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Revolution In Egypt: Israel Sends SOS (Orders Its Slave Nations) To Save Mubarak!

The proud people of Egypt are now in their seventh day of open revolt against the brutal regime of Hosnai Mubarak.   These people have suffered for 30 years under Mubarak's dictatorship, and are now wanting the dictator removed from office, and taste true freedom and democracy for the first time in their lives!

But it seems that in spite of clear aspirations of the Egyptian people for freedom, the criminal state of Israel, that has helped to prop up the evil dictatorship of Mubarak for the last 30 years, is now getting desperate in keeping their "ally" in control of Egypt.   According to this article, from Uruknet news online service, at, it seems that the Zionist criminal state is demanding its world wide slave nations, including the United States, to save Mubarak's dictatorship.  Here is that article:

Israel sends SOS to world leaders to "save" Mubarak m

Middle East Monitor

MEMO, January 31, 2011

Hebrew newspaper sources have revealed the existence of an "urgent" message sent by the Israeli government at the end of last week to a number of world leaders. Aimed particularly at the US and the EU, Israel is appealing to the leaders to "save" Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's regime.

In its 31 January Hebrew edition, Haaretz said that the Israeli government has resorted to sending secret communications to a number of world leaders in which it has stressed the importance of Egypt's stability to the security and stability of the region as a whole. The messages also call for restraint in public criticism of Mubarak. Political sources in Israel highlight the importance of Egypt's stability for the Zionist state, suggesting that any "fundamental" change in the Cairo regime would lead to an "upheaval in the notion of Israeli security"

Following official statements issued by a number of western states, including one which asserts, "The west is weary of the Mubarak regime", the Israeli government was quick to send out its messages through its embassies around the world.

Haaretz also confirmed that the Israelis have rejected the American and European positions with regard to developments in Egypt which call for greater respect for human rights and democracy. Tel Aviv believes that "Washington and the European Union are pandering to public opinion and are not considering their real interests."

It is expected that the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel today; their meeting will focus on the situation in Egypt.

Source: Quds press service

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NTS Notes:  I hope that all of my readers can see through this facade and realize exactly the same thing that I see...  Israel is demanding that all of its puppets, like the good slaves they are, to come forward and help to crack down, or crush, the popular uprising in Egypt, just so they can keep their puppet, Mubarak, in control over that nation!

Lets get the truth out about this newest ploy by the criminal state of Israel...The people of Egypt deserves a chance at true freedom, and for that, they should have our full support!

Long live the proud people of Egypt!

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Revolution In Egypt: Is Israel Providing Weapons For Mubarak's Regime?

We are all watching the events closely in Egypt hoping that eventually the will of the Egyptian people prevails, and Hosni Mubarak is either forced to step down, or to flee that nation.   As I have stated before in previous articles, the brutal dictatorship that Mubarak has imposed on the people of Egypt for 30 years has to end.  The people are finally saying "Enough is enough!" and want to taste true freedom for the first time in their lives.   

But reports are now coming forward today that the United States and their masters in Israel are bound and determined to support Mubarak's regime at all cost.  I want to present this interesting article from PressTV at, where there are indications coming out that Israel is now providing Mubarak's regime with weapons to crush the people's revolution! Here is that article for all of my own readers to view:

'Israel provides weapons for Egypt'

Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:5AM

People defy a government curfew as they continue to occupy Tahrir Square on January 30, 2011 in Cairo, Egypt.
Israel has provided the Egyptian government with weapons amid the country's popular uprising demanding the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak, reports say.

The reports followed phone conversations between the US, Egyptian and Israeli defense ministers as the anti-government protests entered the seventh day on Monday.

Egyptian Defense Minister Mohamed Hussein Tantawi has warned the protesters against defying curfew that has now been extended and is to be in place from 3 p.m. to 8 a.m. local time.

On Thursday, an Israeli cabinet minister who spoke on condition of anonymity to Israeli media had stated that the Egyptian president backed by a strong militarily prowess will eventually subdue the crisis, The Washington Post reported.

"His regime is well-rooted in the military and security apparatus," said the Israeli minister, adding that, "They will have to exercise force, power in the street and do it. But they are strong enough according to my assessment to overcome it," the Israeli minister had said.

The protesters took to the streets in the sixth day of demonstrations on Sunday despite the warnings and the presence of the army.

The armed forces have threatened a crackdown on anyone who refuses to obey the curfew imposed in major cities.

Meanwhile, Mubarak reportedly visited an army military operations center and met with top army commanders and troops at their headquarters.

Following the visit, the army has received orders to open fire on the protesters in a bid to protect the Mubarak-run regime, according to the Muslim Brotherhood's website.


NTS Notes: If this supplying of arms to Egypt by Israel is true, then again we know exactly on who's side the US and Israel truly are in this fight for the rights of the proud people of Egypt.  They will support their tinpot dictator Mubarak that they have propped up for the last 30 years until the bitter end, obviously!

Again as I have stated before, we should all care about the rights of people everywhere to decide their own future without outside interference.  Do not the people of Egypt not have that right to decide their own future? And one that is not imposed on them by the US and Israel? 

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ken O'Keefe: Rise, People, Rise! The Global Revolution Is Upon Us! (With Video)

Ken O'Keefe has now spent the better part of his life fighting against injustices in our world.  People are still unaware that Ken was on board the Mavi Marmara the night that the Israeli criminal regime attacked the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, and in the ensuing raid, killed 9 innocent humanitarian workers.  Ken himself was captured on this flotilla, and subsequently detained by his Israeli captors,  only to be released sometime later.    He has returned to Gaza to fight for the rights of the Palestinians in that open air concentration camp against their Israeli oppressors.

Right now, I want to present the newest work by Ken O'Keefe that has been published through Veterans Today, at  It is entitled: "Rise People Rise.  The Global Revolution Is Upon Us!",  and it includes a great video of Ken speaking from Gaza.  Here is that article in its entirety for my own readers to view:

Updated: Ken O’Keefe: Rise People Rise – The Global Revolution is Upon Us! (video)

January 28, 2011 posted by Ken O'Keefe


“…..once in a generation…we get a chance for freedom…this is our chance..”

“I have for many years lived with the knowledge that we, the masses, the working class, the poor, the white, the black, the brown, the immigrants, the Christians, the Muslims, the atheists, the soldiers/ex-soldiers, the peaceniks, the communists, the anarchists, the students, the people, across the spectrum, we all have a common cause”….Ken O’Keefe

I have for many years lived with the knowledge that we, the masses, the working class, the poor, the white, the black, the brown, the immigrants, the Christians, the Muslims, the atheists, the soldiers/ex-soldiers, the peaceniks, the communists, the anarchists, the students, the people, across the spectrum, we all have a common cause.  And yet, we have so tragically allowed ourselves to be duped, to be pitted against each other, fighting each other, finding a million ways to divide ourselves, or simply to be indifferent to each other.  In this the tyrant’s smile, they laugh and they joke, about how complete their control over us is.  They have been laughing for far too long.

I know how this happens, growing up in my white middle-class Californian life; I was a mindless idiot like most, I had no idea that we in the West were living on the back of the blood sweat and tears of countless people around the globe.  I was clueless about our reaping the benefits of the plunder of the world.  I too was living in that bubble of indifference, a bubble that is finally bursting.  I wonder if the billions who have suffered for our indifference can forgive us?  I wonder if we will be honest about our criminal complacency which has resulted in an unfathomable amount of suffering and death?
Ah but alas, the American empire is crumbling, it is rotting from within, like every single empire before it.  And how poetic that its accelerated demise was ignited by the rage and desperation of one Mohamed Bouazizi, one of the countless victims meant to be just another statistic; no no, this statistic just kicked off a global revolution.
Think about it, if a street vendor can do that, imagine the power of the people united, intelligent, fearless and indomitable.
And the people of the world are beginning to realize that all the bribe money, all the weapons, all the sleazy tyrants and their minions are nothing, they are spineless fleeing cowards, running away as cowards do.  Let them run to the grotesquely corrupt hosts who will receive them, their day is coming soon as well.  Soon there will be nowhere to hide, no gold for them to steal, no court to shield them and no stolen land to live on.
Moving forward with this revolution I am sure many such scoundrels will come home to America, the most corrupt land of them all, by virtue of the seeds of corruption it has sowed across the globe… America, possessor of the most disgusting, servile, traitorous government of them all, will soon play host to all its servile tin pot dictators.
America… the land of illusions, with the veneer of civility and prosperity, in truth the essence of destitution and lunacy.  I know this land; it is my birth nation, I was indoctrinated in this nation and made insane, like the vast majority of its population.  And yet I am blessed for my insanity because I have survived it, and more importantly I remember it, thus I can look at all my lost brothers and sisters and see myself.
I realized upon awakening that it was the height of arrogance to expect everybody else to awaken in unison with me, and so I accept people, as they are, collectively insane but capable of retaining their humanity. I knew for sure that if I could break free, anyone can.  I remember how crazy and stupid I was, I remember believing my nation this and my nation that, and I remember pledging my allegiance to The United States of Hypocrisy by reciting the words  “with liberty and justice for all”; what a bunch of bullshit!  But I believed it.
I owe brother Malcolm X an incredible debt of gratitude for teaching me how stupid I was.  I owe my native American brothers and sisters for teaching me of the genocidal history never mentioned in school.  I owe my Hawaiian (kanaka maoli) brothers and sisters for teaching me true love of the land and the sea, as well as respect for my elders and the beauty of an extended family.
I owe the United States Marine Corps massively, for providing me my first real taste of injustice; undoubtedly the most critical event of my life.  They gave me the rage, for having done the right thing and being punished, they connected me to everyone who knows injustice.  How ironic… how beautiful.
I thank one president above all, thank you Dubya, my brother George W. Bush.  You more than any other president taught my fellow Americans a lesson that I had known for years.  I thank you Mr. President for uniting people around the world, like no other president in my lifetime.  But most of all I thank you for forcing Americans to ask themselves, honestly; “do I live in the greatest nation on Earth?”  And if so, how is it possible that “my president” is a silver spoon suckin, idiot Yale graduate, Skull & Bones tapped, cocaine snorting, Vietnam disserting, un-elected asshole?
Bill Clinton killed a good million and half Iraqis through inhuman sanctions, including 500,000 plus children.  But Americans remained in their coma, oblivious to Clinton the mass-murdering war criminal; but then came George, thank you George, no president did more to wake Americans up, you were the turning point.
People were engaged with Dubya, he stirred them from their slumber, but Obama put them back to sleep.  “It’s all good, there is a black man in the White House, everything is cool again!”  What a joke.  Meanwhile Americans sat by, waving flags and losing their jobs, losing their homes and making a bonfire of their Constitution and Bill of Rights.  American sons and daughters turned into psychopaths and sacrificial lambs yet again.  America, a nation of and for war criminals.  America, making orphans by the millions.  America, fighting and “leading” a farcical “War on Terror.”
America became some horrible B-movie, one big B-movie set in Fantasy Land, produced by Zionist lackeys.  Only a nation and a world gone insane could have believed the movie was reality.  Power to the prostitutes of propaganda, they did all they were ever called on to do.  Meanwhile the working class continued working hard, bought their tickets and watched the movie, just so they could go further into debt by gifting the bankers trillions and trillions of dollars.  “God bless America!”
Remember this my fellow Americans, a street vender from Tunisia kicked your ass; how beautiful is that?  Somehow your slave masters could not manage to stop a single, insignificant man from knocking over the first domino and igniting the fire to which you shall soon be engulfed, literally.  If you know what’s good for you, you will see your traitors on Wall Street, in the Congress and the White House for who there are, fast.
Speaking of which, let me say to Hillary Clinton and the other prostitute politicians calling for “restraint” in Tunisia and Egypt; fuck you and fuck restraint.  Remain angry my brothers and sisters and channel that anger until the result is achieved, a revolution resulting in a dictators flight.  He has shamed the Egyptian people for far too long, bought and paid for by the American taxpayer; there is no “reform” absent his departure.  Let Egyptian rage manifest in the form of that cowardly, pathetic excuse of a man fleeing Egypt to join some pathetic and corrupt regime suitable of hosting him.  I am not alone in waiting for the news that Israel and America’s Pimpdaddy Mubarak, and all his prostitutes, are fleeing Egypt for good.
And I am loving the “financial crisis, loving the fact that people are suffering in Europe and America, let it get worse and worse, please God I pray for a storm of discomfort.  Let the middle and upper class people of the West in particular live like the Bedouins of Gaza I met today, nothing will jump start their conscience more.  Let them feel a fraction of the pain and suffering we have dealt to the rest of the world. Soak it up, embrace it, live in the street, go hungry and homeless and get beaten for seeking shelter in the wrong place.  Then look in the mirror and see the world you created in your own eyes.
Let us realize once and for all the truth, we are all connected, we, the working class, the un-employed, no matter color, religion, sex, nationality, we are the masses, we have the power.  And if we have any sense at all we will see any and all attacks on fellow human beings as an attack on ourselves and our family.  With this attitude we will crush any so-called leader/politician who even thinks to bamboozle us with the same bogus game that has played out for far too long.
Enough is enough, the world we created has been horrid, let us thank profusely those who fought while sat on our lazy, indoctrinated asses.  Let us now stand together, brothers and sisters, with the people of Tunisia and Egypt in particular.  Let us turn the page on the nicey nice social gathering protests that serve to diffuse our rage and absolve us of guilt by allowing us to say; “I protested.”  No it is time now for much more effective measures.  Direct Action is my chosen method, but general strikes are called for big time.  It is time for the workers to bring the slave masters to their knees and to seriously, meaningfully, express solidarity with the people of every occupied nation, including but not limited to, Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan and my beloved Hawaiian nation.
It is time to fight fire with fire if necessary and make clear to our police and military that if they turn on the people, then they will feel the wrath of the people.
Every government should be made to fear the people and respect the people, period. Let that be our credo, let us shed the fear and instill fear in every tyrant.  The Tunisians and Egyptians have put the fear of god in their governments, so should we; our Western governments are every bit as corrupt.
And if our revolutions begin to be replaced by another form of tyranny, we shall rise again the moment it reveals itself.
As for irony, how about this, let us use the words of a despicable institution (The United Nations) and manifest the meaning of the words;
“Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,…” – Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Let us live these words and draw a line in the sand.  Either you live these values and protect these values or you are an enemy of the people.  The bullshit war on terror and all who support that farce must be exposed and put in their place.  Wars of aggression and occupation must end immediately.  Those that rationalize and justify war and occupation must be exposed and recognized as enemies of the people.  Banking, the fractional reserve system and the Federal Reserve, the central banks and the entire ponzi scheme they enslaved us with must be completely destroyed.  Every secret society conspiring to benefit the few at the expense of the many must be exposed and destroyed.
Behind every empire remains the hidden powers and the removal of Ben Ali and Mubarak is merely the removal of their puppets; they have countless more so it is the powers in the shadows that we must finally see.  These anti-humans care nothing for the religions or nations that the masses are so wedded to.  They can slither from one place to another.  Like a chameleon they can change color or camouflage themselves.  They must be seen, the truth tellers are doing their part; we need only open our eyes.  And open your eyes for this one, the greatest animated film ever made, The American Dream.  Watch this 30 minute cartoon, get angry and get real.
I say again, if a street vendor can kick off a global revolution, imagine the power of the people united, intelligent, fearless and indomitable.  We can achieve any damn thing we commit to.  I say we destroy the banking system and replace it with genuine currencies of real value serving simply as a means for fair and ethical trade.  I say we default on all of our loans to the criminal banks, both personal and national, and start over.  I say we make criminals of the merchants of death who produce weapons of mass-destruction.  And I say we sail to Palestine by the thousands and turn Israel’s ruthless, mass-murdering, fourth largest military in the world into an impotent irrelevance.
Why not?
Let us realize once and for all, that we the people are one, that we are human, that our most precious gift is that of our humanity.  Let us never sacrifice it again.  Together we are unstoppable.  We are the sleeping giant, we are the waking lion, we are fierce and we are fearless.
If you the tyrants, the bankers, the prostitutes of propaganda and politics, if you are very fortunate indeed we will give you amnesty.  But if you seek such mercy, then step down and speak honestly of the crimes against the people to which you aided and abetted and/or committed.  Maybe, just maybe, you will become human again.  And you can thank us all for being human with you.
If you are the police, the army, the servant of the tyrants, know that you are one of us, and you have the opportunity to serve your true purpose, which is to serve the people.  Do this and you will be welcome.  Remember, you are commanded by God and/or conscience to serve your fellow human beings; do so at the very moment your traitorous superiors order you to turn on the people.  At that moment in which you are being ordered to sacrifice your humanity, put down your weapons and join the people; WE WILL EMBRACE YOU.  You will transform from a vassal of tyranny to a hero.  You have been placed in your position for this role, do not reject it.
To the tyrants, it matters not what you do to any one of us, we are the people, we are the true power and we are reclaiming it.  Do not stand in our way.
To my brothers and sisters in Tunisia and Egypt, my deepest love and respect goes out to all of you.  Thank you for showing us the way.  May we follow in your footsteps, and without delay; I for one am with you 100%.

NTS Notes:  The events in Egypt are unfolding rapidly even as I write this article.  Like I have said many times already... The Egyptian people have suffered from the brutal regime of Hosni Mubarak long enough, and they deserve a true taste of real freedom!

Ken O'Keefe has some great points in this fabulous article indeed.  The idea of a Global Revolution against the tyrants who have destroyed our nations and enslaved the masses through their debt based monetary systems is something that anyone with a clear conscience should support full heartedly.    

The problem is that these criminals are still in control of our nations, and until the people are fully awakened to, and begin to rise up against their own country's corruption, a Global Revolution is still somewhere off in the future.... 

So for now, we can only hope that what happens in Egypt causes a mass awakening of conscience in people everywhere else.   That time is long overdue.....

Long live the proud people of Tunisia and Egypt!

More to come


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The Best Video (So Far) On The Revolution In Egypt

Some readers and colleagues have asked me my personal opinion of what is happening in Egypt... I will state it right here:  The people of Egypt have suffered long enough, and its time for them to taste true freedom!

For the last few days, I have been watching the real news out of Egypt via the Al Jazeera live video feeds via the internet, and have turned away from the BS on the Zionist Jewish controlled media outlets.  I am asking all of my readers that if they want the truth about what really is happening in Egypt, to do the same....

To show what is truly happening in Egypt, I want to present the best video that has been released about the revolution right here for my own readers to view.  It is only 2+ minutes long, but the message is perfectly clear:

NTS Notes:  As I have stated in previous articles... Hosni Mubarak definitely has to go!  

The only thing that worries me and others is that the Americans and Israelis may attempt to bring in another American/Israeli controlled puppet after Mubarak is removed from office.  I pray that the Egyptian people will see that this possible and very sickening scenario never happens!

More to come


Israel Reaps A Bad Harvest

I, for one, am watching closely what is happening in Egypt with great interest.  It is so amazing to watch a great nation's people finally rise up against a brutal dictatorship that they have suffered from over the last 30 years, and demand their rights and freedom!

The fact is, readers, that both the United States and their masters in Israel, are watching what is unfolding in Egypt with the greatest interest.  Israel especially has a vested interest in what happens in Egypt because their leadership, as well as the Americans, has propped up Mubarak over the last 30 years!

Now many questions are coming forward, such as the most important one: What will happen to the Israeli-Egyptian relationship under a new leadership?   Well, to help answer that question, I want to turn to a great article, from Jeff Goodall, at, entitled: "Israel Reaps A Bad Harvest", that points a bleak outlook for Israel's future relationship with Egypt once Mubarak is removed from office.  Here is that important article:

Israel reaps a bad harvest

If Egyptian President Mubarak is deposed and his government replaced by an Islamic regime, Israel’s only remaining ‘friends’ in the Middle East will be Jordan and the Palestinian Authority.

Neither one seems that reliable, and Israel’s brutal and sustained ill-treatment of the Palestinian Arabs ensures that no Middle Eastern country will be in any hurry to befriend it.

The suggestion in the article below that Syria is a ‘natural candidate’ to become a new ally for Israel is laughable, in my opinion. The seizure of the Golan Heights over forty years ago, the September, 2007 Israeli sneak attack on a suspected nuclear facility in Syria, and the Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Gaza, render such a prospect remote to say the least.

Any Arab leader who expresses friendship for Israel courts the risk of popular uprisings and overthrow, and quite possibly death. The Israelis have spent six decades making enemies, and now it is time to pay the price. They are the authors of their own misfortune.

My expectation is that the Americans, who in addition to spending billions of dollars annually on Israel have also spent billions on Egypt, will now be expected to squander even more wealth buying new friends for their problem-child.

This is an excellent opportunity for the Americans to say “Enough!” and break the chains of the Israel Lobby once and for all. There are plenty of people in the United States, especially inside the Beltway, who know that Israel is a strategic liability to them. However, they are afraid of the Lobby and its demonstrated power to destroy politicians it doesn’t like.

But, it would only take just one politician with the guts to tell it like it is to open the floodgates and start a process resulting in the awakening of the American people, an end to the continual outpouring of treasure and lives in military and economic aid to Israel, and the endless wars for Israel’s ‘security’.
Opportunities like this don’t come along too often; here’s hoping the Americans will take advantage of it.

Jeff Goodall.

Without Egypt, Israel will be left with no friends in Mideast 

Aluf Benn: January 29th, 2011
Without Egypt’s Mubarak and with relations with Turkey in shambles, Israel will be forced to court new potential allies.

The fading power of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s government leaves Israel in a state of strategic distress. Without Mubarak, Israel is left with almost no friends in the Middle East; last year, Israel saw its alliance with Turkey collapse.

From now on, it will be hard for Israel to trust an Egyptian government torn apart by internal strife. Israel’s increasing isolation in the region, coupled with a weakening United States, will force the government to court new potential allies.

Israel’s foreign policy has depended on regional alliances which have provided the country with strategic depth since the 1950s. The country’s first partner was France, which at the time ruled over northern Africa and provided Israel with advanced weaponry and nuclear capabilities.

After Israel’s war against Egypt in 1956, David Ben-Gurion attempted to establish alliances with non-Arab countries in the region, including Iran, Turkey and Ethiopia. The Shah of Iran became a significant ally of Israel, supplying the country with oil and money from weapons purchases. The countries’ militaries and intelligence agencies worked on joint operations against Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser’s rule, which was seen as the main threat against Israel and pro-Western Arab governments.
Israel’s next alliances were forged with Jordan’s King Hussein and Morocco’s King Hassan. These ties were operated in secret, as well as ties with leaders in Lebanon’s Christian community. The late 1970s saw the fall of the Shah of Iran, with an anti-Israel Islamic republic created in his stead.

Around the same time, Egypt and Israel broke their cycle of conflict by signing a peace agreement. Egypt positioned itself on the side of Saudi Arabia, as head of the pro-American camp.

Mubarak inherited the peace agreement after President Anwar Sadat’s assassination. Mubarak was cold in his public relations with Israel, refusing to visit the country except for Yitzhak Rabin’s funeral, which decelerated normalization between the countries.

Relations between the Israel Defense Forces and the Egyptian army were conducted on a low level, with no joint exercises. Egyptian public opinion was openly hostile towards Israel and anti-Semitic terminaology was common. Civil relations between the countries were carried out by a handful of government workers and businessmen.

Despite all of this, the “cold peace” with Egypt was the most important strategic alliance Israel had in the Middle East. The security provided by the alliance gave Israel the chance to concentrate its forces on the northern front and around the settlements. Starting in 1985, peace with Egypt allowed for Israel to cut its defense budget, which greatly benefited the economy.

Mubarak became president while Israel was governed by Menachim Begin, and has worked with eight different Israeli leaders since then. He had close relations with Yitzhak Rabin and Benjamin Netanyahu. In the last two years, despite a stagnation in peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians and worsening relations between Netanyahu and the Arab world, Mubarak has hosted the prime minister both in Cairo and in Sharm el-Sheikh.

The friendship between Mubarak and Netanyahu is based on a mutual fear over Iran’s strengthening and the rising power of Islamists, as well as over the weakening and distancing of the U.S. government with Barack Obama at its head.

Now, with Mubarak struggling over the survival of his government, Israel is left with two strategic allies in the region: Jordan and the Palestinian Authority. These two allies promise to strengthen Israel’s Eastern battlefront and are also working to stop terror attacks and slow down Hamas.

But Israel’s relationship with these two allies is complicated. Joint security exercises are modest and the relationship between the leaders is poor. Jordan’s King Abdullah refuses to meet Netanyahu, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is waging a diplomatic struggle against Israel’s right-wing government. It’s hard to tell how Jordan and the PA could fill the role that Egypt has played for Israel.

In this situation, Israel will be forced to seek out new allies. The natural candidates include Syria, which is striving to exploit Egypt’s weakness to claim a place among the key nations in the region.

The images from Cairo and Tunisia surely send chills down the backs of Syrian President Bashar Assad and his cronies, despite the achievement they achieved with the new Hezbollah-backed Lebanon government. As long as the Arab world is flooded with waves of angry anti-government protests, Assad and Netanyahu will be left to safeguard the old order of the Middle East.
See original here.

See also “The Israel Lobby: Arrogance goes before a fall?” here.

NTS Notes:  A very important fact is that Israel and the United States are fully responsible for having Mubarak stay in power in Egypt for the last 30 years, and the Egyptian people have finally said "ENOUGH!" when it comes to the brutalities carried out by this man.

Another sore fact is that Israel has done everything possible for the last few years alone to alienate every one of its neighbours... People must remember their brutal attacks on Gaza during Operation Cast Lead back in 2009.  And we should not forget Israel's invasion of southern Lebanon in 2006, or its attack on the Syrian nuclear facility a year later... And we cannot forget the May 31st, 2010 attack on the Mavi Marmara, that ruined their relationship with Turkey.  

So we see that Israel has done everything possible to enflame hatred of them from all of their neighbours in just the last few years..... The net result soon may be an Israel surrounded by enemies only.... As the saying goes, especially when it comes to the criminal state of Israel: "As you sow, so shall you reap!"

More to come


One More Suspect Cleared Of Responsibility For Moscow Airport Bombing! (Still Leaving The Mossad As Prime Suspects!)

The moment that the bomb went off in the Domodedovo Airport, in Moscow, last Monday, I and others said instantly that it had all of the markings of being another Mossad false flag attack.

It does not take much logic to see that this bombing was the work of the Mossad, due to the fact that they had both the motive, and the means, for carrying out this horrendous action.   The motive was the fact that the Russian President, Medvedev, went to Palestine the week earlier, and declared Russia's full support for an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capitol city.   This enraged the criminal Israeli government which is bent on having Palestine all for their selfish selves.   

The means for the attack in Moscow was the fact that security for that airport was handled by the Israeli security firm, ICTS, which was the same group that ran Logan Airport security in Boston the morning of 9-11, and was also the security responsible for Detroit International where the false flag underwear bombing took place!  Being in charge of security allowed their Mossad agents to plant the bomb in the baggage area of the airport quite easily!  

To show again that another of the suspects for the airport bombing has been cleared of charges, thus leaving few other suspects other than the Mossad on Russia's list, I want to present a new article from The Independent online news service out of the UK at, that states clearly that the ethnic Russian man named as prime suspect in this bombing has been cleared of all charges!  Here is that article:

Police rule out suspect in Moscow airport bombing

By Shaun Walker in Moscow

Saturday, 29 January 2011

The ethnic Russian man police believed could have been the suicide bomber at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport has been cleared by DNA analysis, according to sources close to the investigation.
On Thursday, the Kommersant newspaper named 32-year-old Vitaly Razdobudko as the prime suspect in Monday's bombing, which killed 35 people. Mr Razdobudko, a Muslim convert, went missing from his home in the Stavropol region in southern Russia in October; police believe he may be linked to the Nogai Brigade, one of many interlinked terrorist cells operating in Russia's troubled North Caucasus region.
The Life News website reported that police have now ruled out the possibility that Mr Razdobudko was the bomber, after comparing DNA samples from his parents with the remains found at the site. It also reported that his features do not match video footage from the scene.
Police have not cleared him completely, though, and believe that a group of terrorists, possibly including Mr Razdobudko, arrived in Moscow before New Year.

NTS Notes:  Another suspect down, and again who is left?   Gee... The Mossad of course!

I wonder how long it will be before the Russian government runs out of other suspects other than the Mossad and they will be either forced to name these criminals as responsible, or they will bow down to Israel and just say "We have no clues as to who is responsible".

Remember the motto of these criminals:  "By Way Of Deception... Thou Shalt Do War!" ..  The Moscow bombing is more and more appearing to be another of their handiwork!

More to come


Friday, January 28, 2011

Egypt Rising: Washington Dithers, As Its Factotum (Puppet) Faces Downfall!

Right now, the proud people of Egypt are in revolt against the criminally suppressive regime of Hosni Mubarak.   Mubarak has been in power and in absolute control over Egypt since 1981, when then President Anwar Sadat was murdered by Islamic "Extremists".   His brutal rule and suppression of democracy has been fully supported by both the United States, and the criminal state of Israel.   Now the people have had enough and are seeking Mubarak's removal as head of state!

There have been many articles pertaining to the present situation, and how Egypt's ally, the United States is reacting to the popular uprising.  I have found an excellent one courtesy of, at, written by Chris Floyd, and entitled: "Egypt Rising: Washington Dithers As Its Factotum Faces Downfall", and I have it in its entirety right here for my own readers to view:

Egypt Rising: Washington Dithers as its Factotum Faces Downfall

Chris Floyd

Empire Burlesque, January 28, 2011

Astounding things are happening in Egypt. Tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, are on the streets. As I write, there are reports that protestors have taken over police stations and attacked headquarters of the ruling party in several cities. Activists are now reporting that police in Alexandria have downed their weapons and are mingling peacefully with the crowds. And some police officers in Cairo are apparently now siding with the protestors. As the Guardian notes in its continuous live-blogging of the events:
In another extraordinary audio report Jack Shenker in Cairo reports on signs that the police are siding with the protesters. He saw a senior police officer discard a teargas canister to signal to protesters that he was on their side. Will the regime fall, he asked a state journalist. "It's already falling, it can't stop," Jack was told. Jack has seen tens of thousands of protesters on the streets.
I recommend the Guardian site as one of the best places to keep track of these breaking historic events as the day unfolds.
Meanwhile, here are a few quick takes I put down earlier this morning.
As you might expect, As'ad AbuKhalil, the "Angry Arab," has some pertinentobservations about the protests in Egypt, and the, shall we say, attenuated response to them from the American political and media establishments. First, he examines this key question: What if this was Iran?

The Egyptian regime is clamping down hard: they stopped the internet altogether, they stopped SMS, (and Twitter and Facebook obviously shut down). Vodaphone and two other phone companies stopped SMS. Najib Suwayrus, the Egyptian billionaire friend of Jamal Mubarak, is a collaborator in the repression. Even the regime's mouthpiece, Al-Ahram, has been shut down. Egyptian goons are erasing clips of repression from Youtube. In Suez, the land lines are down.
What if this was Iran?? When there were protests in Iran, Twitter (the company) and Facebook (the company) came out in support of the protesters.  The US media were enamored with the protesters back then.  Why are those protesters not sexy for you?  You can't say that they are Islamists this time (as if Islamists have no rights to protest -- but let us go along with the argument for the sake of it), and yet they are all alone.  It will be remembered (when you ask now and later why they hate us), that Mubrak's repression took place with the full support of both parties in the US and the Obama administration.  Do you know now why whenever a US official, any US official, ever utter the word "democracy", Arabs get a strong urge to throw up?  In Iran, the US covertly smuggled those cute camera pens for demonstrators.  They were not cute enough for the Egyptian people.
He also points us to the jaw-dropping performance of VP Joe Biden, as the Palinesque dimbulb and corporate bagman made clear the support of his boss -- the Nobel Peace Laureate -- for the bloodstained tyranny of Egyptian boss Hosni Mubarak. AbuKhalil gave an excerpt from a Christian Science Monitor piece by Dan Murphy:
Ahead of a day that could prove decisive, NewsHour host Jim Lehrer asked Biden if the time has "come for President Mubarak of Egypt to go?" Biden answered: "No. I think the time has come for President Mubarak to begin to move in the direction that – to be more responsive to some... of the needs of the people out there." Asked if he would characterize Mubarak as a dictator Biden responded: "Mubarak has been an ally of ours in a number of things. And he’s been very responsible on, relative to geopolitical interest in the region, the Middle East peace efforts; the actions Egypt has taken relative to normalizing relationship with – with Israel. … I would not refer to him as a dictator."
Think of that: all Mubarak needs to do -- after decades of iron-fisted control over a system that has plunged millions and millions of people into destitution and despair -- is to begin to move in the direction of being a bit more responsive to some of the needs of the people. And as Murphy notes, Biden went to question if any of the protestors' concerns are legitimate:
Biden [told NewsHour] "...we’re encouraging the government to act responsibly and – and to try to engage in a discussion as to what the legitimate claims being made are, if they are, and try to work them out."
If they are -- which means they might not be. Tens of thousands of ordinary people, risking their liberty and their lives to ask for bread, justice, freedom and opportunity -- this might not be legitimate. In fact, only the government which drove the people to such desperate acts can determine, after "discussion," which "claims" of the people might or might not be legitimate.
This is the position of the administration of the Nobel Peace Laureate, the Democratic Party champion whose political fortunes, we are told, must be the main focus of all decent people. This is what Barack Obama -- and his dimbulb deputy -- believe. That a tyrant is not a dictator. That no protest -- against an American factotum, that is -- can be "legitimate," unless that factotum vets the "discussion," and determines which "reforms" he might begin to move in the direction of considering.
Believe me, As'ad, it's not just Arabs who see all this and want to throw up!
Meanwhile, what is really happening in Egypt, beyond the gasbaggery in the Beltway?  Ahdaf Soueif reports in the Guardian:
In Tahrir Square, in the centre of Cairo, on Tuesday night Egypt refound and celebrated its diversity. The activists formed a minor part of the gathering, what was there was The People.
Young people of every background and social class marched and sang together. Older, respected figures went round with food and blankets. Cigarette-smoking women in jeans sat next to their niqab-wearing sisters on the pavement. Old comrades from the student movement of the 1970s met for the first time in decades. Young people went round collecting litter. People who stayed at home phoned nearby restaurants with orders to deliver food to the protesters. Not one religious or sectarian slogan was heard. The solidarity was palpable. And if this sounds romantic, well, it was and is.
Then, at1am, Central Security attacked. Ferociously. Within five minutes more than 40 canisters of teargas were thrown into the crowd. When they did not disperse, the special forces went in with batons, water cannon and finally rubber bullets. People were grabbed and thrown into police trucks. Hundreds were driven off to police stations and detention centres. Private cars chased round after the police trucks to keep track of where they were taking people.
...There is a level of organisation springing up here that can best be described as solidarity in action. At various centres round the capital young activists are manning phones, documenting injuries, setting up impromptu clinics.
At the Hisham Mubarak (no relation to the president) legal centre people have not slept for 48 hours. They have documented, since 25 January, eight people killed, 24 injured and more than 800 detained. But the hotlines published on the websites have now all been blocked so fewer calls are coming in. But information keeps coming: they detained a 90-year-old man in Suez. He used to be a leader of the resistance in 1956. And he's in the protests now.
As I write, it is early Friday afternoon in Egypt. Thousands of people are in the streets. The security forces are cracking down harder than ever. (Perhaps they've gotten the green light from the regime's Potomac patrons to do whatever it takes to preserve the oh-so-non-dictatorial regime of Mubarak.) As AbuKhalil noted, the non-dictatorship has shut down the internet, and is forcing telecoms to "suspend services."
Mohamed ElBaradei, the dissident figure (who is also a Nobel Peace Laureate, even though he has never launched a single drone attack on an undefended village), has been "detained" by the non-dictatorship. His arrest comes after he issued statements criticizing Hillary Clinton for America's for bolstering the regime, which he declared was "on its last legs." Before he was taken, ElBaradei pointed to the government's efforts to cut off communication within the country, and with the outside world. As the Guardian reports:
"Egypt today is in a pre-information age," he said. "The Egyptians are in solitary confinement – that's how unstable and uncomfortable the regime is. Being able to communicate is the first of our human rights and it's being taken away from us. I haven't seen this in any other country before.
"The international community must understand we are being denied every human right day by day," he said. "Egypt today is one big prison. If the international community does not speak out it will have a lot of implications. We are fighting for universal values here. If the west is not going to speak out now, then when?"
Well, "the west" has spoken out. And it has declared that the Egyptian dictator is not a dictator, even when he is killing and beating his people in the street. It has declared that any complaints his repressed people have might not be legitimate -- and in any case, should only be addressed by the dictator himself, as he sees fit, in his own good time. Vviolence, repression, injustice, inequality, and authoritarian power as the sole determiner of "legitimacy" in society: these are the "universal values" being articulated by the leaders of the west in Washington.
But as the American bard sang long ago: "Don't speak too soon, for the wheel's still in spin;/And there's no telling who that it's naming." Like a frozen river in spring, the ice of repression is breaking in Egypt, and it is by no means certain that the factotum and his patrons will be able to dam or direct the flow.

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NTS Notes:  The fact is, readers, that the United States has propped up this puppet regime for almost 30 years now, and the people have had enough.   I say, good for Egypt... Mubarak definitely has to go!

This article hits the nail on the head by showing the failing state of the American empire, when its out of touch leadership continues to support its man in Cairo, Mubarak, right to the bitter end. 

Of course there will be the question of Israel's involvement in this uprising.  But at the moment it appears that this revolution by the people is totally in their hands.  We can only hope that the new leadership in Egypt does not fall prey to the criminal trappings of Washington and Tel Aviv, and rather speaks first and foremost for the people of Egypt themselves!   A lesson that is bitterly missed in the United States, and Canada,  these days....

More to come


Israel Did 9-11: Here Is More Proof To Ponder!

Israel by using its Mossad agents in the United States, along with coordination with Sayanim agents operating in America, and loyal supporters in the US Government and the American CIA, did the horrendous attacks of September 11th, 2001.

As further proof and something that will make even the most ardent naysayers take notice, I want to present the following article from Wayne Madsen, through the website: Opinion Maker, at, entitled: "British Intelligence Reports - Mossad Ran 9-11 Arab "Hijacker" Terrorist Operation".   This may finally blow the lid off of the entire 9-11 attacks.   I have that entire article right here for my own readers to view:

British Intelligence Reports…………….

Posted on 27. Jan, 2011 by Raja Mujtaba in Hot Topics

Mossad ran 9/11 Arab "hijacker" terrorist operation
By Wayne Madsen
British intelligence reported in February 2002 that the Israeli Mossad ran the Arab hijacker cells that were later blamed by the U.S. government's 9/11 Commission for carrying out the aerial attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. WMR has received details of the British intelligence report which was suppressed by the government of then-Prime Minister Tony Blair.
A Mossad unit consisting of six Egyptian- and Yemeni-born Jews infiltrated "Al Qaeda" cells in Hamburg (the Atta-Mamoun Darkanzali cell), south Florida, and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates in the months before 9/11. The Mossad not only infiltrated cells but began to run them and give them specific orders that would eventually culminate in their being on board four regularly-scheduled flights originating in Boston, Washington Dulles, and Newark, New Jersey on 9/11.
The Mossad infiltration team comprised six Israelis, comprising two cells of three agents, who all received special training at a Mossad base in the Negev Desert in their future control and handling of the "Al Qaeda" cells. One Mossad cell traveled to Amsterdam where they submitted to the operational control of the Mossad's Europe Station, which operates from the El Al complex at Schiphol International Airport. The three-man Mossad unit then traveled to Hamburg where it made contact with Mohammed Atta, who believed they were sent by Osama Bin Laden. In fact, they were sent by Ephraim Halevy, the chief of Mossad.
The second three-man Mossad team flew to New York and then to southern Florida where they began to direct the "Al Qaeda" cells operating from Hollywood, Miami, Vero Beach,  Delray Beach, and West Palm Beach. Israeli "art students," already under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration for casing the offices and homes of federal law enforcement officers, had been living among and conducting surveillance of the activities, including flight school training, of the future Arab "hijacker" cells, particularly in Hollywood and Vero Beach.
In August 2001, the first Mossad team flew with Atta and other Hamburg "Al Qaeda" members to Boston. Logan International Airport's security was contracted to Huntleigh USA, a firm owned by an Israeli airport security firm closely connected to Mossad — International Consultants on Targeted Security – ICTS. ICTS's owners were politically connected to the Likud Party, particularly the Netanyahu faction and then-Jerusalem mayor and future Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. It was Olmert who personally interceded with New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to have released from prison five Urban Moving Systems employees, identified by the CIA and FBI agents as Mossad agents. The Israelis were the only suspects arrested anywhere in the United States on 9/11 who were thought to have been involved in the 9/11 attacks.
The two Mossad teams sent regular coded reports on the progress of the 9/11 operation to Tel Aviv via the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC. WMR has learned from a Pentagon source that leading Americans tied to the media effort to pin 9/11 on Arab hijackers, Osama Bin Laden, and the Taliban were present in the Israeli embassy on September 10, 2001, to coordinate their media blitz for the subsequent days and weeks following the attacks. It is more than likely that FBI counter-intelligence agents who conduct surveillance of the Israeli embassy have proof on the presence of the Americans present at the embassy on September 10. Some of the Americans are well-known to U.S. cable news television audiences.
In mid-August, the Mossad team running the Hamburg cell in Boston reported to Tel Aviv that the final plans for 9/11 were set. The Florida-based Mossad cell reported that the documented "presence" of the Arab cell members at Florida flight schools had been established.
The two Mossad cells studiously avoided any mention of the World Trade Center or targets in Washington, DC in their coded messages to Tel Aviv. Halevy covered his tracks by reporting to the CIA of a "general threat" by an attack by Arab terrorists on a nuclear plant somewhere on the East Coast of the United States. CIA director George Tenet dismissed the Halevy warning as "too non-specific." The FBI, under soon-to-be-departed director Louis Freeh, received the "non-specific" warning about an attack on a nuclear power plant and sent out the information in its routine bulletins to field agents but no high alert was ordered.
The lack of a paper trail pointing to "Al Qaeda" as the masterminds on 9/11, which could then be linked to Al Qaeda's Mossad handlers, threw off the FBI. On April 19, 2002, FBI director Robert Mueller, in a speech to San Francisco's Commonwealth Club, stated: "In our investigation, we have not uncovered a single piece of paper — either here in the United States, or in the treasure trove of information that has turned up in Afghanistan and elsewhere — that mentioned any aspect of the September 11 plot."
  The two Mossad "Al Qaeda" infiltration and control teams had also helped set up safe houses for the quick exfiltration of Mossad agents from the United States. Last March, WMR reported: "WMR has learned from two El Al sources who worked for the Israeli airline at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport that on 9/11, hours after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grounded all civilian domestic and international incoming and outgoing flights to and from the United States, a full El Al Boeing 747 took off from JFK bound for Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport. The two El Al employee sources are not Israeli nationals but legal immigrants from Ecuador who were working in the United States for the airline. The flight departed JFK at 4:11 pm and its departure was, according to the El Al sources, authorized by the direct intervention of the U.S. Department of Defense. U.S. military officials were on the scene at JFK and were personally involved with the airport and air traffic control authorities to clear the flight for take-off. According to the 9/11 Commission report, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta ordered all civilian flights to be grounded at 9:45 am on September 11." WMR has learned from British intelligence sources that the six-man Mossad team was listed on the El Al flight manifest as El Al employees.
WMR previously reported that the Mossad cell operating in the Jersey City-Weehawken area of New Jersey through Urban Moving Systems was suspected by some in the FBI and CIA of being involved in moving explosives into the World Trade Center as well as staging "false flag" demonstrations at least two locations in north Jersey: Liberty State Park and an apartment complex in Jersey City as the first plane hit the World Trade Center's North Tower. One team of Urban Moving Systems Mossad agents was arrested later on September 11 and jailed for five months at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Some of their names turned up in a joint CIA-FBI database as known Mossad agents, along with the owner of Urban Moving Systems, Dominik Suter, whose name also appeared on a "Law Enforcement Sensitive" FBI 9/11 suspects list, along with the names of key "hijackers," including Mohammed Atta and Hani Hanjour, as well as the so-called "20th hijacker," Zacarias Moussaoui.
Suter was allowed to escape the United States after the FBI made initial contact with him at the Urban Moving Systems warehouse in Weehawken, New Jersey, following the 9/11 attacks. Suter was later permitted to return to the United States where he was involved in the aircraft parts supply business in southern Florida, according to an informe3d source who contacted WMR. Suter later filed for bankruptcy in Florida for Urban Moving Systems and other businesses he operated: Suburban Moving & Storage Inc.; Max Movers, Inc.; Invsupport; Woodflooring Warehouse Corp.; One Stop Cleaning LLC; and City Carpet Upholstery, Inc. At the time of the bankruptcy filing in Florida, Suter listed his address as 1867 Fox Court, Wellington, FL 33414, with a phone number of 561 204-2359.
From the list of creditors  it can be determined that Suter had been operating in the United States since 1993, the year of the first attack on the World Trade Center. In 1993, Suter began racking up American Express credit card charges totaling $21,913.97. Suter also maintained credit card accounts with HSBC Bank and Orchard Bank c/o HSBC Card Services of Salinas, California, among other banks. Suter also did business with the Jewish Community Center of Greater Palm Beach in Florida and Ryder Trucks in Miami. Miami and southern Florida were major operating areas for cells of Israeli Mossad agents masquerading as "art students," who were living and working near some of the identified future Arab "hijackers" in the months preceding 9/11.
ABC's 20/20 correspondent John Miller ensured that the Israeli connection to "Al Qaeda's" Arab hijackers was buried in an "investigation" of the movers' activities on 9/11. Anchor Barbara Walters helped Miller in putting a lid on the story about the movers and Suter aired on June 21, 2002. Miller then went on to become the FBI public affairs spokesman to ensure that Mueller and other FBI officials kept to the "Al Qaeda" script as determined by the Bush administration and the future 9/11 Commission. But former CIA chief of counter-terrorism Vince Cannistraro let slip to ABC an important clue to the operations of the Mossad movers in New Jersey when he stated that the Mossad agents "set up or exploited for the purpose of launching an intelligence operation against radical Islamists in the area, particularly in the New Jersey-New York area." The "intelligence operation" turned out to have been the actual 9/11 attacks. And it was no coincidence that it was ABC's John Miller who conducted a May 1998 rare interview of Osama Bin Laden at his camp in Afghanistan. Bin Laden played his part well for future scenes in the fictional "made-for-TV" drama known as 9/11.
WMR has also learned from Italian intelligence sources that Mossad's running of "Al Qaeda" operatives did not end with running the "hijacking" teams in the United States and Hamburg. Other Arab "Al Qaeda" operatives, run by Mossad, were infiltrated into Syria but arrested by Syrian intelligence. Syria was unsuccessful in turning them to participate in intelligence operations in Lebanon. Detailed information on Bin Laden's support team was offered to the Bush administration, up to days prior to 9/11, by Gutbi al-Mahdi, the head of the Sudanese Mukhabarat intelligence service. The intelligence was rejected by the Biush White House. It was later reported that Sudanese members of "Al Qaeda's" support network were double agents for Mossad who had also established close contacts with Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and operated in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Eritrea, as well as Sudan. The Mossad connection to Al Qaeda in Sudan was likely known by the Sudanese Mukhabarat, a reason for the rejection of its intelligence on "Al Qaeda" by the thoroughly-Mossad penetrated Bush White House. Yemen had also identified "Al Qaeda" members who were also Mossad agents. A former chief of Mossad revealed to this editor in 2002 that Yemeni-born Mossad "deep insertion" commandos spotted Bin Laden in the Hadhramaut region of eastern Yemen after his escape from Tora Bora in Afghanistan, following the U.S. invasion.
French intelligence determined that other Egyptian- and Yemeni-born Jewish Mossad agents were infiltrated into Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates as radical members of the Muslim Brotherhood. However, the "Muslim Brotherhood" agents actually were involved in providing covert Israeli funding for "Al Qaeda" activities. On February 21, 2006, WMR reported on the U.S. Treasury Secretary's firing by President Bush over information discovered on the shady "Al Qaeda" accounts in the United Arab Emirates: "Banking insiders in Dubai report that in March 2002, U.S. Secretary of Treasury Paul O’Neill visited Dubai and asked for documents on a $109,500 money transfer from Dubai to a joint account held by hijackers Mohammed Atta and Marwan al Shehhi at Sun Trust Bank in Florida. O’Neill also asked UAE authorities to close down accounts used by Al Qaeda .  . . . The UAE complained about O’Neill’s demands to the Bush administration. O’Neill’s pressure on the UAE and Saudis contributed to Bush firing him as Treasury Secretary in December 2002 " O'Neill may have also stumbled on the "Muslim Brotherhood" Mossad operatives operating in the emirates who were directing funds to "Al Qaeda."
After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Sharjah's ruler, Sultan bin Mohammed al-Qasimi, who survived a palace coup attempt in 1987, opened his potentate to Russian businessmen like Viktor Bout, as well as to financiers of radical Muslim groups, including the Taliban and "Al Qaeda."
Moreover, this Israeli support for "Al Qaeda" was fully known to Saudi intelligence, which approved of it in order to avoid compromising Riyadh. The joint Israeli-Saudi support for "Al Qaeda" was well-known to the Sharjah and Ras al Khaimah-based aviation network of the now-imprisoned Russian, Viktor Bout, jailed in New York on terrorism charges. The presence of Bout in New York, a hotbed of Israeli intelligence control of U.S. federal prosecutors, judges, as well as the news media, is no accident: Bout knows enough about the Mossad activities in Sharjah in support of the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, where Bout also had aviation and logistics contracts, to expose Mossad as the actual mastermind behind 9/11. Bout's aviation empire also extended to Miami and Dallas, two areas that were nexuses for the Mossad control operations for the "Al Qaeda" flight training operations of the Arab cell members in the months prior to 9/11.
 Bout's path also crossed with "Al Qaeda's" support network at the same bank in Sharjah, HSBC. Mossad's phony Muslim Brotherhood members from Egypt and Yemen controlled financing for "Al Qaeda" through the HSBC accounts in Sharjah. Mossad's Dominik Suter also dealt with HSBC in the United States. The FBI's chief counter-terrorism agent investigating Al Qaeda, John O'Neill, became aware of the "unique" funding mechanisms for Al Qaeda. It was no mistake that O'Neill was given the job as director of security for the World Trade Center on the eve of the attack. O'Neill perished in the collapse of the complex.Mossad uses a number of Jews born in Arab countries to masquerade as Arabs. They often carry forged or stolen passports from Arab countries or nations in Europe that have large Arab immigrant populations, particularly Germany, France, Britain, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands.
For Mossad, the successful 9/11 terrorist "false flag" operation was a success beyond expectations. The Bush administration, backed by the Blair government, attacked and occupied Iraq, deposing Saddam Hussein, and turned up pressure on Israel's other adversaries, including Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Hamas, and Lebanese Hezbollah. The Israelis also saw the U.S., Britain, and the UN begin to crack down on the Lebanese Shi'a diamond business in Democratic Republic of Congo and West Africa, and with it, the logistics support provided by Bout's aviation companies, which resulted in a free hand for Tel Aviv to move in on Lebanese diamond deals in central and west Africa.
Then-Israeli Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu commented on the 9/11 attacks on U.S. television shortly after they occurred. Netanyahu said: "It is very good!" It now appears that Netanyahu, in his zeal, blew Mossad's cover as the masterminds of 9/11.
Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist. He has written for several renowned papers and blogs.
Madsen is a regular contributor on Russia Today. He has been a frequent political and national security commentator on Fox News and has also appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, and MS-NBC. Madsen has taken on Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity on their television shows. He has been invited to testifty as a witness before the US House of Representatives, the UN Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, and an terrorism investigation panel of the French government.
As a U.S. Naval Officer, he managed one of the first computer security programs for the U.S. Navy. He subsequently worked for the National Security Agency, the Naval Data Automation Command, Department of State, RCA Corporation, and Computer Sciences Corporation.
Madsen is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), Association for Intelligence Officers (AFIO), and the National Press Club. He is a regular contributor to Opinion Maker.

NTS Notes:  Was there any doubt? According to this article, British Intelligence fingered the Mossad directly for the entire 9-11 attacks way back in 2002!    

It is so amazing that after almost 9 and 1/2 years that people just don't get it!   Israel and their agents in America did that horrendous attack that killed 3000 innocent people just to get their American puppets in step for their phoney "War on Terror" and to send American men and women off to fight and die in wars for them!

If this does not finally make people stand up and realize the truth about 9-11, then I suspect that nothing ever will...

Always remember their evil motto: "By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War!"

More to come