Saturday, December 11, 2010

While Americans Are Homeless, And Living In The Streets, The US Congress Just Raised The Amount Of "Aid" That The Criminal State Of Israel Receives!

America is now in full economic collapse, with its citizens now having their homes foreclosed with the net result that many are living in the streets, or in "tent cities".    The TRUE unemployment rate in America, not the BS 10-12% that the controlled media states, is around 23% now and rising!    The entire nation is a wreck with no recovery in sight for the foreseeable future!

But, lo and behold, according to this article from Antiwar, at, the Zionist Jewish controlled US Congress has just approved a bump up of "flat aid" to Israel to a level just above 3 BILLION dollars annually!   If you are not angry now, America, here are the sordid details:

House Approves Major Increase in Israeli Military Aid

Increase Comes to $3 Billion in 2011 Aid, Plus $205 Million in Missile Funding

by Jason Ditz, December 10, 2010

The House of Representatives earlier this week approved a significant increase in the level of military aid to Israel, pushing the level to $3 billion in flat military aid, with an additional $205 million set aside for a short range rocket system.
Both of the increases were already planned as part of a memorandum of understanding between the United States and Israel, but were formally approved as part of the 212-206 vote in the House on Wednesday.
Rep. Steve Rothman (D – NJ) said the increase in aid to Israel “sends a strong message to both our enemies and allies,” but also comes at a time when the US has only just abandoned the Israeli peace process over its inability to convince Israel to agree to even a short term freeze.
The failure of the peace talks has led a number of Western nations to react negatively to Israel’s settlement expansions, but it appears that, for the US, the peace process was never more than a side story and remains irrelevant to the question of heavily arming the nation.

NTS Notes:  OK... I need to ask:  Why the HELL have the American people not risen up by now and removed these criminals from their own government?  

Money sorely and desperately needed in America is still being sent without any question to these criminal politicians Zionist masters in Tel Aviv.    This is absolutely sickening....

And here is another shock to the American public that they may not know by now.... Remember that recent bribe of some 3 BILLION dollars worth of F35 combat aircraft that was agreed to be sent to Israel in return for a phoney act of Israel stopping its settlement building in the West Bank for a laughable 90 days?   Well... Israel got the combat aircraft, and the so called 90 day "freeze" is not happening!   Imagine my (total lack of) shock!!!!

Americans need to wake up and stop this madness once and for all.   Israel has controlled their government for too long now, and right now it is literally bleeding the nation to death through its phoney "aid" and its getting its American slaves to fight its wars for it.    It is time to end this evil once and for all!

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Wake up America and vote these creep Senators & Congressmen out of office who are nothing more than solicitors for Israel!