Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New David Duke Video: Who Taught America To Torture? (One Guess!)

America is a failing empire that is continuing its wars around the planet for very evil reasons.  The war in Iraq is for the criminal state of Israel, while the war in Afghanistan is for the Rothschild Heroin/Opium drug lords in Europe.    The actions of American soldiers during these wars has become a severe question of morality, due to the sharp increase of American soldiers committing acts of torture against civilians, and their captured enemy combatants.   It is astonishing that America used to pride itself on having one of the most "civilized" armies on the face of the Earth, and torture was almost totally unheard of.   The question then becomes.... What the hell has happened?

To answer the important question on why America now practices acts of torture openly and exactly WHO taught America how to torture, I want to present the following very important video from David Duke, entitled: "Who Taught America To Torture?".   For most readers, the answer is very obvious already, but I do recommend that everyone take the time to watch this video in its entirety here:

NTS Notes:  The moment I saw the title to this video and before even watching this video, I knew that the criminal Israelis have been teaching the Americans the art of torture, and the evidence of these acts of torture first appeared in the actions of American soldiers in the prison camps in Iraq!

I like others used to always believe that a society that prides itself in justice and morality absolutely does not condone torture what so ever.   The fact that America now openly uses torture on prisoners shows how far that once great nation has fallen into the grasp of evil.  

This one is again a wake up call for Americans, and shows again that they need to take back their nation and their government from the clutches of Zionist Jewish Israeli control desperately!

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