Monday, August 1, 2011

Newest David Duke Video: Zionist Terrorism In Norway

Many of my loyal readers are well aware that I have been a supporter of David Duke's efforts to expose the criminality of Zionist Jews, and his continuing struggle to awaken America and other nations around the world of the great danger that these parasites pose.

David Duke has just released his latest video about the Norwegian Massacre, entitled: "Zionist Terrorism In Norway", and I want to present it here in its entirety for my own readers to view:

NTS Notes:  I for one have looked upon this entire Norwegian Massacre as another one in a growing list of Mossad Operations that have taken place around the world for the last 60+ years.   It is only now that when these terrorist attacks occur that most people right away are willing to finger the criminal Zionists and their evil Mossad as the perpetrators.

Please take this video by David Duke and pass it around for everyone to see.  As we speak, the Jewish controlled Youtube is considering wiping this video from their files.    If that does occur, I will do my best to have that video restored in this article to its fullest....

The bottom line is this:  People everywhere are finally waking up to the truth about the criminal state of Israel, and Zionism in general.  The attack in Norway will definitely backfire on these criminals and may only help to accelerate their own demise.

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Anonymous said...

I originally saw a portion of this video on a Norwegian newspaper web site. It was shown as live coverage of the police action on Utoya during the shooting. However, it does not correspond to what was actually reported by the media. The police finally got to the island too late to save kids. Bodies would have been everywhere, especially in the close-up areas shown. There are none. The video appears to have been staged for TV and was perhaps a trial run for the shooting scenario, which would mean a pre-planned massacre known by the police and the TV film crew. For your analysis, hope it is still there.

Flere unge skutt og drept på Utøya
More young people shot and killed on Utøya
Uploaded by videointeresante1 on Jul 22, 2011