Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Israeli Troops Swarm Lebanon Border

We have seen over the last week the entire World's attention focused in on the revolution taking place in Egypt.   With so much attention focused in on that crisis, much of what has been happening around the rest of the planet has been put on the so called back burner. 

For this article, I want to put some focus back on events taking place elsewhere.   One other major crisis that is occurring in the Middle East has been the toppling of the government in Lebanon, and its subsequent replacement by a pro-Hezbollah leadership.   That event has not sat too well with the criminal state of Israel, and many have speculated as to what Israel's reaction wiould be if Hezbollah formed the government in Lebanon.

Well, it seems that we may not have long to wait for Israeli reaction to events in Lebanon.  It seems that according to this new article from PressTV, at www.presstv.ir, Israel is beginning to mass its forces along the southern Lebanese border, and are just waiting now for the go ahead to invade southern Lebanon itself!  Here is that article:

'Israeli troops swarm Lebanon border'

 Tue Feb 1, 2011 3:10AM

Israeli troops on patrol along Lebanon's border with Israel (file photo)
Israel has escalated its military presence near the southern Lebanese border, stepping up their surveillance activities along the Lebanese frontier, reports say.

Israeli forces patrolled the border on Sunday, carrying out maintenance work at several positions from which they monitor Lebanon, reported pan-Arabic newspaper Asharq al-Awsat.

On one occasion, a three-vehicle patrol spent more than half an hour watching Lebanese farmers at the southern village of Abbasiyyeh.

The developments came following the January 12 collapse of outgoing Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri's cabinet and amid efforts by new Lebanese Premier-designate Najib Mikati aimed at forming a new government.

Tel Aviv has launched several wars on Lebanon, killing around 1,200 Lebanese -- mostly civilians -- in the most recent round of offensives in 2006.

In the deadliest of Israeli incursions to follow the war, an Israeli patrol unit breached a border fence in August. The move prompted an exchange of fire with the Lebanese military, which killed three soldiers and a journalist on the Lebanese side of the border and also left a senior Israeli officer dead.

The Lebanese resistance movement of Hezbollah, which parried Israel's 33-day war against southern Lebanon in 2006, has vowed to respond to any new Israeli incursion.


NTS Notes:  Israel is on the verge of losing its one "ally" in the Middle East, Egypt, and people would have thought that the Israeli government would have waited to see what form of government would have replaced Mubarak, and sought diplomacy instead of war... That would appear to be the sensible thing to do!

But instead they are possibly using the upheaval in Egypt to "go for broke", invade southern Lebanon to seize their cherished water source of the Litani River, and hope that the world will be too tied up with events in Egypt to take notice or to do anything about it..... The danger is that this criminal action might just backfire in their faces, and create a total regional war with all Arabic nations lined up against them!

Would Israel be crazy enough to invade southern Lebanon?  Considering the actions of that criminal state in the past, and with their twisted thinking that with the countries around them falling into disarray and unable to put up much resistance to their actions, I do not put it past them to take a gamble, and actually attempt this!

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