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Revolution In Egypt: Mubarak May Be Gone, But So What? The Egyptian Army Is Now Running Things, And All The Egyptian People Have Are "Promises"!

OK... Call me a skeptic.... I am so happy that the Egyptian people have risen up and had the criminal dictator, Hosni Mubarak, removed as President of Egypt.  The proud people of Egypt have now been in celebration for the last two days and hoping for a better and brighter future for themselves....

But there is indeed a lingering question that I have had in my gut for the last two days... And that is:  Will the Egyptian Army, which is  now in control, actually bring in the freedoms that the Egyptian people themselves have been "promised"?....  Well, to help answer this serious question, I want to turn to the following great article from Damian Lataan, who writes the website: "Telling The History Of The Twenty-First Century As It Really Is", at   The article is entitled: "Mubarak May Be Gone, But... So What? The Army's Now Running Things, And All The Egyptians Have Are Promises", and I am proud to present it right here in its entirety:



Two weeks ago, shortly after the protests in Egypt started, the Israelis allowed some 800 Egyptian soldiers into the Sinai. They went to Sharm el-Sheik down on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula on the Red Sea where the Israelis said they may be based. While the Israelis had allowed Egyptian police and security into the Sinai, this is the first time in thirty years that a contingent of the Egyptian army had been allowed in.

Two weeks later, Mubarak is ousted from power and he leaves Cairo and heads off, not overseas into exile as one might expect of a ruthless dictator ousted by popular revolution, 
but to Sharm el-Sheik – where the 800 Egyptian troops are now based.

While Mubarak has handed over power to the chiefs of the army ostensibly to oversee the transition to a democratic civilian government, one cannot blame the Egyptian people being more that bit wary of what is actually going on 
and maintaining their vigil in Tahrir Square.

The simple reality is this; apart from getting Mubarak to step down, nothing at all has really changed for the Egyptian people. They are no better off today in terms of having power for themselves than they were the before Mubarak left. All the people have are promises. Nothing else.

Before the protests, Mubarak the military man ran things. Now military men that worked for Mubarak – and are now, it seems, protecting him at his retreat at Sharm el-Sheik – are running things.

Given that Egyptian troops went to the Sinai right at the beginning of the protests and long before Mubarak left Cairo himself to go to the Sinai, one has to wonder if there was some collusion going on between the Israelis and the Egyptian government whereby the aging Mubarak at the first signs of serious discontent among the people would be eased out into comfortable retirement to live out his days at Sharm el-Sheik.

If that was the case, one then needs to ask; what were the contingency plans for the transition of power from the militarist president to the military and, far more importantly, what are the military’s plans for the future?

NTS Notes: Thanks to Damian Lataan again for his fine work...

Readers, the facts are that this is the same army still that was under the control of Mubarak, and I seriously doubt that there will be any substantial change to Egypt, or the lives of the Egyptians, any time soon.    As stated, all we have are promises, and the best we can hope for is that they are not empty ones!

The real danger would be for the Egyptians to allow, either by choice or by mistake, the Americans and their Israeli masters to step in and impose one of their puppet leaders on the Egyptian people.   It is imperative that the proud people of Egypt be on the alert to this criminal possibility and make sure that it absolutely never happens.

The people of Egypt have taken the first step to true freedom.  We can only hope that they have the wisdom and fortitude to continue down that road without interference from outside sources.....

More to come



Anonymous said...

Sadly, my hope that the Egyptians will truly be free to determine the best for themselves, and FU to the zios, is dashed with this takeover by the army, which they will never relinquish! Thus, the repression within Egypt, and subsurvience to israel, will continue.

To make matters worse, I was forced to listen to CNN in an airport waiting area, and the news was that the US military was ecstatic with this outcome as all the top Egyptian army personnel had been to US Army war colleges for training! And that the US military thus felt a comradeship with their Egyptian counterparts.

Don't people see the obvious? USrael wanted to get rid of aging Mubarak; got the people to do the dirty work for them, and now there's a military dictatorship as before, but now without the supposed civilian figurehead fronting it.

CIA-Mossad-MI6 are celebrating, and Egypt is now heading for the type of utterly despotic military regimes the US installed throughout South and Central America.


TruthSeeker said...

Even though it sounds like the Egyptians are back to square one being still run by the military, thus suggesting no change in the ruling regime, I must say that changes do not happen in a blink of an eye as the writer of this article wanted.

Although the military has not set out a time table for the changes, and there are many things to say about the military; the interests of the senior offices and also corruption, so far - promises though - things indicate that the military has taken over only until a president for the country has been democratically elected which we hope that it happen in the near future.

However, I find this article to be not profound, not educating or inspiring.

mary sullivan said...

i agree with you.the army has been heavily supplied with weapons by israel all during the protests.

one person runs the army. who is he?

this is a perfect time for the Jew to install another Jew puppet as Egyptians have been placated.
Jew-puppet Suiliman is the Jew's first choice, but they also controlled Army generals.

Anonymous said...

Egypt has no democracy yet. Tyranny does not easily give up power. One dictator gone does not equal a free people. Just look at Bush change to Obama in the USA. From bad to worse government. Time will show the real truth.

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