Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Israel Controls America: US Defends Israeli Flotilla Attack!

I have been busy the last while taking care of some family business.  We must always remember that in this fight for truth, family does come first, and foremost.   As a result,  I have been putting up new articles for this blog only when there is time available, and am asking readers to bare with me.

After the murderous attack by the criminal state of Israel against the Humanitarian efforts of the Mavi Marmara back on May 31st, 2010 that resulted in the murder of 9 innocent humanitarian workers, world outcry against that atrocity forced the criminal Israeli government to launch an investigation into the entire incident.  That inquiry, led by "impartial" Israeli judge Turkel, and a group of "unbiased" investigators came up with its final report over the last week, and lo and behold they have found Israel innocent of any charges of murder in that horrendous attack!

Was there any doubt that an Israeli inquiry commission would find its own forces innocent of any murder charges,and saying that their commandos acted only in "self defense"?  To have the criminals launch an inquiry into their own criminal act was like asking Charles Manson to investigate his group's murder of Sharon Tate!

But what about their puppets in the United States?  Surely the US Government would be acting in good conscience and not support these findings?  We must not forget that one of the humanitarian workers murdered by the Israelis was an American citizen.  Therefore the Americans would be outraged, right???  Well, according to this new article from PressTV at, it seems that the poodles in the US Government are again kissing Israel's butt and defending Israel's murderous actions!   Here is that article for my own readers to ponder:

US defends Israeli flotilla attack
Tue Jan 25, 2011 6:49PM

US State Department spokesman Philip J. Crowley
The US has described an Israeli probe into a raid on the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla aid convoy that killed nine Turkish activists as a "credible and impartial" effort.

The praise came after an Israeli investigation panel declared Tel Aviv's military attack on the Freedom Flotilla as "legal" under international law, Israeli daily Ha'aretz reported.

The panel also claimed that the Israeli soldiers who took part in the killing of the nine activists acted in self-defense.

The activists aboard the aid convoy, which was attacked in international waters, were unarmed and only planned to deliver aid to the blockaded Gaza Strip.

"We think that this is an independent report, credible and impartial and transparent investigation that has been undertaken by Israel," US State Department spokesman Philip J. Crowley said on Monday.

This is while an independent Turkish committee investigating the incident concluded on Sunday that "the Israeli Army used excessive force against the Mavi Marmara [the lead ship of the six-vessel fleet].”

Israeli commandos attacked the convoy in international waters on May 31, 2010, killing nine Turkish activists and injuring about 50 others.

The Israeli assault on the aid convoy provoked an international outcry, prompting Knesset members to set up a commission to investigate the legality of the raid as well as Israel's blockade of Gaza.

Responding to the Israeli report, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the report had "no value or credibility," with the Turkish Foreign Ministry issuing a statement saying it was "appalled and dismayed" at the Israeli investigative committee's finding.


NTS Notes:  This is sickening, and should be another serious wake up call for all Americans about exactly WHO controls their own government. 

I really need to ask where the hell is the American public outrage at the results of this phoney inquiry?  Again, this shows how much the US Government bends over backwards for their masters in Tel Aviv.

And my own country, Canada, does not escape the results of this BS inquiry.  One of the so called international members on this inquiry is a Canadian Israel-firster, Ken Watkin, and he and our own government in Ottawa are in full agreement also with the results of this garbage commission inquiry.    This shows that Canada is firmly under control of Israel as well....

So again we have no justice for the 9 people murdered on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.   When will the world finally take a stand against the criminality of Israel?

More to come



Anonymous said...

Just read a disgusting article concerning Britain. Prime Minister David Cameron answers to his masters in Israel, in fact Cameron has staffed the British Foreign Office to full capacity with zionist jews.

Anonymous said...

Cheers to Senator Rand Paul(Rep.Kentucky) for wanting to cut 3 billion a year in military aid to Israel. The other Senators are up in arms and it doesn't surprise me since they are bought and paid for by the Zionist Jew Lobbyists in Washington. The American people need more Senators like Rand Paul. It's so refreshing that Senator Paul refuses to bow to Israel like the rest of those bums in Congress.