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Welcome To The Wikileaks ZioMatrix!

Over the last few articles I have been on an attack on the BS Wikileaks documents that have again surfaced.   This time these farcical documents have pictured the United States itself as the great evil in the world, and again not even scratching the criminality of the evil state of Israel.    To absolutely not even consider Israel for its crimes alone should have been enough for anyone with common sense to see that they are a massive fraud and disinformation exercise, most probably conducted by the criminal state of Israel itself!

Now to further show how Wikileaks is a massive fraud, I turn to a great article from a fellow real truth seeker, Phillip Marlowe, over at   This article is entitled: "Welcome To The Wikileaks  ZioMatrix!" and I am putting that entire article right here for everyone to see for themselves:

Welcome To The Wikileaks ZioMatrix!

LIKE A LOT of people now, I’ve had serious reservations that all this Wikileaks business is nothing but a giant Zio “psyops” program for the Internet generation (I’ve never trusted them enough to add the link to my site). Sure, it appears to be a giant exposure of the US government and all, but is it really? To me, it stinks to high heaven of a Jewy MOSSAD/CIA disinfo program.
The biggest thing making me suspicious is simply all the media attention the whole story is now getting. You think for one lousy minute they would be going on and on like this if it was real? And what about all the explosive 9/11 stuff out there the mainstream media patently ignores? Nor does it have any revelations concerning the always-so-innocent and victimized Israel.
Most of the supposed Wikileaks intel revolves around evil Iran and Pakistan, the usual fodder for your cable news Zio-apparatchiks to blather about anyways. Oh, wait, they do have a few leaks on Turkey, too. Hmmm, hasn’t Israel been having problems with that country over the last few years? Nah, that’s all just a coincidence, I’m sure.
Zionist Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu says this about the Wikileaks:
“Israel has not been damaged at all by the WikiLeaks publications. On the contrary, the documents showed support in many quarters for Israel’s assessments, especially on Iran.”
Yeah, I bet, Bibi boy. That quote alone is plenty enough for any clear thinking person to suspect the whole mess. Sounds a lot like his piss-poor acting job on the day after 9/11 when he slipped up, saying the “terrorist attacks” were good for Israel. Read on.
I try to beware of calling anything ”disinfo” because the real perps might be putting the idea out there to cover themselves. In other words, Wikileaks might indeed be genuine, but to head off any damage, the CIA plants the idea that it’s all disinfo. Another possibility is that Assange thinks he’s using the CIA, when the opposite is true — the CIA/MOSSAD has been using him all along.
But in this case I think Wikileaks is a clever form of disinfo to begin with. Consider the supposedly “big revelations” the media is now yapping away about:
  1. Putin of Russia is the “Alpha male.” BFD. That kind of comment probably gets the macho Putin off big time.
  2. Some Saudi prince told us to cut off the head of the snake, meaning Iran. BFD. We already know that the corrupt Sunni royalty class, oppressors of the poor Shia working class in Arabia and sucks-up to Israel, feels threatened by the Iranian Shiite mulahs. Funny, how that little dynamic is never talked about in the media.
  3. Karzai is bipolar and the Afghani VP smuggled out 52 million. BFD. Everyone already knows that bunch are corrupt toadies. Why are we dying for these worthless bastards?
  4. Turkey is governed by incompetents and is now on the road to Islamic fundamentalism. BFD. More Jew Islamophobia and Turkey has been acting kind of anti-Semitic lately.
  5. French Prime Minister Nicholas Sarkozy (Jew) is a naked Napolean. BFD. Oh, wow, like that one is another big revelation. He is indeed an arrogant midget Jew.
  6. Italian PM Berlusconi is buddy-buddy with Putin and his Russian mobster pals. BFD. Putin chased out all the Jewish Red Mafiya back in the 90′s, so I guess they can now talk about whatever Goyim ones are still there. 
  7. Iran used the Arab Red Crescent to funnel arms and Revolutionary Guard agents into Lebanese Hezbollah territory. BFD. Like that’s such a revelation of biblical proportions. You should suspect by now how Jewry pulls off dishonorable, tricky things whenever they want. The Jew always plays the high ground in public, but has zero problem resorting to any means necessary himself. But the story dovetails nicely with Israeli claims of Gazan “terrorists” using Red Crescent ambulances that the brave Israeli soldiers always have to shoot up.
The MOSSAD/CIA clique in the US government could easily have pulled it off technically. First, provide for their assets a relational DB interface to scan a data dump of Embassy cables (easy enough for them to get). Small teams of Zionist traitors could simply scroll through, checking off entries for inclusion in a master file. This would then be “seeded” to a patsy, who releases it thinking he’s the hero man. The truly dangerous stuff never goes anywhere. Of course, they would have to include material here and there that would embarrass the US to some degree (but not Israel), to lend authenticity.
Zbigniew Brzezinski thinks a ”Foreign Intelligence service” might be behind it. He smartly refrains from saying exactly which one (what other country but Israel could do this?). In his interview with Judy Woodruff of PBS, he backs up my theory on how it was done:
JUDY WOODRUFF: How easy would it be to seed this to make sure that it was slanted a certain way?
ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: Seeding — seeding it is very easy.
Gordon Duff of Veteran’s Today suspects Wikileaks is orchestrated out of Tel Aviv:
Wikileaks is an intelligence operation to weaken and undermine the American government, orchestrated from Tel Aviv, using dozens of operatives, dual citizens, some at the highest authority levels, spies for Israel. Through leaking carefully selected intelligence along with proven falsified documents, all fed to a controlled press, fully complicit, Wikileaks is, in fact, an act of war against the United States. Read more here
Which would not be at all surprising. Duff explains that AIPAC (American Israel Political Affairs Committee) has long trafficked in American secrets, as revealed by former AIPAC employee and spy, Steve Rosen:
“Rosen says his actions were common practice at the organization. He said his next move is to show that AIPAC, Washington’s major pro-Israeli lobbying group by far, regularly traffics in sensitive U.S. government information, especially material related to the Middle East. “I will introduce documentary evidence that AIPAC approved of the receipt of classified information,” he said by e-mail. “Most instances of actual receipt are hard to document, because orally received information rarely comes with classified stamps on it nor record’s alerts that the information is classified.”
The spy story of AIPAC Policy Director Steve Rosen and Senior Iran-Analyst, Kieth Weissman, was of course completely ignored by the mainstream media. Hell, they didn’t breath a word about the case for over two years. Sure, the Washington Post reported to the Beltway crowd (those that might already know), but I can guarantee you 99.9% of the folks elsewhere in the country know zilch.
Yeah, like we’re so sure the media is so free and will bravely ”break the big story.”
And Gordon Duff is not the only one who’s saying this. Jeff Gates, author of “Guilt By Association-How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War,” thinks the whole thing coming out now is to take the heat off Tel Aviv as they screw over both us and the Palestinians in the Middle East “peace talks.”
Any credible forensics would start by asking: to whose benefit? Then look to means, motive and opportunity plus the presence of stable nation-state intelligence inside the U.S. Other than Israel, who else is a credible candidate? Notice how quickly Israel’s role in the peace process vanished from the news. Now it’s Iran, Iran and more Iran. To whose benefit? Read more here
Gates tells us about Israel blackmailing the US for 20 F-35′s, Generation 5 stealth Jets, at 150 million apiece (not including parts, etc.) so they would extend the freeze on Israeli “settlements” (theft) on Palestinian land for another 3 whole months. Get that: 90 days to get 3 billion more out of all us American taxpayers! That works out to about 231 million a week for them not to build more houses on stolen Palestinian property.*
Can you believe the absolute gall of these thieving, backstabbing Jews? Had enough, yet?
Julian Assange tells us he’s “annoyed” by 9/11 Truth and that it’s only a distraction from “actual conspiricies.” Right. 3000 innocent people got waxed that day. Maybe this fool is the real distraction?
9/11 has real-life physical evidence, hard science and facts, all of the Wikileaks stuff is digital. Yeah, they did release that video of the American helicopters opening up with 30mm chain guns and turning to hamburger 2 Reuters reporters and about 10 or so innocent people on a street in Iraq, but so what? The media dropped it the next day and nobody was courtmartialed. And we know that kind of thing happens to civilians over there all the time. Again, BFD.
Undoubtedly, the media’s brief attention of the Wikileaks video was to establish in advance Wikileak’s bona fides, because the real conspirators had much more in store down the road.
Julian Assange is already suspect. He claims to be from Nairobi, Kenya, but he’s really from Australia. His ”Phd” is from an on-line diploma mill. He might be a hacker, BFD — anyone can call themselves a “hacker.” I once did a nice little piece of hacking myself in the distant past, but I would hardly describe myself that way.
And it’s curious how this Assange character is so dastardly that he can’t be brought to bay. He seems to travel freely around the continent like a grunge version of the ”Borne Identity” guy, manages to be interviewed by media and still eludes Interpol (lots of embedded Jews there) over some kind of murky rape charges in Sweden (most likely a manufactured story to give him street cred as being set-up by “The Man” and/or a hetero “playa”).
To me, he looks like a limp-wristed little punk, who wouldn’t know what to do with hot Swedish babe if she wanted it or not. With this guy, I might believe it if the charge involved a gay bathhouse, or he worked as a Boy Scout camp counselor and parents filed charges. But let’s stop speculating here on Assange’s possible sexual peccadilloes and get to the core problem behind all the bull today.

What’s really going on here?

Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, religious or not — none of that matters one bit — Jews are indeed the Nation Wreckers of all history!
“In everything, we are destroyers  even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief… We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands.”
— Maurice Samuel, “You Gentiles,” pages 152, 155, and 147.
Yesterday, Glenn Beck said on his show that the Wikileaks kind of thing destroys trust in the American government and is “breaking down the morter holding our country together.” Aw, boohoo, Beck. No, he’s not saying Wikileaks is disinfo at all, he’s just saying the kind of people behind Wikileaks are out to destroy America in the long run. And he’s right, you know. But not like he sees it, or is willing to say openly on TV.
Which leads me to a question some of you might make: “If Jewry had such control of our government why would they seek to do this kind of thing? Why would they shit in the bed they sleep?”
Because they don’t care, that’s why. They want our country to implode so they can control us even more (and shut up the fast-growing Jew talk). They hate America just like they hate anything not totally under their thumb. Always have. Deep down these destructive people enjoy the downfall of civilizations, even if it puts them in risk. Like the scorpion and the frog, it’s in their nature.
Here, read this illuminating quote from a Neocon and one of the Washington Jew insiders who pushed for us to go to war in Iraq. He’s talking about Muslim societies and governments in his original article (you can go to the link), but if you read between the lines only a bit, you’ll get a good sense how self-rightous, arrogant and destructive these people truly are. They feel the exact same way about any Goyim societies once you get down to brass tacks:
“Creative destruction is our middle name, both within our own society and abroad. We tear down the old order every day, from business to science, literature, art, architecture, and cinema to politics and law. Our enemies have always hated this whirlwind of energy and creativity, which menaces their traditions whatever they may be and shames them for their inability to keep pace. Seeing America undo traditional societies, they fear us for they do not wish to be undone. They must attack us in order to survive, just as we must destroy them to advance our historic mission.”
— Michael Ledeen, “The War Against the Terror Masters.” Ledeen is an Israeli spy and Jew NEOCON, a founding father of JINSA, associate of Kissinger, et al. Ledeen calls for the destruction of the Mosque of the Golden Dome and war with Iran.
Jewry’s “historic mission” is to destroy any non-Jewish society and institution, by using any means necessary. From financial parasitism to usury; racial frictions to atheism; anarchy to communism; radical feminism to extreme pornography; homosexuality to gender-bending; global warfare to insurrection. Anything and everything to corrupt, subvert and destroy non-Jews around them.
This is the basic thrust to why Jewry is such a giant pain in the ass and why they are a cancer to any nation foolish enough to let them in. People come here and say “you think Jews are behind everything!” Because they are, dammit.
This is exactly why I write all this here, do the photoshop work, copy and paste links to back what I say up — all to expose the filthy Jewish urge to destroy my country and race.
But it’s not only this deep-seated, atavistic hatred of the Goyim by regular Jewry. The rich Jews lust to create a One World Government, under their control. They’ve always believed the world belongs to their race and have long been using the nations of the West to achieve this evil Jew agenda.
Sound crazy? I think not. They took over Russia in 1917 and tried to do the same to Germany in the 1920′s. Why do you think the German people elected Hitler? The Jews even say world domination is their ultimate goal. Go to my ”Revealing Quotes” page and read it all for yourself. You will be astounded and furious. Even without that, one only has to look at the things going on these days to figure out the real deal.
The Internet has given us an opportunity to read what other people have to say, instead of how they want us to think and how they portray things on US mainstream news. It may not last long. America is waking up to the Jew on a daily basis — don’t you think it’s about time we start taking back this country from these devious and immoral people?
– Phillp Marlowe
* This should be major news, but it’s not. They’re smart enough to realize regular joes might get a tad ticked if they heard of a 3 month deal in exchange for 3 billion of our money, just to continue peace talks once again. Maybe that’s another reason for the media to talk non-stop about Wikileaks?
Just think it through America, and you’ll see just how the media screws this country for Jewry every damn day!

NTS Notes:  Again, I want to thank the Incogman for his continuing expose on the criminality of the Zionist Jews.  

People need to understand that Israel is desperate to have any criticisms of its evil actions deflected at all cost.   And lo and behold, here comes this fraud called "Wikileaks" to do the trick just when they needed it most!

It is also astonishing that the Zionist controlled media everywhere is putting up this Wikileaks BS as one of their major articles.... What ever happened to the expose on the truth behind the lies of Global Warming that came out last year at this time?   It is amazing that the media never covered THAT important story!   That fact should also have alerted all readers that Wikileaks is pure bull crap!

Lets get the word out to everyone about the truth behind this Wikileaks propaganda.   It is very important for everyone to know that the Israelis are the masters of deception and disinformation.   Wikileaks is right up their alley!

More to come


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