Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Important Video: The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America!

Being a man of science, I have always been troubled by the education system that students today endure and are subjected to on a daily basis.  It is shocking to myself to see that young people today are no longer taught to be CRITICAL thinkers, but rather to just accept what they are taught in a failing education system without any thought or having the ability to question what is taught to them!  It is actually disgusting to see that student are graduating from College Levels in both Canada and the United States with only rudimentary skills in Mathematics and Languages.   I have had to ask myself:  What the Hell is going on with the education system today?

To try to answer some of the questions about exactly what is happening to our education system, and the actions of very criminal organizations and the Governments themselves, in a deliberate attempt to dumb down today's population, I want to present a very important video entitled: "The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America".   Here is that video,  and I have some comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  The information enclosed in this video not only applies to the education system in America, but also to some degree in both Canada, and European nations as well.

One factor that is overlooked in this video is the fact that the deliberate dumbing down of America is actually part of the evil Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion blueprint for Zionist Jewish domination.  The fact is that this deliberate dumbing down by using chemicals is part of this master plan to turn the Goyim into Zombies, and to weaken their ability to fight back against these criminals as they proceed to dominate the planet!

One major factor is of course something that I have been warning people for years, and that is to absolutely avoid the intake of Fluoride in their foods, especially in their drinking water.  Fluoride is a neurotoxin that affects the brain, and causes the victim to become sheepish and docile.  It is no wonder that  people do not stand up against the criminality of their own government in America, and this is most probably caused by their intake of Fluoride!

Americans need desperately to take their nation back, but from what I see by their failing education, total lack of critical thinking capability, and the fact that most go about their daily lives like zombies today, could it already be too late?  Lets hope not!

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Anonymous said...

As an expat who had tried to wake the "sheeple" since 1978 to what was thier zionist controled gove was doing to them & the death & distruction around the world in thier name but to no avail I lost "friends" I was looked @ like I was "losing it" my tax's was looked over 3yrs in a row (till I stopped contacting congress)I had tried to get people to read the old
spotlight newspaper the only place
you could get any non-zionist controlled news pre-internet.
So anyway I moved to Holland in 2006 & after seeing how the schooling of NL.,& most of northern
Europe compare to our schools these
kids here are more advanced in 9&10
than our college students.Well I'am 70 now & I'am enjoying more real freedom now in Europe then I've had in US for 20yrs its a pleasure to be able to talk to people who really understand the issue's & problems of the "one world gove" even the youngest Arab
cab drivers are smarter then 95% of the sheeple of US.Travel is fun again hi-speed trains in a matter of hours I can be almost anywhere
in west/europe US will be a footnote in world history ,as Ben Franklin said"We gave the people a replubic let us see if they can hold on to it". At lease I feel I tried in some small way but I'am tired of banging my head on the wall.