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The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Nuclear Genocide!

With all of the stories coming out about the Norwegian Massacre, I have not been able to put much focus on other happenings around the world.  I have several articles that I have begun, have been waiting for final editing, and have been awaiting an appropriate time to release them for my own readers to view.  This one is definitely a must see by everyone!

I came across the following videos last week, and I found the information presented to be most disturbing.  In this 4 part video, Lauren Moret is interviewed by Alfred Webre on July 16th, 2011, about some of the facts about the Fukushima disaster that have not been told to the general populace.  There are parts in this video that some may disagree with, including myself, but the fact that we are being purposely lied to about the real dangers from the radiation from Fukushima is very clear.  Here is that video, in 4 parts, and I do recommend that all readers take the time to listen to what Lauren Moret has to say about the truth about Fukushima... It is indeed disturbing:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

NTS Notes:  I have never been an advocate of the "New World Order" scenario, because I have always looked upon it as a Talmudic Jewish push for world domination.  I also am not yet sold on the idea of the Fukushima disaster being part of this "New World Order" agenda for population control.  But the information about the levels of radiation that is falling upon the entire Earth right now is very factual, and future generations will definitely be dying from Cancer as a result of radiation exposure. 

It is especially sad that many around the world are not being kept aware of the real dangers they are still facing from the disaster at Fukushima....As I have always said.. When it comes to Fukushima, we can only hope for the best, but must be prepared for the worst!

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This Is Just Wrong: New Moves To Curb Criticism Of The Criminal State Of Israel Being Pushed In The United States And Canada!

We do live in very troubling times indeed.  For anyone with common sense, you usually know the difference between actual racism and hatred of a people, and the criminal actions of an independent nation.   If a nation carries out a criminal activity then the onus of the criminality falls on the leadership, and/or the government of that nation.

However, the Jewish people in North America, it seems, are now working overtime in trying to bring about legislation in both the United States and Canada that will equate the exposure of the criminal activities of the state of Israel with "antisemitism".  According to this new article from The Electronic Intifada, at, it seems that the powerful Jewish lobbies are pushing for such criminal legislation, and in doing so, any criticism of Israel may shortly mean jail time in both the US and Canada!  Here is that article for my own readers to view right here:

New moves to curb criticism of Israel in US and Canada

29 July 2011

New legislation in the US threatens to conflate campus criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism.
A number of new initiatives to curtail freedom of speech by conflating opposition to Israeli crimes with anti-Semitism are underway in the United States and Canada.
The Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism (CPCCA) issued a report in early July recommending the adoption of strict new standards defining anti-Semitism and the types of speech and campus activities that would violate them. Its report urged the Canadian government to adopt the European Union Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia’s definition of anti-Semitism (“Report on the Inquiry Panel,” 7 July 2011 [PDF]). That definition suggests that any questioning of whether Israel has the right to exist as a state that privileges Jews over people of other religions or ethnic backgrounds amounts to anti-Semitism.
Though the Canadian group is not linked to the Ottawa government, it has 22 parliamentarians as members. Activities it deems as anti-Semitic and, therefore, calls to be banned, include events such as the Israeli Apartheid Week that was founded in Toronto and now takes place on college campuses internationally every March.
The Canadian report is just the latest attempt at stifling public discourse about Israel. Free speech and the unimpeded exchange of ideas are also under attack on America’s college campuses. Pro-Israel supporters have targeted federal funding for academic institutions, including support for research and academic conferences, under the pretext that criticism of Israel is “hate speech.”
Federal authorities from the Office of Civil Rights with the US Department of Education are investigating charges of anti-Semitism against the University of California Santa Cruz, as well as at other institutions within the California university system, according to published reports. These are the first investigations taking place since Title VI of the Civil Rights Act was re-interpreted in October 2010, allowing Jewish students, as members of a religious group, to claim discrimination under a provision that previously applied only to racial and ethnic bigotry.
A “dear colleague” letter issued by the Office of Civil Rights in October 2010 said that discrimination against a student who is a member of a religious group violates Title VI when the discrimination is based on the group’s “actual or perceived shared ancestry or ethnic characteristics … or when it is based upon the student’s actual or perceived citizenship or residency in a country whose residents share a dominant religion or a distinct religious identity,” David Thomas, a USDepartment of Education spokesman, explained by email.
Bowing to the Zionist lobby
Major pro-Israel organizations such as the Zionist Organization of America and the Anti-Defamation League have lobbied for this re-interpretation for years. TitleVI now can be applied to Jewish students who claim universities create hostile campus environments if they allow pro-Palestinian events or even class lectures critical of Israeli policies.
In other words, since Israel bills itself as a Jewish state, of which all Jews everywhere are automatic citizens, Jewish students can file complaints of anti-Semitism and discrimination based upon their perceived ethnicity and citizenship or residency in a country that has a “dominant religion.”
Dr. Hatem Bazian, a Palestinian-American professor of Near Eastern and Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, who founded the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) there in 2001, takes issue with the amended understanding of Title VI. While he agrees that Jewish students, as well as Muslim students, should be protected from discrimination based on their religious identity under Title VI, he believes the reinterpretation is actually being used to silence debate about Israel.
Attempts to silence opposition to the illegal Israeli occupation and policies is un-American and amounts to political and academic censorship,” Bazian said via email. (Bazian is also the chairman of American Muslims for Palestine, the organization with which this writer is employed).
The Title VI reinterpretation and the subsequent case against Santa Cruz is part of a growing trend of stifling of protected political speech on college campuses. Several lecturers and professors have been censured and even denied tenure because they openly criticized Israeli policies or advocated for Palestinian rights.
Perhaps the most widely publicized cases are those of former DePaul University professor Norman Finkelstein and North Carolina State University professor Terri Ginsberg, both of whom were not given tenure because of their open criticism of Israeli policies in 2007 and 2008, respectively. Ginsberg initiated legal action against North Carolina State and her case is currently on appeal.
Freedom of information denied
The new interpretation has rejuvenated a 29-page complaint brought against the University of California Santa Cruz in June 2009 by lecturer Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, the contents of which have been kept secret by the Department of Education and university officials.
On 13 April, American Muslims for Palestine filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the complaint with the San Francisco Office of Civil Rights. Federal authorities declined the request on 22 April, saying that supplying the complaint would “constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy” and that it could “reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings,” both of which are listed as exemptions under the federal FOIA statute.
What is so troubling in the University of California Santa Cruz investigation is that the amended interpretation is being applied retroactively to Rossman-Benjamin’s complaint, which she filed more than one year before the October 2010 “dear colleague” letter. No one contacted from the university or the Department of Education would discuss how an institution can be held liable for something that was not considered to be a violation at the time it occurred.
[The Office of Civil Rights] received the UC-Santa Cruz complaint … on 25 June 2009,” Thomas wrote in an email to American Muslims for Palestine. “On 7 March 2011, OCR formally notified the university and the complainant that OCR was opening for investigation the allegations that a hostile environment existed for Jewish students at the university in 2009 in violation of Title VI and that the university had notice of the hostile environment but did not have a process to adequately respond to hostile environment complaints.”
Thomas failed to respond to American Muslims for Palestine’s direct question about how the new interpretation could be applied retroactively, though it was posed three times in three separate emails on 13 and 15 April.
Jim Burns, a University of California Santa Cruz spokesman, also would not address that issue and instead referred it back to the Department of Education’s civil rights office. He did tell American Muslims for Palestine in an email, however, that the Office of Civil Rights is reviewing a complaint that “speech on campus that is critical of Israel creates a hostile environment for Jewish students.”
We believe that [the Office of Civil Rights’] investigation will ultimately conclude that [the University of California Santa Cruz] diligently enforces laws, policies and practices that protect our students’ civil rights. But we also believe that our review of the matter with OCR will provide us with an opportunity to examine our relevant policies and practices to ensure that is the case,” he added.
If federal investigators find a university to be in violation of Title VI and the institution does not remedy the situation satisfactorily it could lose federal funding. This is a worst-case scenario to be sure, but it is one that seemingly threatens the open exchange of ideas on college campuses.
While some of the recent allegations … might well raise a claim under Title VI, many others simply seek to silence anti-Israel discourse and speakers. This approach is not only unwarranted under Title VI, it is dangerous,” Cary Nelson, president of the American Association of University Presidents (AAUP), and Kenneth Stern of the American Jewish Committee, wrote recently in an open letter on AAUP’s website.
The purpose of a university is to have students wrestle with ideas with which they may disagree, or even better, may make them uncomfortable. To censor ideas is to diminish education, and to treat students as fragile recipients of ‘knowledge,’ rather than young critical thinkers,” they added.
American Muslims for Palestine’s Hatem Bazian said the implications of the re-interpretation go far beyond free speech in the classroom and at extra-curricular events. Funding for scholarly research and academic conferences that bring up “legitimate criticism of Israel” may be at stake, he said.
The new interpretation will directly, first and foremost, impact those who administer Title VI funding, and they for sure will be more hesitant and will engage in self-censorship in funding research or activities that are critical of Israel,” Bazian said.
Indeed, the Anti-Defamation League was one of 12 national organizations that urged the Department of Education to amend its Title VI interpretation. It may have just been a co-signer in that battle but the ADL has taken the lead in many high-profile cases to stifle free speech and public debate in its hundred-year history.
In March, the ADL, along with the American Jewish Committee and the Bay Area Jewish Community Relations Council, protested an academic conference at theUC Hastings College of the Law in March entitled “Litigating Palestine: Can Courts Secure Palestinian Rights?” Their protest was so effective the university board voted to remove its name and endorsement for the event and it prevented university Chancellor Frank Wu from making opening remarks.
Challenging Israel on campus
Writing about the incident in the San Francisco ChronicleCecilie Surasky, deputy director of Jewish Voice for Peace, stated that “Perhaps for the first time in UShistory, there is an aggressive challenge to a one-sided narrative that covers up or justifies ongoing Israeli repression of Palestinians” (“Pressure on law conference threatens free speech,” 21 April 2011).
Surasky added, “The center of that challenge is on campuses, which is why those who have traditionally adopted knee-jerk defenses of Israeli policies are attempting to stigmatize or shut down alternative viewpoints.”
The same threats of losing federal funding because of an “anti-Semitic and hostile environment” are being leveled at Rutgers University in New Jersey, thanks in large part to a 15-page letter written to the university by Zionist Organization of America President Morton Klein, and copied to the state’s governor, its USsenators and representatives and other officials.
These recent moves, according to Surasky, “suggest that legitimate criticism of Israeli policy is being conflated with anti-Semitism. If this is allowed to happen, then serious debate on Israel’s illegal actions in the Palestinian territories will be shut down.”
Rossman-Benjamin’s complaint against University of California Santa Cruz could very well be a test case under the new interpretation of Title VI. The reinterpretation, when viewed against the backdrop of professors being censured or denied tenure because of their political views, could have an adverse affect on the free exchange of ideas on college campuses at a time when debate and concrete examinations of US foreign policy in the Middle East is needed more than ever.
Kristin Szremski is an independent journalist and currently the director of media and communications for the American Muslims for Palestine.

NTS Notes:  It is bad enough that Canada has fallen under the Jewish yoke and is nothing more than a puppet of the criminal state of Israel with its horrendous "Hate Laws", but I am hoping that the people of the United States will see through this facade and stop it from ever being passed into law...

As far as I am concerned, this is absolutely outrageous, and just another attempt to suppress any criticism or action against the evil activities of Israel.   It is bad enough that they killed 34 sailors on the USS Liberty, and the 3000+ innocent people in their attacks on 9-11, but now they want to be able to carry out their criminal activities with absolute impunity!  How sick is that?

Lets get the word out, and put an end to this madness...

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Important Health News: Vitamin D Deficiency Has Been Linked To Mental Health Disorders In Children (!)

Everyone that reads this blog knows by now that I am a strong advocate of having everyone in good health.  There has always been links in the fact that a strong healthy body makes for a strong healthy mind... Especially in this fight against the criminals who want to subjugate this planet!

For this article, I want to present the following report that comes again from the website: Natural News, at, that shows evidence that Vitamin D deficiency has now been linked to mental disorders in children.   Here is that important health report right here for my own readers to view:

Vitamin D deficiency causes mental disorders in children

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 by: J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) A new study shows that children with psychosis and other severe mental health disorders also have twice as much vitamin D deficiency as children who are mentally healthy.

The study, presented to the American Psychiatric Association 2011 Annual Meeting in Honolulu in June by researchers from the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland showed that 21 percent of children with symptoms of severe psychiatric problems had vitamin D levels below what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends.

That level compared with 14 percent of children who participated in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III, a population-based study that assessed the nutrition and health status of both children and adults in the U.S.

"That is 50 percent more than children in a normal population, so based on our findings this means that 1 out of 5 kids with severe mental illness has low vitamin D levels," lead investigator Keith Cheng, M.D., told Medscape Medical News.

Added first study author Mini Zhang, M.A., "The prevalence of vitamin D deficiency (43 percent) was most common in children with psychotic disorders compared to other mental health disorders."

Some researchers have also said that low vitamin D levels can lead to autism in children, the report said.

Besides combatting mental problems and conditions, vitamin D is also useful in preventing a range of other medical conditions, including osteoporosis, prostate cancer, depression, breast cancer and can even affect diabetes and depression.

One of the reasons why so many of these diseases and health issues are so prevalent could be that there is a phenomenon of vitamin D deficiency around the world, not just in the U.S.

The results of another recent study, this one published in the March 2010 issue of Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, found that 59 percent of the world's population lacks clinically appropriate amounts of vitamin D in their bodies. Twenty-five percent of those were found to have seriously low levels.

The data also show that low levels of vitamin D can lead to immune system deficiencies as well. According to researchers at the University of Copenhagen, the immune system's T cells tend to remain dormant, meaning there is little or no protection against invading microorganisms.

Dr. Soram Khalsa, writing in The Huffington Post, said during his three decades of practicing medicine, he has noticed that boosting vitamin D levels in his patients has done what many prescription drugs were unable to do:

"I have worked with literally hundreds of herbs, vitamins and dietary supplements, to help my patients, often when drugs did not work. In all this time, I have not seen one nutritional supplement that has the power to affect human health as much as vitamin D. This is because Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin - it is a hormone that has the ability to interact and affect more than 2,000 genes in the body. It is for this reason that vitamin D deficiency has been linked with many of the diseases of modern society. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with 17 types of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, osteoporosis, asthma, and most recently with autism."

Wonder drug? No - because it's not a drug. It's a supplement that can singlehandedly improve your overall health.

NTS Notes:  Another great article that shows the importance of adding or further supplementing Vitamin D into everyone's daily routine.

With today's society where people are not outdoors as much as in previous years, the ability of the human body to produce Vitamin D from natural sunlight has definitely been diminished.  It does appear that with the increasing amount of children being diagnosed with mental disorders, there is a link to Vitamin D deficiency due to lack of their exposure to natural sunlight.

As in previous cases, pass this important health news around for others to see.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Norwegian Massacre: Norway Shooting Conspiracy Bombing

There are still many reports coming forward about the "Lone Gunman" and his supposed acting alone in the massacre in Norway.. I am still not convinced that it was all carried out by ONE single "Lone Gunman", because it is too CONVENIENT to use that scenario for the Jewish controlled media to hide any idea that their cherished state of Israel, and of course the criminal Mossad, were actually involved in this operation.

It is sad that many are gullible to think that this one person could have possibly carried out this entire operation himself with almost military precision, without any help... And in fact, I am beginning to suspect that this "Lone Nut" may actually be nothing more than another "patsy" to take the fall, as was the case with another famous "patsy" in history... Lee Harvey Oswald!

I want to present the newest article from John Kaminski, for the website:, entitled: "Norway Shooting Conspiracy Bombing".   In this article, John gives the very valid argument that this supposed "Lone Gunman" may be just one in a long line up of Jewish trained psychopaths that are ready to strike anywhere around the world... And have the blame placed on someone else!   Here is that article:

Norway Shooting Conspiracy Bombing

 Jul.27, 2011
The real Norway story

A secret army of Jewish-trained psychopaths
prepared to strike anywhere in the world
and then blame it on somebody else

By John Kaminski

We have all witnessed a media syllabus unfold before our eyes these past few days, a demonstration of the paradigm that keeps the world locked into this false anti-terror paradigm, in which the terror is always manufactured by the people who claim to be fighting the terror. Do you get it yet? The only Muslim terrorists you ever hear about all work for the Mossad and the CIA.

You watched it. First Wolf Blitzer, the notorious Israeli agent anchorman, comes on CNN and announces that the Norway mass murders were done by Al-Qaeda, providing yet another reason, he says, why we should ramp up the War on Terror.

Shortly thereafter, when the mythmakers realize that story won’t fly, it is announced that the Norway massacre was carried out by some unknown party. Never, in any newspaper in the United States, is there a mention that the Norway atrocities were carried out by Israel, by Jews, by “friends” of Israel and Jews.

This is the implementation of cognitive dissonance at its finest, as the blurring of political categories keeps everyone confused. Jewish diversity at its best. CNN’s story about al-Qaeda doing the Norway murders is about as credible as Saddam having weapons of mass destruction, or Germans gassing 6 million Jews during a period of time, demographics has shown, when the Jewish population of Europe increased.

Uncountable TRILLIONS of dollars have been stolen by Israel, by Jews, by “friends” of Israel and the Jews, and continue to be stolen as we speak, in a million different ways, while anesthetized Americans find any excuse to look the other way, fearful of forfeiting their paychecks from whatever employer is facing the inevitable question: If I offend the Jews, will they put me out of business? Answer is: they will. And that’s why the United States is essentially out of business today: a hundred years of intense Jewish parasitism have totally erased any claim to morality Americans ever pretended to have.

Now, the host, our country, is about to expire, bled to death by those who worship the bottom line and don’t care about anything else. Congratulate yourself for the role you have played in all this, and the silence you have displayed while participating.

The young people killed in Norway were the finest, most caring and most intelligent, that Norway had to offer. Norway had recently gone on record as nourishing the Palestinians by recognizing their ambassador and criticizing Israel’s treatment of them publicly. Judging by the response in Israeli newspapers, Jews generally believe that Norway got what it deserved.

What does that mean?

Compare what happened right after 9/11 to the past week.

Remember the kneejerk reactions of the planted TV interviewees while 9/11 was happening? “Oh, it must have been Al-Qaida.” Worldwide Jewish media is still singing the same tune.

The murderous Norway caper pretty much blows away the remaining fragments over the long-discredited story that the 9/11 attacks were done by Muslims to provide the lame excuse for the War on Terror against the entire Islamic world. Can’t you get it through your heads? All the terror attacks — 9/11, Madrid, London, Bali, Mombasa, Yemen and now Norway, all of them false flag operations coordinated by the real axis of evil in the world: the Mossad, the CIA and MI-6, to convince the world that it is threatened by terror.

True, the world is threatened by terror. Only the people fighting terror are the ones manufacturing terror so they can fight it. This is a very Jewish philosophy, it’s what they do, it’s what they have always done and will continue to do.

But because the Jews own ALL the media in the world — ALL the media in the world, you heard it right; consider the distribution networks — you don’t hear that. You hear blind allegiance to the official version of events, or you will be ruined, if not killed.

The Norway psy-op mass murders, in an epidemiological way, also resemble the recent public floggings of journalists Helen Thomas and Rick Sanchez, whose ordinary remarks about Jews earned them heaps of Jewish media scorn and more importantly, conveyed to the public that it would never be profitable to say anything about Jews. The Roman orator Cicero said almost the same thing almost two thousand years ago.

The underlying psyop message to the world from the Norway abomination is that if you actively work to oppose the Jews, you could be gunned down at any time by Jewish sayanim or mind-controlled Gentile slaves who are programmed or drugged to repress their human instincts and become solely an instrument of Jewish policy — which, in case you haven’t yet learned, Jewish policy is to kill or enslave every non Jew in the world. You can look it up. It’s in the Soncino Talmud (1929)
But then, that’s not such a change in the facts on the ground. People have always been getting killed for their political beliefs. Many writers have commented that assassination has been the one political tool that has governed American history more than anything else.\

From Jack Ruby to Dylan Klebold. When you dig deeply, it seems like all the assassinations that ever happened were carried out by Jews, or by people operated by Jews. Consider that when you consider the Norway assassinations, 68 of them.

The policy of keeping silent, most Americans are afraid to contemplate, always eventually results in your own murder. It’s up to you to determine if you want to defend yourself and admit what’s really going on.
It’s checkout time for the Jews. Or, you can continue to take your cue from all those astute Jewish commentators who still insist the system can be fixed if you just accept their well-considered suggestions.

And for the non Jews, it’s seriously past time to ask an even more serious question. Now that we know this rancid system can’t be fixed, look yourself in the eye and ask yourself if this hollow, ravaged, insincere, oblivious, poisoned, and looted vestige of what America used to be is, and I mean this sincerely, even worth saving?

All America has become today in the world is a giant robotized Jewish war machine that kills people unjustly while its drugged and deluded populace looks the other way, refusing to admit they have become mindless puppets in a giant game show in which the host, picked at random from a giant pool of Jewish sayanim (many of whom are now federal judges), gets to say who lives or dies.

As Walter Cronkite used to say: “You Are There!”

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida preaching the message that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he’s saying and know what it means. 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA

NTS Notes:  John does present some interesting ideas and facts in this article...And I do agree that John's view that America today is nothing but a Jewish controlled robotized War Machine that kills people unjustly, as well as a heavily drugged and deluded mindless puppet society that seems to be in a sick game show, where the host (parasite?) picked from random in a long list of Jewish Sayanim, actually decides who is to live and die!

It is indeed sad that many are too robotic to not think critically about this entire sad episode.... One only needs to look at the fact that if this "Lone Gunman" was crazed about "Muslims" that he would have been shooting in a Norwegian Mosque, or even a Norwegian Islamic Community Center, rather than taking shots at 90 white children who just happened to be attending a Pro-Palestinian youth camp on an island.   You have to really ask yourselves....Who gains from this?

As I have stated elsewhere... This entire Norway Massacre stinks to high heaven.   I put forward the case in a previous article that this entire operation has the stench of the Israeli Mossad all over it, and I have yet to be swayed from that belief.  In fact, as more and more evidence is slowly and painfully coming forward... I am more convinced than ever before.

More to come


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Global Warming Farce: Sorry, Global Warming Believers, But You Have Been Had!

As a real truth seeker, I find it painful at times to try to let those who so strongly believe in the fraud of Global Warming that they have been suckered and fooled into believing in a massive lie.   The entire Global Warming Hoax was perpetrated on purpose by some very evil and misinformed individuals, such as Al Gore, for the further swindling of taxes from the general populace so that many of them could get rich.   It is also part of the criminal elite's plan for the bringing in of their "One World Government" by falsely claiming that  laws have to be introduced to curtail the emissions of "Greenhouse Gases" to save the planet from ourselves!

To again bring forward more evidence that the entire Global Warming scheme is a massive swindle, I want to present the following article from the website:, at, entitled: "Sorry, But You've Been Had" that shows again clear evidence that exposes it as a massive fraud.  Here is that article here for my own readers to view:

Sorry, But You've Been Had

Dr David Evans  consulted full-time for the Australian Greenhouse Office (now the Department  of Climate Change) from 1999 to 2005, and part-time 2008 to 2010, modelling  Australia’s carbon in plants, debris, mulch, soils, and forestry and  agricultural products. Evans is a mathematician and engineer, with six  university degrees including a PhD from Stanford University in electrical  engineering. The area of human endeavour with the most experience and  sophistication in dealing with feedbacks and analysing complex systems is  electrical engineering, and the most crucial and disputed aspects of  understanding the climate system are the feedbacks. The evidence supporting  the idea that CO_2 emissions were the main cause of global warming reversed  itself from 1998 to 2006, causing Dr. Evans to move from being a warmest to a  sceptic.
Good Morning Ladies  and Gentlemen. 

The debate about  global warming has reached ridiculous proportions and is full of micro thin  half-truths and misunderstandings.

I am a scientist who  was on the carbon gravy train, I understand the evidence, I was once an  alarmist, but I am now a sceptic.

Watching this issue  unfold has been amusing but, lately, worrying.

This issue is tearing  society apart, making fools and liars out of our politicians.

Let’s set a few things  straight.

The whole idea that  carbon dioxide is the main cause of the recent global warming is based on a  guess which was proved false by empirical evidence during the 1990s. But the  gravy train was too big, with too many jobs, industries, trading profits,  political careers, and the possibility of world government and total control  riding on the outcome.  So rather than admit they were wrong, the  governments, and their tame climate scientists, now cheat and lie outrageously  to maintain the fiction about carbon dioxide being a dangerous  pollutant.

Let’s be perfectly  clear. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, and other things being equal, the  more carbon dioxide in the air, the warmer the planet. Every bit of carbon  dioxide that we emit warms the planet. But the issue is not whether carbon  dioxide warms the planet, but how much.

Most scientists, on  both sides, also agree on how much a given increase in the level of carbon  dioxide raises the planets temperature, if just the extra carbon dioxide is  considered. These calculations come from laboratory experiments; the basic  physics have been well known for a century.

The disagreement comes  about what happens next.

The planet reacts to  the extra carbon dioxide, which changes everything.  Most critically, the  extra warmth causes more water to evaporate from the oceans. But does the  water hang around and increase the height of moist air in the atmosphere, or  does it simply create more clouds and rain back in 1980, when the carbon  dioxide theory started, no one knew. 

The alarmists  guessed that it would increase the height of moist air around the planet,  which would warm the planet even further, because the moist air is also a  greenhouse gas.

This is the core idea  of every official climate model: for each bit of warming due to carbon  dioxide, they claim it ends up causing three bits of warming due to the extra  moist air. The climates models amplify the carbon dioxide warming by a factor  of three so two thirds of their projected warming is due to extra moist air  (and other factors), only one third is due to extra carbon  dioxide.

I’ll bet you didn’t  know that. Hardly anyone in the public does, but it’s the core of the issue.  All the disagreements, lies, and misunderstanding spring from this. The  alarmist case is based on this guess about moisture in the atmosphere, and  there is simply no evidence for the amplification that is at the core of their  alarmism. Which is why the alarmists keep so quiet about it and you’ve never  heard of it before. And it tells you what a poor job the media have done in  covering this issue.

Weather balloons had  been measuring the atmosphere since the 1960s, many thousands of them every  year. The climate models all predict that as the planet warms, a hot-spot of  moist air will develop over the tropics about 10km up, as the layer of moist  air expands upwards into the cool dry air above.

During the warming of  the late 1970s, 80s, and 90s, the weather balloons found no hot-spot. None at  all. Not even a small one. This evidence proves the climate models are  fundamentally flawed and they greatly overestimate the temperature increases  due to carbon dioxide.

This evidence first  became clear around the mid-1990s.

At this point official  climate science stopped being a science. You see, in science empirical  evidence always trumps theory, no matter how much you are in love with the  theory. If theory and evidence disagree, real scientists scrap the theory. But  official climate science ignored the crucial weather balloon evidence, and  other subsequent evidence that backs it up, and instead clung to their carbon  dioxide theory this just happens to keep them in high-paying jobs with lavish  research grants, and gives great political power to their government  masters.

There are now several  independent pieces of evidence showing that the earth responds to the warming  due to extra carbon dioxide by /dampening /the warming. Every long-lived  natural system behaves this way, counteracting any disturbances; otherwise the  system would be unstable. The climate system is no exception, and now we can  prove it.

But the alarmists say  the exact opposite, that the climate system amplifies any warming due to extra  carbon dioxide, and is potentially unstable. Surprise - surprise, their  predictions of planetary temperature made in 1988 to the US Congress, and  again in 1990, 1995, and 2001, have all proved much higher than  reality.
They keep lowering the  temperature increases they expect, from 0.30C per decade in 1990, to 0.20C per  decade in 2001, and now 0.15C per decade yet they have the gall to tell us its  worse than expected. These people are not scientists. They over-estimate the  temperature increases due to carbon dioxide, selectively deny evidence, and  now they cheat and lie to conceal the truth.

One way they cheat is  in the way they measure temperature.

The official  thermometers are often located in the warm exhaust of air conditioning  outlets, over hot tarmac at airports where they get blasts of hot air from jet  engines, at wastewater plants where they get warmth from decomposing sewerage  or in hot cities choked with cars and buildings. Global warming is measured in  tenths of a degree, so any extra heating nudge is important. In the US, nearly  90% of official thermometers surveyed by volunteers violate official siting  requirements that they not be too close to an artificial heating source.  Nearly 90%!

The photos of these  thermometers are on the Internet; you can get to them via the corruption paper  at my site, <>  < Look at the photos, and you’ll  never trust a government climate scientist again.

They place their  thermometers in warm localities, and call the results global warming. Anyone  can understand that this is cheating. They say that 2010 is the warmest recent  year, but it was only the warmest at various airports, selected air  conditioners, and certain car parks.
Global temperature is  also measured by satellites, which measure nearly the whole planet 24/7without  bias. The satellites say the hottest recent year was 1998, and that since 2001  the global temperature has levelled off.

So it’s a question of  trust.

If it really is  warming up as the government climate scientists say, why they present only the  surface thermometer results and not mention the satellite results and why do  they put their thermometers near artificial heating sources this is so  obviously a scam now.

So what is really  going on with the climate

The earth has been in  a warming trend since the depth of the Little Ice Age around 1680. Human  emissions of carbon dioxide were negligible before 1850 and have nearly all  come after WWII, so human carbon dioxide cannot possibly have caused the  trend. Within the trend, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation causes alternating  global warming and cooling for 25-30 years at a go in each direction. We have  just finished a warming phase, so expect mild global cooling for the next two  decades.

We are now at an  extraordinary juncture.

Official climate  science, which is funded and directed entirely by government, promotes a  theory which is based on a guess about moist air and is now a known falsehood.  Governments gleefully accept their advice, because the only way to curb  emissions is to impose taxes and extend government control over all energy  use. And to curb emissions on a world scale might even lead to world  government how exciting for the political class!

A carbon  tax

Even if Australia  stopped emitting all carbon dioxide tomorrow, completely shut up shop and went  back to the Stone Age, according to the official government climate models it  would be cooler in 2050 by about 0.015 degrees. But their models exaggerate  tenfold, in fact our sacrifices would make the planet in 2050 a mere 0.0015  degrees cooler!

Sorry, but you’ve been  had!

NTS Notes:   I have presented now dozens of articles that show again and again that the public has been lied to on purpose by the propaganda tactic of fear into accepting new taxes to "Save the planet".   From this article, and other evidence, what we should be doing is saving the planet from all of these Global Warming scam artists!

One other note:  This article again states that Carbon Dioxide is a "Greenhouse Gas"... That so called "fact" has been something that has been drilled into peoples' heads for the last 50+ years.  However, there is increasing evidence that Carbon Dioxide is in fact NOT a "Greenhouse Gas" but is instead a gas that actually hinders planetary warming.   There is a new article from that shows that the long belief that the planet Venus is extremely hot due to Carbon Dioxide is provable to be a massive myth.   The so called "runaway Greenhouse effect" on Venus has always been used by these Global Warming hucksters as their "proof" of what could happen to planet Earth if we do not curb Carbon Dioxide emissions.  The evidence presented shows otherwise!

Again, it is time to put the Global Warming fraud artists out of their misery once and for all, and for people to concentrate on saving our planet from the criminal Jewish elite that want to enslave us all.   That is a true and very worthy cause for everyone to take up!

More to come