Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zionist Jewish Shill German Leader Claims Israel's Security Is A Global Issue(!)

Many of my articles until now have been scathing reports about how American and Canadian politicians do their utmost to grovel to their masters in Tel Aviv every chance they get.  Many of them even fly over to Israel to swear their allegiance to their Zionist Jewish masters.  It is absolutely sickening to behold.

Now comes interesting news from the Jerusalem Post ( where it seems the German Leader, Angela Merkel, is just as bad as American and Canadian politicians.  She is presently in Israel to grovel to her masters, and from this Jerusalem Post article, it appears that she is now making the absolutely outlandish claim that Israel's "security" is a Global Issue!  This is utterly ridiculous, but I have that article right here for my own readers to ponder:

German leader: Israel’s security a global issue

Peres praises Merkel for demonstrating"democracy in practice," offers to share scientific know-how with neighbors during visit to Beit Hanassi.

Reiterating Germany’s endorsement of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Merkel saw no reason for events around Israel to be used as an excuse for not advancing the peace process.

Merkel, who came to Israel with a delegation of ministers to participate in a joint cabinet meeting with members of the government, said that she looked forward to hosting Israeli ministers in Germany next year when another joint cabinet meeting is due to take place.

Germany’s relations with Israel, she said, have no parallel with any other country to which Germany has ties.

In addition to a basket of Israeli flowers and herbs, Merkel took home with her yet another honorary degree. Tel Aviv University conferred an honorary doctorate on the chancellor in recognition of her role as an outstanding world leader and her consistent support for the State of Israel.

NTS Notes:  There is a saying that definitely must be repeated here: "NO Man (or Woman) can serve two masters!", and this definitely goes for this shill, Angela Merkel.

I have constantly chastised the Americans and the Canadians for having leadership that answers first and foremost to evil masters in Tel Aviv.  Now it seems that the Germans are just as bad. 

Israel's security is definitely NOT a global issue.  In fact the world should right now be doing its best to make it a global issue in having Israel labeled as a pariah state, and a detriment to the human family, for its inhuman actions against the Palestinians and all of its neighbouring countries. 

Guaranteed we have not heard the last of politicians going over to Israel and pledging their allegiance to that criminal state.  In fact, I bet there is a line up right behind Angela Merkel as we speak!

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