Friday, January 14, 2011

Canada Is Zionist Jewish Occupied Territory: Zionist Shill Prime Minister Of Canada Warns About Growing "Anti-Semitism" Around The World !

Readers, and commentators, to this blog periodically ask me what it is like living in Canada, and is Canada better off than the United States especially during this time of growing economic uncertainty and hardship.   I have constantly told them that Canada is just as controlled by the criminals as the United States is, and that our representatives in Parliament in Ottawa bend over backwards for their Zionist Jewish masters!

To again show further proof that Canada is nothing more than another Zionist Jewish occupied territory, I turn to a new article, courtesy of the European Jewish Press, at, entitled: "Canada's Prime Minister warns about "growing Anti-Semitism" around the world."   THis is absolutely disgusting to see the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, again grovel to his Zionist Jewish masters!   Here is that article for my own readers to view and ponder:

Canada’s Prime Minister warns about ‘growing anti-Semitism’ around the world.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper: "Let us not forget that even now, there are those who choose evil, and would launch another Holocaust if left unchecked."

 OTTAWA (EJP)---Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper suggested that his country recent failure to secure a seat on the UN Security Council can be blamed on the government's support for Israel in the face of growing anti-Israeli sentiment.

"Whether it is at the United Nation or any other international forum, the easy thing to do is simply to just get along and go along with this anti-Israeli rhetoric," Harper told a two-day inter-parliamentary conference on combating anti-Semitism that is being held in the framework of Holocaust Education Week. 

Portugal won the coveted seat.

Harper said that while Israel is receptive to fair criticism, Canada is obligated to stand up for its ally when it comes under attack from others.

"Not just because it is the right thing to do, but because history shows us, and the ideology of the anti-Israel mob tell us all too well, that those who threaten the existence of the Jewish people are in the longer term a threat to all of us." 

The Prime Minister acknowledged that his position is not popular with all governments and organizations, including members of the United Nations and the Francophonie. 

"There are, after all, a lot more votes in being anti-Israeli than in taking a stand. But as long as I am Prime Minister, whether it is at the United Nations, the Francophonie or anywhere else, Canada will take that stand, whatever the cost." 

"What this conference is actually about isn't anti-Semitism," Ralph said. "What it's about is attacking and limiting dissent and criticism on expressing criticisms of Israel. And the thing is that when Harper says today that Israel is a country under attack, Israel is being attacked for its violations of human rights."  

The Prime Minister warned that if evil is left unchecked there will most assuredly be another Holocaust, citing what he called growing anti-Semitism around the world. 

"Let us not forget that even now, there are those who choose evil, and would launch another Holocaust if left unchecked," Harper said.

He said Jews increasingly are subjected to vandalism, threats, slurs and "just plain, old-fashioned lies."

Harper also raised concerns about the anti-Israeli movement even at universities.
Harper said while steps have been taken at home to combat anti-Semitism, the fight must taken offshore. "We must be relentless in exposing this anti-Semitism for what it is," he said.

NTS Notes:  I do not even know where to start in answering all of these false accusations put forward by this traitor to the Canadian people... He falsely claims that the criminals are subjected to vandalism, threats, slurs, and just plain old fashioned lies... Yet he overlooks the fact that these criminals have lied, cheated, and stolen land in Palestine that does not belong to them, and has continued to murder innocent people with impunity!  He also overlooks the racist statements by these people claiming that others are nothing more than cattle and to be nothing more than their slaves!  Does Stephen Harper even check these facts?  Does he not know what true evil really is?

The fact is staring even this clown  in the face that the growing "anti-semitism" is primarily due to the fact that people everywhere around the world waking up to the truth about Israel and its evil murderous actions.   People everywhere are no longer tolerating the fact that their nations have been hijacked by these criminals, with their evil Usury debt based monetary systems, that have ruined their nations, and brought those nations to their knees!   People no longer want to be slaves, but are now wanting to be free!

With the collapse of the United States, and its fall into tyranny, there has always been the hope that Canada would be the new "shining light unto the world" that nations can model themselves after.   Now we know the truth that Canada is totally under the control of the criminals!

As a Canadian, I cannot believe it when I see this man grovel to his true masters.   I have always believed that leadership in a nation has to answer to the will of the people of that nation.  Now I can see that the Canadian government is no better off than the US Government, in that it answers first and foremost to criminals, and their masters in Tel Aviv!

Thank goodness I never voted for this clown.  If and when there is another so called general election in Canada, I would hope that the Canadian people have had enough of traitors such as this man, and actually vote for representation that answers first and only to the will of the Canadian people.   But with Canada firmly under the control of these criminals, there is a fat chance of that, definitely!

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Freeborn said...

Then there's Welsh bitch PM in Aus pretending that Kevin Bracken had less on the nation's pulse and gut feeling than she did.

We beg to differ!

The Aussie public were with Kev all the way when he said 911 was an inside job on public radio. Not the Welsh bitch.

We ought to make sure that leaders like Harper and the Welsh bitch understand that next time they get up and spout off re-how marvellous fascist Israel is they're gonna lose millions of our votes!

Not Only Canada . . . said...

Another of terrorist Israel's vassal states - Australia, recently rearranged the deck chairs on the Titanic.

One of the first acts of the newly elected Judas goat to lead the telezombies of that deluded land, was to fly off to international terrorist headquarters in Tel Aviv and publicly kiss her boss Netanyahooo's ass. She must have thought it a great photo op.

It is stomach churning stuff.

I wonder if the jews new representative in Australia, Prime Minister Julia Gillard, was given a guided tour of the Israeli brothels staffed with Eastern European girls and women trafficked into sex slavery in that modern day Sodom and Gomorrah?

Did she pick up any tips on organ harvesting while there?

Watch a few Palestinian women and children being murdered by IDF "heroes"?

Pathetic, really.

One point of defense for sincerely deluded Canadians, Americans, Australians, English, etc, is that most of them do not yet realize they have no choice at the ballot box. At every election they are presented with choosing between Traitor A or Traitor B, both of which are wholly owned by the hidden jew dictatorship.

Oh yes, and for those who think maybe the labor Unions will come to the rescue - do some research into the hierarchy leadership of "our" Unions. What a farce.

Personally, NTS, I doubt anyone is riding over the hills to the rescue and "we'll all live happily ever after." That crap is just more of their Hollywood bullsh*t fantasy thinking that we are programed with.

My guess is they will get their third World War started, and once again all the sheep will line up for the slaughter.

I hope I'm wrong on that, but history (for anyone who bothers doing the research) says otherwise.


Not Only Canada . . . said...

Agree with "Freeborn" above.

Mr Bracken is a man displaying decency, honesty and the courage of his convictions in verbally sparring with the Zionist shill on Australian radio last year, concerning the 911 inside job.

Any person capable of basic research and honest thinking soon realizes 911 was a Mossad/alphabet agency false flag (assisted by traitors in the Israeli Government of America) to kick start the mass murders of Iraqi and Afghan men, women and children. Next up? Iran, most likely, though they have wanted to steal Lebanon's Litani River waters for a very long time, so they may be next instead of Iran.

And, of course, the 911 false flag has also been used as the excuse to remove all the freedoms of those freedom-loving Americans. You notice that? They haven't . . . yet.

Kevin Bracken and the other real men remaining in the Union movement may yet be undermined by the Union hierarchy leadership, who are just as beholden to their masters in Israel as all the West's lick-spittle traitor politicians are.


Anonymous said...

I was confused to hear we had lost out on a temporary seat at the UNSC. Confused because we have been a major part of almost every UN effort since Korea in the 50's. I think the globalists smell something in the wind, as far as Mr. Harper's future collusion with the Zionist agenda - the unfortunate part is that even a non-confidence vote at this time in parliament does not present any decent alternatives. Considering both Harper and Ignatief were "guests" of Bilderberg at some point, electing the latter will be just as disastrous for Canada. A long shot but I would really like to see the Green Party or an alternative like that becoming a serious contender. I have to end by thanking our PM for explaining that, despite our long-time commitment to both NATO and the UN, we lost our seat because of growing global anti-semiticism. And this arriving on the heels of a politician who denounced publicly a university dissertation on Jewish privilege and yet hadn't even read it!!! Nice piece.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

wow Just when I was beginning to think Aussies were a lost cause... Thank heavens some of you are waking up!

If only it were so here in Canada where apathy rules. I put up a post recently about Australia, (not the floods) and the PTB are very dismissive of your people and openly brag about the success of their dumbing down and over taxing of Aussies.

That "Welsh bitch" as you call her has NWO written all over her and she will seriously open the doors for the gay agenda as well. Satanist? Yes of course she is.

Our (blech) Harper actually disses the Canadian people and has been known to apologize to world leaders for our "lack of brains and culture".

NTS, you and I both know what this dickhead really is. OMG I used a bad word! His speech is appalling and all we can do is say:


I fear that Canada is going to pay dearly for his asinine ways. But as an over-the-top Christian Zionist, he thinks furthering his sick agenda is the best way to go and bring about that ridiculous sell out called the rapture.

But then again, he might be a crypto Jew since he plays with the Chabad Lubavitch creatures so much.I have seen two photos of him where the smile met his eyes and in both he was surrounded by the nasty little men in very expensive black hats.

(Off note: Did you know they spend thousands on their hats? If they can steal enough $$ to pay for them of course.)

Harperdid not get to where he is without selling his soul... look at those very dead eyes.

The problem is... every other party leader in our country is just as owned as he is. We have little choice no matter who runs or wins.

BTW I must make one correction to your comments, my friend. Harper did not "bend over backwards" to his Masters. On the contrary, he unzipped his belt and bent forwards until his nose hit the ground.

Anonymous said...

Hi NTS and all.
Hi NTS and all.
Thanks for your great blog!!
Another Aussie here who sees what's happening and is very saddened by it.
Thanks to the comments here i feel not so alone.
Our (?) PM is most definatley a satanist, The lack of emotion and an undercurrent of glee that she found hard too hide when the Queensland floods were decimating the poor communities was a dead give away. What a sick anti human. she is mind controlled and possessed, an aboration to women and all Australians.Her Handlers are dual aus/isr citizens and there is a definate plan to destabilise our social structure and family units, communities etc especially if they are predominatley anglo/saxon, like with the worst flood affected areas all the media shows is "poor, country folk or bogans" who seem helplesss and hopeless. This is what they want.
We see what is going on.
It seems to be happening in all countries, especially "commonwealth" ones.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I too had lost faith in Australia.. Especially with the Aussie chosenite Prime Minister, and her Israeli kiss ass cabinet and Parliament....l

Thank goodness the proud people of Australia are also awakening to this crime wave....

Just FYI... That "Welsh Bitch" sitting as your Prime Minister is not Welsh, but guaranteed Jewish, or a crypto....

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately voting for the Canadian Green Party is out as they are fully Zionist compromised as nearly all of their funding and members are Zio's. None of the major parties on the Canadian election ballot at the moment are legitimate representatives of the Canadian people at this time. A new political party is needed -a fully anti-Zionist party - and it will happen. But it'll take alot of work. But our children deserve no less.