Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Desperate Act By A Dictator: Mubarak Unleashes His "Agent Provocateurs" On The Demonstators To Incite Violence!

More news coming out from Egypt today... The demonstrators that have gathered by the MILLIONS to demand that Hosnai Mubarak resign now, and not wait until September "Elections" are still gathered in spite of pleas by the Egyptian Government.  These people are no fools, and are rightfully demanding Mubarak to resign immediately!

What is the newest ploy by this failing dictator?  Well, what we are seeing now is Mubarak's goons and henchmen organizing "counter demonstrations" in "support" of Mubarak.  I have some great details of this latest ploy, which is nothing more than to incite violence and therefore give this mad dictator a way out by calling in the police to end the "violence", by the following article from a website called "Bikyamasr" at, entitled: " Egypt Government Attacks Protesters With Thugs".  It is a very revealing article, and I have it right here for my own readers to view:

Egypt gov’t attacks protesters with thugs

Feb 2nd, 2011 | By Joseph Mayton | Category: Egypt, Featured
Egyptian protesters on Wednesday reported demonstrators in support of President Hosni Mubarak entered scenes of peaceful demonstration against the aging president and started throwing rocks in an effort to start violence, one day after Mubarak said political forces were behind the protests and violence.
In central Cairo, the army seemingly did not attempt to stop the pro-Mubarak demonstrators from attacking the thousands of anti-government protesters, sparking one activists to lament, “the army has failed us.”

“They are paying these thugs to come in and attack us so they can try and get violence and clashes to start between the Egyptian people. Is this what people want, no, we want to see Mubarak go and out government for the people,” said 22-year-old Mohamed Radwan from near the violence.

As the violence appears to be spiraling out of control, pandemonium has arrived in Egypt. The fighting comes after the army said it would not use force to disperse the anti-government protesters, but obviously they have let the pro-government demonstrators to enter the central square.

One eyewitness told Bikya Masr that “the media need to stop talking about clashes and start telling the world that these government people attacked us. Tell the truth so governments can tell Mubarak to go away and stop killing his people. This is a crime against his people.”

NTS Notes:   The people of Egypt are not as stupid as Mubarak thinks, and are hopefully seeing through this latest scheme for him to stay in power.   

Using thugs to launch a counter-demonstration, and then to use those forces in the phoney "counter-demonstration" to launch attacks against the true demonstrators is absolutely low and appalling.   The net result will be, as I have already said, that Mubarak will have his way out of this uprising by falsely claiming that the demonstrations are "out of control" and have turned "violent". 

Also, this use of thugs to incite violence is also being used as a propaganda weapon for turning world sympathy and opinion away from the peaceful demands of the demonstrators, and instead to have them pictured as "violent" by the Zionist Jewish controlled media.  It is up to us in the blogo-sphere to make sure that never happens.

Lets hope that the real demonstrators maintain their cool, and keep the demonstrations peaceful, in spite of this latest last gasp effort of a dying dictatorship.  These people fighting for their freedom have to stay prepared, because the next step will be Mubarak to roll out the crowd control devices that the criminal state of Israel has recently supplied to him, and turn these machines on the demonstrators!

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