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More Real History Revealed: The Crimes Of Karl Marx

I have always been a student of history, and am constantly pouring over material, primarily now available via the Internet, on our so called "recorded" history, which in most cases is proving to be totally false, or revisionist history which more and more is coming forward as the real truth.  

Some of the books that I read years ago, were "Das Kapital" and "The Communist Manifesto" by Karl Marx.   These book and others written by him and Engels, has formed the basis for the modern Communist movement.    But what of Karl Marx himself, and his own background?   Well, I recently came across an interesting article, that has been edited by a fellow truth seeker, John Kaminski, that is an excerpt from a larger work entitled "Under The Sign Of The Scorpion" by Juri Lina.  It is available from the website:, and this piece exposes some of the real truth about Karl Marx himself, and is extremely important reading for everyone.   I have the entire article right here for my own readers to view:

Excerpted from “Under the Sign of the Scorpion,” by Jüri Lina, pp.

65-72, edited by John Kaminski,,

As a young student, Karl Marx went through a total transformation. He began to hate God. This was something he admitted in his brutal poetry.  Two of Marx's poems were published during his lifetime in the periodical  Athenaeum in Berlin, under the title "Wild Songs", on the 23rd of January  1841.
But no one cared about his poetry, which had mostly to do with the end  of the world and his love for the girl next door, Jenny von Westphalen. In  his poems he threatened to revenge himself upon God and time after time  expressed his hatred for the world. He vowed to throw humanity into the  abyss and follow after with laughter on his lips.
He flung terrible curses at humanity. He did not become an atheist, though. In his poem "Der Spielmann" ("The Fiddler"), he admitted:
That art God neither wants nor wists, It leaps to the brain from Hell's black mists.
Till heart's bewitched, till senses reel:
With Satan I have struck my deal.
In another of his poems, Marx promised to lure mankind with him into hell in the company of Satan. These words are reminiscent of Jakob Frank's expressions. This shows that Marx was affected by Frankism.
Karl Marx's father had come into contact with Frankism and had also instructed his children in this ideology. This is how young Marx got to  know of Frankism, as was mirrored in his poetry. His family's conversion  to Christianity was just a social manoeuvre. Jakob Frank himself had done  the same, when he became a "Catholic". Frank had, in his turn, followed  the dreaded Sabbatai Zevi's example of "changing religion" for the sake of the cause.
Marx was delighted with the idea of humanity's moral ruination. In his  poetry, he dreamed of a pact with Satan. He was especially fascinated by  violence. Later, in his own ideology, he stressed that one must fight violence with violence. He called humanity "the apes of the cold god".  Marx's religion is clearly revealed in his poem "Invocation of One in  Despair" (Karl Marx, "Collected Works", Vol. I, New York, 1974):
So a god has snatched from me my all In the curse and rack of destiny.
All his worlds are gone beyond recall!
Nothing but revenge is left to me.
In his poem "The Pale Maiden" Marx writes:
Thus heaven I've forfeited, I know it full well.
My soul, once true to God,
Is chosen for hell.
The spirit of these poems was also evident in his "Communist Manifesto" and his later speeches. On April 14th, 1856, he said:  "History is the judge, the proletariat its executioner." (Paul Johnson, "The Intellectuals",  Stockholm, 1989, p. 74.) Marx found great pleasure in talking about terror, about houses marked with red crosses indicating that the inhabitants were to be killed.
Moses Hess — the Teacher of Marx and Engels
Karl Marx's worship of violence was strengthened by a Frankist communist whom he met in 1841, when he was 23 years old. This man was called Moritz Moses Hess. Moses Hess was born on the 21st of June 1812 in Bonn, the son of a wealthy Jewish industrialist. He died on the 6th of  April 1875 in Paris and is buried in Israel. It can be mentioned that he  founded the German Social Democratic Party. In "Judisches Lexikon"  (Berlin, 1928, pp. 1577-78) he is called a communist rabbi and the father  of modern Socialism. Part of Moses Hess' terrifying world of ideas is disclosed in his book "Rome and Jerusalem".
Moses Hess quickly transformed young Marx into a freemason, a socialist agitator and his minion. Marx was still no communist. He wrote in Rheinische Zeitung, which he edited during the years 1842-43: "Attempts by masses to carry out Communist ideas can be answered by a cannon as soon as they have become dangerous . . ." He then believed these ideas to be impracticable. Moses Hess essentially corrected all these opinions. He became the grey eminence behind Marx, intensively guiding and influencing his protege's work.
In Paris, in the autumn of 1844, Moses Hess presented the 26-year-old Marx to the half-Jew Friedrich Engels, who was two years younger. This  meeting laid the foundations for their long collaboration.
It was this same Moses Hess who thought up the rancorous basis of the socialist-communist ideology. He was also the first to recommend, as a  fundamental idea, that all personal property should be abolished.
He stressed that Socialism was inseparably bound to internationalism, as the socialists have no fatherland. The true socialist cannot have anything to do with his nationality.
Hess also explained that Judaism was to pass into a godless socialist,  revolutionary ideology. He stressed that the Jews had been given the role of changing mankind into a savage animal, as described in his article  "About the Monetary System". ("Rheinische Jahrbucher", Vol. 1, 1845.)
Later, Marx and Engels stated quite openly that many of Hess' ideas deserved a wide recognition. The Hungarian Jew Theodor Herzl further developed Hess' Zionist doctrine in the 1890s.
Another of Marx's guides, Levi Baruch, emphasised to him that the revolutionary elite of Jews were not to reject Judaism and that they should  be called traitors to their own people if they did so.
As sham Christians, some Jews had reached the highest positions in the Church and civil town administration in Spain in the 16th century (the Inquisitor Lucero and many others).
Baruch propagated the same tactics for "revolutionary  Jews" — they were to hide their Judaism behind Marxist phrases.
When one of Baruch's letters to Marx was published, its contents caused a big scandal, which they wanted to silence at once.
This letter explained, among other things, that it would be easy for Jewry to get into power with the help of the proletariat. Thus the new governments were to be led by Jews who would forbid all private property so that all these riches came into Jewish hands, or made the Jews administrators of the fortunes and estates. In this way an old dream which the Talmud speaks of, namely that all the riches of the world would come into the hands of the Jews, was to be fulfilled. 

In his letter, Baruch also made it clear that the goals of Judaism were power over the whole world, a mingling of the races, abolition of national frontiers, elimination of the royal families and  finally the founding of the Zionist world state. (Salluste, "Les origines secretes du bolchevisme", Paris, 1930, pp. 33-34.)
The Background to Marx's View of Humanity
According to Professor Jan Bergman in Sweden, the Cabbalists regard all  non-Jews as cattle.
The Talmud also states this opinion in several places:  "Only the Jews are called human, the goyim are called animals." (Baba  Batra 114b, Jebamot 61a, Keritot 6b and 7a.)
The lives of non-Jews are worth less than the lives of Jews. This supposition is confirmed in the Talmud: "If a non-Jew murders a non-Jew  or an Israelite, he shall be punished. But if an Israelite murders a non jew the death penalty cannot be imposed." (Sanhedrin 57a, which in Epstein's  English translation corresponds to Sanhedrin I, p.388.)
The Talmud also  exhorts: "Even the best of the goyim (Gentiles) must be killed." (Avodah  Zara 26b, Tosefoth.)
The Jews even believe that the products of the Gentiles' work belong to  God's chosen people. "The property of the Gentiles is like a masterless  desert; anyone who takes it has thereby acquired a right to it." (Baba Batra  54b.)
As can be seen, Judaism is an extremely racist doctrine. This is confirmed time after time in both the Talmud and Torah.
The Jewish writer and freemason Heinrich Heine (Chaim Budeburg) has admitted: "The Jewish religion is not a religion at all, it is a calamity."
Israel Shahak also believes Cabbalistic mysticism to be deeply misanthropic. ("Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years", London, 1994, pp. 16-19.)
In Deuteronomy 20:10-17 we are informed that all other nations must work for the Jews if they come into the Jews' dominion. If they resist, they  must be killed and their property robbed. All goyim must be exterminated  where the Jews already live.
In Deuteronomy 7:16 (King James' Bible), one can read the following: "And thou shalt consume all the people that the LORD thy god shall deliver thee; thine eye shall have no pity upon them."
The Jews have unfortunately followed these incitements to genocide from time to time. The Greek historian Dio Cassius (who was also a Roman official) described in detail how the Jews in the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire, in the year 116 A.D., during a rebellion began to murder various races they lived among. 

Judaists killed both women and children, at times using terrible torture. The most infamous bloodbaths were committed in the city of Cyrene and the province Cyrenaica (in the  eastern part of present-day Libya) and on Cyprus and above all in its capital Salamis. The Greek historian Eusebius confirmed this.
Mass murders were also perpetrated in Mesopotamia and Palestine. In Cyrenaica alone, the Jews killed 220 000 Romans and Greeks. 

On in Cyprus, their victims were estimated at 240 000. On this island the  Jew Artemion led the murders. 

Understandably, the Jews were no longer  welcome on Cyprus after this. The Roman Emperor Marcus Ulpius Traianus (53-117 A.D.) sent troops to stop the killing. It took Rome a year to rein in the bloodlust of the Jews. Dio Cassius tells us how the Jews even ate their victims and smeared themselves with their blood. (William Douglas Morrison, "The Jews Under Roman Rule", London and New York, 1890, pp. 191-193.)
The most brutal murders were committed in Egypt. Dio Cassius describes how  the Jews even attacked the ships in which fear-stricken people tried to  escape. (Dr Emil Schurer, "Geschichte des judischen Volkes im Zeitalter  Jesu Christi" / "History of the Jewish people in the time of Christ",  Leipzig, 1890, p. 559.)
But those were not crimes according to the Jews because, as the Talmud  tells us: "Even the best of the goyim must be killed." The Jews have themselves written of their massacres in the Bible. In Esther 9:16, we find  the story of how the Jews, with Mordocai at their head, murdered 75,000 Persians and members of other nations. The Judaists celebrate this  genocide every year in February or March as the feast of Purim.
Against the background of these Cabbalistic beliefs we are able to explain Marx's extreme contempt for other races. The Russians were a totally inferior people according to him. He called all the Slavic peoples  an "ethnic sewer". He also disliked the Chinese. (New York Times, 25th of  June 1963.) He rejected everyone who was unwilling to participate in his  "revolutionary" struggle against God. He called the workers, for whom he  had created his ideology, idiots and asses.
He called the peasants cave-  men.

Another reason why Bakunin later distanced himself from Marxism was that it was a further development of Judaism. For Yahweh gave the Jews the right to steal the lands of others (Deuteronomy 6:10-13, 6:18-19, 7:1-  2).
Yahweh gave the Israelites the right to commit genocide, to totally annihilate the peoples whose lands they had the God-given right to take as  their own (Deuteronomy 7:16). Yahweh gave the Israelites the right to  "destroy them (other peoples) with a mighty destruction until they be  destroyed" (Deuteronomy 7:23). 

Yahweh gave the Israelites the right to  murder and plunder other races of their property (Exodus 3:20-22).  Yahweh has made the Israelites a "holy" people, a master race among  other races (Deuteronomy 7:6).
In his book "God and the State", Bakunin declared: "Of all the good gods who have ever been worshipped by men, Yahweh is the most jealous, the most vain, the cruellest, the most unjust, the blood-thirstiest, the most despotic and the one who is most hostile against human dignity  and liberty..."
Incredible Admissions by Marx, Disraeli and Others
In 1844 Marx wrote in his article "On the Jewish Question", that the Jews more or less controlled Europe, that their worldly god was money and that their most important business was to swindle money from people by means of extortionate interest rates. He also firmly asserted: "Behind every tyrant there is always a Jew."
Marx admitted that the Christian society was being Judaised, so becoming ever more capitalistic and increasingly worshipping money. Every intelligent person knew this. How the Jews took over commerce in Polish Galicia in the 19th century was no secret. Polish businesses were  ruined by the amalgamation of Jewish merchants. The competing Jewish  businessmen suddenly began to sell their merchandise at much lower  prices than the Poles, so that their businesses eventually went bankrupt.  Then the Jewish businessmen raised their prices, thereby gaining control  over the entire market in Galicia.
Centuries before, the Roman writer Tacitus (54-119 A.D.) stated: "The Jews show only their tribesmen loyalty and mercy." The Jewish business-  men did not see this ruination of Polish merchants as criminal, because it  is written in the Talmud: "Whatever sins a Jew commits, God still sees  him as good and faultless." (Chagiga 15b.) Neither was it a crime that  Jewish revolutionaries lied to Christians and other easily fooled people.
According to the Talmud, "God's name is not profaned if a Jew lies to a  Goy." (Baba Kamma 113b.)  In the middle of the Crimean war, on the 4th of January 1856, Marx arrogantly revealed to the New York Daily Tribune that there was an organisation, which was intriguing in Europe and was the real winner when England, France and Russia became weakened after losses in wars.
Other Jews have also been just as open. In his novel "Coningsby", Benjamin Disraeli described how a secret Jewish organisation ruled the world by means of banks. He showed how easy it was for this organisation to destroy empires and establish others, to overthrow rulers and install new ones in their stead.

Disraeli, whose father had immigrated to England from Italy, was well-versed in the secrets of the Frankists and wrote that Germany faces a terrible revolution, which is being prepared with the help of the Jews; at the head of the communists and socialists stand Jews.

The  purpose was to neutralise the Christians and transform the world into a Jewish world with values built on violence, the basic idea being that  problems can only be solved by the use of force.

Wasn't it strange that Marx was later accused of anti-Semitism but not  Disraeli, who described the same phenomenon? Or did it have something  to do with the fact that Marx openly became a communist but not Disraeli,  who was a conservative?
Neither has one of the great English authors, the autodidact Herbert George Wells (1866-1946), been accused of anti-Semitism. In 1939, he published a book with the title "The Fate of Homo Sapiens", where he wrote the following concerning the orthodox Jews: "The whole question turns upon the Chosen People idea, which this remnant cherishes and sustains, which it is the "mission" of this remnant to cherish and sustain. It is difficult not to regard that idea as a conspiracy against the rest of the  world. . . "
For a larger picture of Lina’s masterpiece and to order copies of “Under the Sign of the Scorpion”, see

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he’s saying and know what it means.  250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA
Jan. 21, 2011

NTS Notes:  Some of the details in this article are astounding and an eye opener indeed.

It is important that people understand that Judaism and Communism are pretty much the same.  The entire Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 that destroyed Christian Tsarist Russia turned Russia itself into a Jewish controlled state. Only now is Russia recovering from that terrible part of their history.

The one part of this article that does come ringing through is the statement by the Jewish writer, Chaim Budeburg that says: "The Jewish religion is not a religion at all, it is a calamity!".

As usual, we will have naysayers that will argue the points presented, and I for one welcome their comments at any time.

Like I have always said before, we must have true history taught to people because if we do not learn from History, we are doomed to repeat it!

More to come



Quack Quack said...

John Kaminski sources some excellent suppressed historical material concerning the maniacal Khazar zionist 'jews' as well as jewry in general. I think he would be the first to pay credit to Eustace Mullins and Ezra Pound for their efforts in trying manfully to enlighten us (Wake Up!) during their lifetimes to the mortal danger of allowing ourselves to be at the mercy of judaism.

Judaism is a synonym for communism, without a doubt.

Also, it's interesting to look into how many of the "isms" we are plagued with were dreamed up by those psychopaths, for example "rabid radical feminism" is the product of the ugliest bunch of jewess lesbians you'll ever see, Abzug, et al. Interesting also to read up on how jewesses are really treated within the cult, courtesy of their 'religion' by the male rabbi dominated scam. No wonder they are misandrists, but unfortunately they have projected their venomous hatred against jewish male dominated society (which they pretty much have to suppress) onto our gullible women instead. And of course, the perversion of European womanhood has been "good for the jews."

After years researching online the history they suppress through owning/controlling all our media and all our elected traitors, I see Judaism not as a religion at all, but as a racist supremacist political ideology, certainly since the Khazars assumed it's protective cover for their criminal activities over a thousand years ago.

I see it that way because as a wit once noted - if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck . . .


Lone Wolf said...

I've been reading “Under the Sign of the Scorpion,” by Jüri Lina for the past several weeks.

I'd highly recommend it.

trutherator said...

I agree that Marxism and its branches are rooted in socialist and left-fascist theft and violence, but there is a contradiction here. You admit Marx hated God and worshipped Satan and yet you quote Deuteronomy out of context, and that gives it the opposite meaning. Even many deluded Christians today have it wrong. The first verses in that very chapter proclaim that God gave EVERY SINGLE place a chance, except those tribes that were hopeless in their abominations.

Those abominations were things like rampant violence, baby sacrifice (search a Bible for "Molech", especially KJB), and all kinds of depravity.

And even so, they did not kill them all, because God was making exceptions for the repentant. Rahab told Joshua's spies that everybody knew what happened in Egypt, how the Egyptians had abused them and then the plagues forced them to do the right thing.

That one entry into the Promised Land was the ONE AND ONLY time God said anything like this. The socialist and Satanist Jews want people to look at the Old Testament this way (again, out of context).

Some religious Orthodox Jews are deceived too. But Jesus blasted away at the Pharisees with examples from the OLD Testament of Goyim that were MORE righteous than the Jewish rulers of his generation.