Monday, December 13, 2010

Sex, Lies, Iran, Israel, And Wikileaks!

By now, everyone must know that Wikileaks is a massive fraud and a scam perpetrated by the US Government, and the criminal state of Israel, for the sole purpose of bringing in control over the Internet itself!   It is a fact that because of the fraud of Wikileaks, that the US Government is pondering a law that will censor the Internet itself!

But what of Wikileaks and its so called "documents" that vilify the US Government, and other governments, but absolutely does NOT touch the criminal state of Israel for all of its evil actions around the planet?   Well, to further answer some of these questions, I want to present a fabulous video from Anthony Lawson, out of Australia, entitled: "Sex, Lies, Iran, Israel, and Wikileaks".   It exposes the truth about Wikileaks being pure disinformation propaganda, and I have that video right here for my own readers to view in its entirety:

NTS Notes:  It is so obvious that Wikileaks is there to vilify Iran, and to make the state of Israel look like a saint.   Everyone with common sense knows that Iran does NOT possess nuclear weapons, but Israel has hundreds of them!   Do you see any of that truth in these Wikileaks releases?  Absolutely not one word! That alone should have alarmed and put up red flags right away that this Julian Assange is a Mossad operative, and an agent of disinformation right from the beginning.

Lets put this Wikileaks stuff out of its misery once and for all.   It is obvious what these criminals' sick game is all about, and the fact that many people have actually fallen for this ruse is alarming indeed.

Please spread the word and tell everyone about the truth behind Wikileaks.   It is just the criminal Zionist Jews latest attempt to pollute the Internet with disinformation, and as a result, to curtail the Internet from exposing their crimes against humanity, period!

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