries as unjust, is one in particular on which those governments will have to heed their own public opinion. Israel’s relations with Egypt and Jordan have become precarious and its ties with moderate, non-Arab Turkey are poor, putting in jeopardy a co-operative relationship dating not only to Israel’s modern birth but to the Second World War and even to the Spanish Inquisition, when Jews fled into the Ottoman Empire. Palestinian membership of the UN, and genuine peace negotiations with Israel, would do more to reverse Israel’s deepening self-isolation than anything else.

The Canadian government is backing the Netanyahu government to the hilt, not only by opposing the Palestinian application, but apparently by actively campaigning against it. Canada, like every other country, has an enormous stake in a peaceful disposition of the Israel-Palestine issue and in a progressive evolution of the Middle East. Whatever the outcome of this current chapter of Middle East diplomacy, Canada’s policy will have been widely noted by the Palestinians and their many friends. They will likely see little in it that is principled or democratic, and will draw their own conclusions, as a consequence. As for us, we would be wise to see how so many others see us, and why.

- Paul Heinbecker, Canada’s former ambassador to the UN, is currently with the Centre for International Governance Innovation and Laurier University in Waterloo. He is the author of Getting Back in the Game: A Foreign Policy Playbook for Canada, published by Dundurn. This article was contributed to


NTS Notes:  It definitely has been a sad week for Canada, when their UN General Assembly delegation walked out on Iranian President Ahmadinejad's speech to the General Assembly on Thursday, showing their true enslavement to Israel.  That alone should have shown the Canadian public who their leaders answer to...

Now comes this scathing report from their former Ambassador that shows how much Canada is clearly nothing more than a stooge to Jewish interests when they have taken clearly the wrong side in the Israeli-Palestinian State issue.

I am truly ashamed to be calling myself a Canadian these days.   This country used to pride itself on being a symbol of true freedom around the world.  Now nations everywhere see Canada as nothing more than another Israeli client state lackey.   This is a vision of Canada that I for one truly have never wanted to see!

More to come