Monday, February 7, 2011

Is Al Jazeera Israel's Secret Weapon Against The Muslim World?

From the moment the Egyptian Revolution began, I and others have been so amazed as to how well one television network, Al Jazeera, has been able to cover the events unfolding with their amazing live internet video feeds, while other so called world wide networks, such as CNN, seem to have totally missed the boat on this very important event!

But is everything as it seems with Al Jazeera?  As a long time skeptic into any so called television network, knowing fully well that the vast majority are totally controlled by Zionist Jewish interests, I had to ask the question whether or not Al Jazeera is on the up and up, or is it another weapon of mass deception and disinformation.... 

Well, it may seem that Al Jazeera is not as it seems to be after all.. I want to present the following article from the website;, that asks the important question: "Is Al Jazeera Israel's Secret Weapon Against The Muslim World?"   The findings here may shock you, may make you angry, and they even might make you think differently about my own blog... But it is important for having people use critical thinking processes!    Here is that article:

Is Al Jazeera Israel's Secret Weapon Against the Muslim World?

This 2003 talk given by Sheikh Imran Hosein appears eerily prophetic, given recent events in the Middle East.

Could Al Jazeera be instigating the Muslim uprising for the ultimate profit of Israel?

Someone thinks so..

NTS Notes: Again, it does seem strange that while we have other major news networks almost fully blacked out from the events in Egypt, there is Al Jazeera with some of the most remarkable articles, live broadcasts, and videos, for us to see.... 

Is Al Jazeera part of the disinformation and deception ploy?  Honestly, I would not put it past the Israelis to be doing this, simply because they truly are the modern agents of deception personified!

Must must always remember the motto of their most evil Mossad:  "By Way Of DECEPTION, Thou Shalt Do War!"

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chuckyman said...

Excellent spot NTS. I have watched Sheikh Imran Hosein before and have been impressed with his clear sight and intelligence.

I have had doubts about their ‘mainstream’ credentials for some time. Taken in concert with the article from Noor (A Frightening Strategy for Israel) that you posted recently it makes for uncomfortable thinking.

The Twelfth Bough blog has had a number of excellent posts recently and this one parallels the point of the media’s coordination of message. The linked article and later comment from McJ were very salient.

PS I hope you don’t mind if I post this video and link back to here at my place.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Don't mind... Are you kidding! It has always been a goal of mine to have everyone take the material here, use it for themselves, send it to others, etc... Because the message is too important!!!

Be my guest, absolutely! And thank you for the words of encouragement..


chuckyman said...

Thanks NTS. It never hurts to ask first (grin)

Anonymous said...

You lot are very stupid do you watch the program as its very anti isreal get your facts right

Muslims are the trouble when will you all learn look at not isreal defending themselvs and look at muslims killing there own people 1000s. Destroying there land. Kill there own family members. Look at syria yet everyone tries to to blame the jews for everthing yet when has a jew done anythink to you or effected you. ??Muslims are discusting people who try and make the world there rules there laws yet dont agree with there politics. And the koran they make it up as they go on pretending its full of peace yet when do muslims do peace.
Everyone hates on isreal because they genuine people they look after there own and are powerfull.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I am still trying to make sense of the last comment... Either done out of pure ignorance, or by a very badly trained JIDF agent..

I lot are very stupid indede!