Saturday, December 18, 2010

More Cool Facts About Israel: Lets Torture And Stone Palestinians!

With this being the Christmas season, we must again not forget about what exactly is happening to the impoverished and brutalized Palestinians in the occupied territories by the hand of the criminal Israelis.  The criminal state of Israel is still in the process of stealing territory away from the Palestinians in their push for their sick dream of a "Greater" Israel that they want to encompass all of Palestine for themselves.

I just came across another great video that shows the true nature of exactly what is happening to the Palestinian people in the West Bank thanks to the illegal Israeli settlers.   This one is entitled: "Cool Facts About Israel: Lets Torture And Stone Palestinians", and I have it right here for my own readers to view and judge for themselves:

NTS Notes:  Hebron is not part of Israel and sits fully in the occupied West Bank region of Palestine.  Lets again make that fact perfectly clear.

What has been happening in Hebron has been repeated many times in other towns in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.   From what we see in this video, these illegal Israeli settlers actually believe that the land stolen from the Palestinians is theirs to keep!   It is maddening to see the brutalities that they commit along with the criminal soldiers that are there to keep "order".

Again, with this being the Christmas season and the need for peace on Earth and good will to all men, we must not ever forget what is happening to these people by these criminals.    Please pass this video and others around to others for them to see what exactly is happening that the Zionist controlled media outlets refuses to show!

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