Saturday, December 18, 2010

New David Duke Video: Christmas Versus Hanukkah, Peace And Love Versus War And Hate

The Zionist Jewish war to destroy Christmas and all it stands for continues right in front of our eyes.   All that anyone needs to do is to take a look around them and see that every year less and less symbols of the Christmas season are being erected, and more people are now treating this most important time of year as "Just another holiday"!  

Now, for this article, I want to present the newest important video courtesy of Dr. David Duke, entitled: "Christmas Versus Hanukkah, Peace And Love Versus War And Hate", for my own readers to view right here.   I have some comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I personally find it appalling that the American public has been brainwashed by the Zionist Jewish controlled media to allow these evil symbols of war and hate, the Menorahs,  to be erected everywhere across that once great nation in place of symbols of Peace and Love; Christian Crosses!    What the hell ever happened to true Christian values in America?

The Zionist Jewish war to destroy Christmas seems to be succeeding when we watch people scurrying around shopping malls to purchase materialistic items without any thought about the true meaning of Christmas, which is of course: Peace On Earth and Good Will towards All Men!

If we do not take a stand and try to bring back the true emphasis and meaning of this season, then we will lose Christmas forever to these merchants of evil.    Spread this important message and video around, and lets make sure that we win this war for Christmas!

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AudioPackrat said...

While I agree with most everything you post, I must take exception to your statement about Christianity and Jesus being the reason for the season. With a little research you can easily see that people celebrated this time of year because of the Winter solstice LONG before any mythical Jesus. The season was hijacked. Also, I am sure you realize by supporting Christianity you support Judaism. They don't call it 'Judeo-Christianity' for nothing. Remember, it is mostly Christians who blindly support Israel because they are told their imaginary friend was a jew, they hope to convert jews, and Israel is a part of their 'end times' scenario that they want so desperately to come to pass. Because of this, Christians are easily manipulated by the Zionists. Faulty beliefs and religious faith leads to sacrifice of the followers and absolute power for the corrupt.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I do respect your opinion... But the premise that I support Christianity fully since I as well as yourself know perfectly well that Christianity and its values have been hijacked by the evil Zionist Jews is unfounded.

I am specifying in this article and others that the true meaning of Christmas itself, that being "Peace on Earth, and Good Will to all Men" has been lost, and should be restored to everyone!

Yes, there are a lot of Christians who blindly support the evil entity called Israel, and that is why there are those such as you and myself who are out there trying their damnest to get the word out to these fools. The necessity to unravel their manipulation and brainwashing is tantamount to this fight!

Thanks for your input, and feel free to comment anytime, AudioPackrat!


Anonymous said...


I disagree that if you support Christianity you support Judaism. The West is not Judeo-Christian as you like to say. It is Israeli-Christian, that is those people of the lost tribes of Israel. Remember that here in the UK fro example the Edict of Expulsion is still in force (1290) which means all Jews living within the UK are to be executed. The Jews first came to the UK with William the Conqueror in 1066. They stayed here for nearly 300 years as a tiny minority with no say in anything. They came back to the UK in 1649 when Cromwell executed King Charles 1st. They have been here since. There is nothing Jewish in the West other than the controlling mechanisms in place, many are oblivious to. Our culture is not Jewish. Sure the Jews may share the Bible but the Talmud? Come on, think about it. How can you say if you support Christianity you support Judaism? That's folly.

I will agree that there are many evengelical Christian nutters in the USA who are Zionists, but that's only because they're waiting for Rapture, Armageddon, the second coming of Christ and the conversion of all Jews to Christianity. As a real Christian, that is those who are not involved with the Roman Catholic Church or any denominations, who don't go to Church etc etc but believe in the Christ and his teachings, one does not support Judaism. That's a certainty.
There's also a huge difference to being a Christian and following the Christian religion.

You are also correct on Christmas, as Christ was not born on December the 25th but believed to be around September 1st. Christmas is a pagan festival, the worship of Odin, where the initial Santa Claus comes from. All the things concerning Christmas - Carols, trees, presents etc come from Roman and European pagan mythology. The Roman Catholic Church didn't so much hijack it as they are merely continuing the worship of their Paganism, as they are most certainly not Christians.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Thanks, Harbinger, for your comment.

I agree with your factual evidence, since the purpose of dedicating Dec 25th as the date of Christ's birth has more to do with the Winter Solstice rather than his true date of birth. That shows definitive evidence of how the Christmas Dec 25th dating significance is more pagan than one of religious importance.

We should stay focused on their hijacking of Christmas' true meaning.... And the fact that we must prevent these evil people from succeeding in destroying that meaning....

Keep up the fine work, gentlemen, and lets keep the true meaning of this time of year (and in the rest of the year) in everyone's hearts..

Anonymous said...

Who's your friend?

It's the Arabs, Stupid!

AudioPackrat said...

Alright, let me try to explain what I meant. Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism, is it not? Judaism is 'old testament' and Christianity is 'new testament'...bascially. They both share the bible, they both believe in an Abrahamic god. The difference is Jews don't have 'Jesus BS' short circuiting their cognitive processes. Jews don't believe Jesus was a messiah or savior. They adhere to the old testament - which tells them they are 'chosen'...(and that god is a real estate agent apparently). Christians are taught to 'turn the other cheek' and 'forgive'. Jews are taught that it is ok to lie if they are 'righteous'. Christians are taught they should sacrifice themselves, Jews are taught they should sacrifice others. Beliefs like these are why Zionist Jews have been able to take advantage of Christians...and because of what I stated before; Jesus was supposedly a Jew, Christians hope to convert Jews, and Israel is part of their end times prophecy (The creation of Israel was a deliberate Rothschild/Zionist attempt to make it seem as if biblical prophecy was coming to pass. This gives credibility in the eyes of Christian believers).

So yes, in a sense, supporting Christianity is supporting Judaism because the Zionists hiding under their religious cloak benefit from gullible, trusting, non-questioning Christians. Christians are deceived into sacrificing their lives and livelihoods for Israel and the Kaballah bankers. Israel's biggest supporter is the United States, which has the largest Christian population of any country. Are you telling me they do not correlate?

The majority of Christians support Israel. Israel is a Jewish state in which most of the population practice Judaism. Therefore, Christians support Judaism/Zionism.

Maybe I should've phrased my statement as a question: "Why would someone support Christian traditions when it is Christians who have allowed the Zionists power?"

I guess most people fail to see the other BIG 'Jew' lie; Jesus.
Jesus is a myth. He didn't exist. There is only hearsay and fairy tales about his existence. Sorry, but billions of believers over the last 2 millenia does not make factual history...(only alot of bloodshed.) Jesus never said a word. He is a fictional character speaking the words of the authors a few hundred years after the life of the so-called 'Christ'. I agree with the Zeitgeist movie. Christ is the SUN anthropomorphized. His story is all based on astro-theology; like many so-called gods before him.

One more thing, what is happening with the holidays is a battle of traditions and political correctness. We have all kinds of people clinging to their cherished superstitions and getting pissed off when someone with a different belief system invades their emotional real estate. This is one of the many reasons religion puts problems where there should be none. Silly beliefs!

There will be no good will from me toward those who profit from engineered conflict and deception.

However, I have nothing but good will all year long towards those who seek to expose the truth buried under a mountain of historical lies.

Have a good one. :)

Northerntruthseeker said...

Actually, there is much speculation as to this "offshoot" of Judaism aspect.... It is a fact that Jesus Christ was NOT a "Jew" but a Judean. Big difference.

Ok... If you do not believe in Jesus Christ, that is your choice.. The aspect of his meaning, whether he existed or not, is what should matter to people... Treating everyone with love and respect... The idea that everyone are brothers and equals.... and of course as I have already stated: Peace on Earth and good will to ALL Men!

Historically, the term "jew" was not even born until about the 18th century AD....

The fact is that Christianity has been hijacked by these criminals for centuries... Even the term "Judeo-Christian" is an oxymoron, due to the fact that Judeo and Christian are polar opposites of each other. One teaches materialism, and evil aspects, while the other teaches spirituality, love, and moral values.

I can also understand the moral dilemna of seeing ugliness in this world by those who profit from engineered conflict and deception, but if we do not try to bring a message of hope to everyone, then they win by having all of us in despair.

Thanks for your aspect, and your comments.


AudioPackrat said...

It is a tangled web of political and religious taboo we are attempting to unravel. One thing I am certain of, there will never be peace on earth and good will as long as there are some people imagine themselves favorites of a god and believe in a divine right to rule over others.

I commend you and fellow truth seekers who have the courage to speak their minds online. The internet is the only outlet for discussion and opinion about historical events. It is the greatest enemy of the powers-that-be. We cannot allow them to gain control of it.

Keep up the good fight, and thanks for replying to my posts.