Sunday, January 16, 2011

Losing A Voice In The Real Truth Movement:"A Non-Jew With A View" Calls It Quits!

First of all, I hate suffering from Influenza!   I have not had the Flu in almost 2 years, primarily thanks to taking the right stuff to ward off the Flu, and avoiding any poisonous flu shots.   But my son caught the Flu from his school, and brought it home as a present for everyone else to enjoy.  I figured it would only be a matter of time before I caught it, and finally I did.   Only now after being laid up for almost 2 days, am I at the point that I turned on my computer to catch up on some important news and views and get back to some blogging..... Thank you, readers for your patience!

It has come to my attention that a fellow truth seeker, who calls himself "A Non-Jew With A View", and has been writing articles over at, has decided to call it quits.   I have been observing his articles and facts presented for sometime now, and I found them to be both factual and truthful.  I as well as others, am sorry to see him leave our ranks!

But before he leaves, he decided to present us with a completed version of the movie: "The Jewish Conspiracy Movie" that as a monument to his work, I am putting up here for my own readers to view in its entirety:

The Jewish Conspiracy Movie from Jew Movies on Vimeo.

NTS Notes:  Again, I thank "A Non-Jew With A View" for his fine work, and hopefully someday soon, he may return to help us in this war against tyranny.

And just to let my own readers know... I am feeling much better, and am in this fight for the long haul!

More to come



Sally said...

I too was heartbroken to discover NJ was quitting. I believe he's a she, NTS, but I could be wrong :) So, I saved what there was to date of her blog onto a CD, and will print out a little booklet to add to my reading material since I gave up with the garbage on tv long ago!
I hope you'll stay with your writing and analysis for a long time to come, as you are also among my favourite daily stops.
Glad to know you're over the worst of your flu.
I'm visiting in Toronto at the moment, and you're right, there's very little difference between Canada and USA, since jewish and zionist have long had both countries do their bidding. Except now, they're no longer lurking in the background. I rely on you and others NTS to keep me same, since most of the masses say "so what" to the jewish grip, and ascribe it to the supposed talent, dedication and success of these scum. These idiots cannot connect the dots and see how truly malevolent this entity is. In any case, I suppose if other groups of people had managed to fleece as much unearned and undeserved money as jews have managed through their control of banking, retailing, etc, and unlimited hand-outs from receiving reparations and "aid", they'd be successful too!

Northerntruthseeker said...

I also was not aware that NJ could be a she... Who would have known?

I agree that it is hard to keep your sanity when things around are getting very disheartening... But the idea is to not get sad, but get mad!

Getting over the flu was one thing, but to have my computer go strange was just as bad... Finally got it fixed, de-bugged, and doing some catching up....