Friday, January 14, 2011

NO, It Wasn't The "Illuminati"

In the three years since I started writing this blog, I have watched it grow by leaps and bounds.  My original posts three years ago were crude compared to today, and I had almost ZERO viewers.  Now it seems that more and more people are becoming aware of the existence of this blog, primarily through word of mouth only, and for that I am thankful for your support.

For this article, I want to present an interesting article that I came across from the website: A Look In The Mirror, at, entitled: "NO, It Wasn't "The Illuminati"...", and many of the facts in this article are exactly the same as those that I have been presenting in my own blog for years.   Here is that article for my own readers to view in its entirety:

NO it wasn’t “the Illuminati”…

As brilliantly detailed in THIS ARTICLE there is, only a week plus on, no doubt as to who perpetrated the terrorist bombing of the al-Qiddissin Coptic Church in Alexandria, Egypt on new years.

NO, it wasn’t “the Illuminati” (although I’m sure I’ll never convince that crowd), it wasn’t “western capitalism”, it wasn’t “Wall Street Banksters” (although they are for sure connected to the culprits), it wasn’t “the military-industrial complex”, it wasn’t “the neo-cons” (although some of them are with the ones who did it), it wasn’t “the international corporations” (although their owners are part of the terrorist tribe), it wasn’t “the WTO”, it wasn’t “the IMF”, it wasn’t “the Federal Reserve”, it wasn’t “the CFR”, it wasn’t “the UN”, it wasn’t “the Chinese” (or North Koreans, or Iran…), it sure as hell wasn’t “the NAZIS”, it wasn’t “shape shifting reptilian aliens” (but like the Illuminati crowd fat chance on convincing the UFO chasers), it wasn’t “the British Royalty”, it wasn’t “the Vatican”, it wasn’t “BP” or ANY OTHER “bogey man” currently being feared and loathed by the “truth” community…NO IT WAS ISRAEL.

Now to be sure one thing all those bogey men mentioned above have in common is Jews (ok maybe not the aliens…maybe). Every single one of those faceless bogey men were either founded by, owned by, financed by, organized by or other wise controlled and created for the benefit of ONE ENTITY…JEWS (yes even the aliens…Spielberg made a fortune with ET didn’t he?). Sure they’ve had their gentile boot licker’s and front men like George Bush or Dick Cheney or Joe Biden or Angela Merkel but ALL of these cut outs universally dance to the Jewish fiddle. Truth is as far as politics goes, especially on the international scale, it’s been a Jewish World for a long long time. Henry Ford wrote about it in detail in 1919 as others have throughout the last five centuries (or two millennium).

NO, it wasn’t UFO’s that attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 during the Jewish war with the “Arabs”…it was ISRAEL.

NO, it wasn’t members of “the Black Nobility” (or “Illuminati” or “Skull and Bones”) who are now cheered as heroes in the criminal state of ISRAEL for their participation in, the distant twin of the Coptic Church bombing, The Lavon Affair…it WAS Mossad (i.e. the terrorist state of ISRAEL).

NO, it wasn’t a crack team of CFR paper pushers (or UN paper pushers, or WTO paper pushers or EU or Coca Cola/Monsanto corporate cogs) that placed explosives in the World Trade Center buildings brought down on 9-11…it WAS the Mossad agents rounded up driving “moving vans” of various configurations (and explosive properties) and filming ALL “of the events” of 9-11 from the most opportune locations and who access to and the training to use the nano-thermite explosive used to demolish three buildings and almost 3,000 people on 9-11…no it was ISRAEL.

For all of you out there chasing Jewish media created ghosts like the Freemasons (who DID do some seriously evil stuff…in the 1800′s/ early 1900′s) or the “Illuminati” (which even by its own “official story” is an obvious front for Jewish mercantile and banking power consolidation in 18th century Europe) or the dreaded and universally feared long extinct NAZIS (or the mythical “Al-Qaida”)…
YOUR TARGET (of fear and loathing) IS ISRAEL. If you insist on looking for evil “dark lords” who fancy themselves superior to all with mythical powers granted by the gods…they call themselves JEWS (although Jesus PBUH called them children of Satan…sounds about right).

And as for you schmucks out there still pushing the idea of the ever incompetent cluster fuck of a bureaucracy known as the CIA (born in 1948…just like ISRAEL and MOSSAD…hmmm) being anything other then an unwitting tool of Jewish Power and ESPECIALLY you “ex” spooks chirping about “global Arab terrorist networks” and “Arab hijackers” and “Muslim extremists” (with or without “sharia law”)..STFU and either do some honest research and further reading or declare your true loyalty to ISRAEL (just start making your appearances in your new knee pads). Or you can just keep talking because then it makes it really easy to identify you as a (witting or unwitting) Jewish agent.

Once again…it isn’t a lie when the media tells you “there’s a group of religious extremists based in the middle east who use terrorism and other methods in a global plot to take over the world”…they just always forget to tell you it’s their bosses who own the TV network and make their terrorist middle east headquarters in Tel Aviv.

NO…it is NOT “the Illuminati”…It is the JEWS, people.

Peace and God Bless,


PS: If you want to know why the word “Zionist” doesn’t appear in this article leave a comment and I’ll explain…in detail if you like.

NTS Notes:  It is a fact that the bombing of the Coptic Christian Church in Alexandria has the Mossad written all over it.  All that anyone with any common sense has to do is to ask themselves: "Who has to gain by bombing a Christian church in Egypt?"   The answer is obvious....

Yes, even I still get the periodic comment that says that the real criminals are the "Illuminati", and I am also wanting to set the record straight that the so called "Illuminati" is in fact, and very sadly, made up mostly (if not entirely) of Jews...

It must be noted that although the author of that article stays away from the term "Zionism", it is still a fact that Israel itself is driven primarily by political Zionism in its evil acts of aggression against the Palestinians and its neighbours.   It is in fact very difficult these days to differentiate between Zionism and Judaism as a whole, considering that most Jews do support the criminality and evil actions of the state of Israel, and therefore Zionism itself!

More to come



Anonymous said...

so why the word “Zionist” doesn’t appear in this article?? thanks for all your efforts

Northerntruthseeker said...

The gist of the entire article is that it is not "illuminati", or even "zionism", but the JEWS... In particular the Jews in Israel causing all the trouble...