Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh Canada! Our Bought And Sold Land!

For many of my articles pertaining to the coming world economic collapse, I have been putting a lot of emphasis on the crisis facing the United States of America, how it got into its present mess, and some very viable (and absolutely imperative) solutions to their mess.   

But for this article, I want to focus on some of the parallel problems facing Canada, and the fact that my own nation has absolutely the same criminal private Zionist Jewish controlled banking imposed debt based monetary problems.    

Some time ago, I came across a great video from a fellow Canadian, Dan Matthews, called "Oh Canada.. Our Bought And Sold Land!", and had considered putting up all 10 Youtube video individual pieces of this important documentary in my own blog.... But now it has just come to my attention, thanks to Noor over at Snippits and Snappits (, that the entire 10 part series that has long been available on Youtube, is finally available as one feature length video!     As a result, I am proud to present that entire video right here for my own readers, and especially my fellow Canadian readers,  to view:

NTS Notes:  It must be emphasized that much of what is shown in this video is not just unique to Canada, but is guaranteed to be repeated in most other nations that are subject to criminal private banking...

The facts as presented in this video are disturbing and shows that just as in the United States, crushing debt has ruined this great nation as well....  One can only hope that most Canadians wake up to this absolute abomination before it is too late!

And to also thank Dan Matthews for this fine work, I want to plug his website here as well:

More to come



Noor al Haqiqa said...

Winks. One could say, we are flooked, hmm?

Anonymous said...

NTS, Thanks for posting this inciteful video. Canadians MUST become better infored, and more radical (for a while) to recover the wonderful land that I grew up in, as a SCOTTISH immigrant after WW2!
Keep pluggin' away.
Scots Canadian SeaGypsy, in the Caribbean