Thursday, December 16, 2010

Very Important Video: People And Power: On A Wing And A Prayer

This blog covers a very wide range of subjects.  The primary focus has always been to expose some of the major LIES of history, and to expose the criminals responsible for the crimes against Humanity in the world today.   Some critics have labelled me as an "antisemitic" for my articles, and I laugh at them for that ridiculous statement, due to the fact that I support the Semites, which are the Palestinians, fully!

I came across this video and after watching it, I became disgusted.  The information presented here does go beyond the subjects that I have covered until now, but I found it too important to overlook.    This video is by the Al Jazeera News service, and it is entitled: "People and Power:  On A Wing And A Prayer".   Please watch this video closely, and I have a few comments to follow:

NTS Notes: As I stated, this is a bit outside of the realm of subjects that I usually cover.  However, this shows definitely the decline of the American Empire, in that the Government is actually supporting the major corporation, Boeing Aerospace, in covering up this criminal and disgusting act!  

This is obviously done because of Boeing's own greed and their selfish need to stay competitive with competing aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus out of Europe.   Cutting corners and allowing defective parts to be incorporated into aircraft spells only trouble and a disaster in the making.

The facts presented are absolutely scary and appalling.   Right now there are some 1500 or so Boeing 737-NG aircraft in the air, and about 1/2 of them were definitely manufactured between 1994-2000 with these defective parts.    It will only be a matter of time before the corrosion and wear in those defective joints cause major structural failure in a 737NG's fuselage, and with that, hundreds of innocent people will die.

I myself have flown dozens of times in the last few years, and with this news, I will definitely be watching out for what type of jet aircraft I am taking future flights in.

Please pass this video around and make everyone aware of this dangerous situation.  As I have stated, hundreds of innocent lives could be at stake.

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