Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Important Video: The Madness Of A Lost Society

America is finished.    That once great nation is now in economic free fall, and unless there is radical and drastic changes made immediately, there will be absolutely no recovery...period!  

The American people are presently almost sleepwalking through their daily lives, while their corrupt government continues financing two totally un-winnable wars that are basically bleeding American taxpayers to death.    The present unemployment rate in the US has been listed by the BS media as being around 15-17% presently, but in reality it is around the 25% mark and rising.   Even the US dollar as the world's currency is no more with the announcement that China and Russia will no longer do their trading on the poisonous US dollar!   America is a mess....

To show how far America has slid down the road to tyranny, I want to present the following video through Youtube, entitled: "The Madness Of A Lost Society".    It is absolutely sickening to watch, but it should be a wake up call for people everywhere, especially in the United States!  Here is that video:

NTS Notes:  So it seems that while America is collapsing, its citizens do this kind of sickness during "Black Friday"?    The insanity speaks for itself....

It is time for America to wake the hell up and take back their country before it is too late....End the criminal Federal Reserve System, and end the criminal debt to criminal private bankers immediately!   These two points are absolutely imperative for America to start rebuilding its shattered economic system.

I was shocked by what I saw in this video, but from what I see in the near future, this is tame compared to what is coming.....The madness of a lost society indeed....

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

Pretty bad isn't it? If this is the average American, they deserve what is being served up to them.

Can you imagine being with any of these folks in a life or death situation? We are... and there is no way they would hold their side of the bargain if there was a piece of cheap Chinese plastic and a yen involved.

You ain't seen nuffin yet, Katrina... said...

Even though the shyster psychopaths that are intentionally running the asylum into the ground (for at least the past 50 years, and thereby profiting themselves handsomely), heavily censored what really occurred during Katrina, enough of the Facts of that law-of-the-jungle nightmare leaked out to the dumbed-down herd to give them just a little taste of what's coming when the bad joke that's laughably called our "society/culture" is completely crashed, by the above-mentioned shyster psycho's.

Did the Amerikan herd pay attention during Katrina?

Of course not - way too self-absorbed - they just flicked channels to Dancing With The Dumbf***s.

NTS, that vid would be darkly humorous - if it wasn't so pathetic.

Anyone expecting the Amerikan herd to wake up and come to the rescue of the West, let alone themselves, will be sadly disappointed I believe.

All those tens of millions of sincerely deluded Amerikan fundi-Christian zionist lunatics are going to have a spontaneous awakening and see Israhell for the shitty little international terrorist state it actually is?

They will suddenly realize the Facts and kick Hagee's fat ass out the door, along with his zionist corrupted Bible that directs them to worship (and send their children to die for) Israhell?

As Mr J. Wayne might say, "That'll be the day."


Northerntruthseeker said...

That is why I say America is finished, period!

There is no hope for the American people that I can see now... They are too dumbed down by the chemical diet and the controlled media that they are to be nothing more but lambs to the slaughter.

And sadly that slaughter is coming very soon......

Anonymous said...

May be a fair comparison to consider the tens of millions of Russians and Ukrainians in the years before the murderous 1917 Zionist/banker coup in Russia.

None of them would have thought it possible that in just a few years the Jewish Bolsheviks would be mass murdering them in the streets, in their homes, in the Gulags with bullets to the back of the head, mass starvation and God knows what other horrors.

No one in America thinks it's coming either. Should be quite a surprise to them, NTS.


Anonymous said...

A society fed on degeneracy from birth is amoral, without any awareness that there is civil/ethical/moral decency. Perhaps you were blessed to grow up being taught those behaviors. Many in the US have not been so raised. The government/public education and the entertainment media have blatantly been the main causes of this. The welfare agenda initiated by the US government rewarded single parent motherhood( a life-style passed on to the girls), no fathers allowed, no work necessary. So their kids acquired debased morals, drug selling/using by males, a rise in crime, of course. All of which has been promoted by all forms of vile entertainment. And no accountability being taught by "religious honchos," but hatred for the system as an excuse for the generational degeneracy. If one has no basis for knowing right from wrong, good can seem bad and bad can seem good. Such is the reason there has to be a basis for absolutes in a civil society. It is difficult for honorable persons to understand that the amoral mind has no conscience, but it is true. That is the reason criminals cannot be trusted. To them crime is good!