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Important Health News: New Vitamin D Recommendations Promote Nutritional Deficiency, Protect Cancer Industry!

I have been saying for a long time that for anyone to properly fight off major illnesses and diseases, all they need to do is to get into a proper nutritional daily regiment, including taking higher doses of what is probably the most important vitamin for proper health; Vitamin D!  

The question has arisen as to what has been the Government and the Pharmaceutical Industries replies to the push for higher intakes of Vitamin D.   Well, it seems that according to this new article from Natural News, at, their response is to rather than recommend that you increase your Vitamin D intake dramatically, they reluctantly recommend that people increase their intake but by only a very minor amount. They also are putting out warnings about overdosing on this important vitamin instead! This is an absolutely ridiculous response from these criminals.    Here is that Natural News article, with my comments to follow:

New vitamin D recommendations promote nutritional deficiency, protect cancer industry

Thursday, December 02, 2010
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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(NaturalNews) Earlier this week, the Institute of Medicine finally got around to reluctantly admitting that people need more vitamin D. Raising the daily intake recommendation from 200 IUs to 600 IUs still leaves most people pitifully vitamin D deficient, and a flood of scientific research that has emerged over the last four years reveals that vitamin D deficiency causes cancer, osteoporosis, depression, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disorders and depression.

In other words,
vitamin D deficiency is the cornerstone of the pharmaceutical industry's profit machine. Most of the really big money now being shoveled into the cancer industry and the drug companies comes from patients who are woefully deficient in vitamin D.

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the
dietary supplement industry's trade association, called the new vitamin D recommendations "a modest step in the right direction that fell short of truly capturing the extensive and positive research that has consistently supported the need for people to significantly raise their vitamin D levels." (

According to scientific studies, right now 70 percent of whites are deficient in vitamin D, and
97 percent of African Americans are deficient, resulting in outrageously higher rates of cancer among blacks compared to whites ( The Institute of Medicine curiously claims such deficiencies do not exist, however.

health professionals had hoped the Institute of Medicine might suggest raising the daily intake of vitamin D to a level that would actually help prevent cancer: 2000 IUs a day, or even as much as 4000 IUs a day. Most informed nutritionists right now recommend anywhere from 2000 IUs to 4000 IUs per day for adults, and the research on the connection between cancer and vitamin D is clear: Vitamin D prevents 77 percent of all cancers (

But this is precisely why the Institute of Medicine absolutely cannot allow more vitamin D to be taken by the American people --
it would destroy the pharmaceutical industry's primary business model by making people well!

Government warns people not to take too much Vitamin D (seriously...)

And so today, even as it reluctantly adjusted the daily recommended intake to the 600 IU level (800 for the elderly), the Institute of Medicine issued a ridiculous warning against "megadosing" on vitamin D. (It considers a "mega dose" anything over 4000 IUs.)

mainstream media even jumped on the bandwagon, reporting that anything over 10,000 IU can "cause kidney damage." And yet, doctors who know about vitamin D deficiency routinely prescribe 50,000 IUs a day for their patients to help them recover and restore their vitamin D back to healthy levels. (That amount is only safe for people who are severely deficient, by the way. NaturalNews agrees this is not a safe dose for a person who already has sufficient levels of vitamin D in their body.)

Dr Michael Holick, the vitamin D expert who has been routinely attacked by conventional
medicine for educating people about vitamin D, takes 3,000 IUs a day himself. He's featured in a NaturalNews special report called The Healing Power of Sunlight and Vitamin D which can be downloaded for free at:

The 600 IU level is a pitiful amount of vitamin D that's
guaranteed to continue the epidemic of vitamin D deficiency in America. "This is a stunning disappointment," said Dr. Cedric Garland, one of the top researchers who has studied the ability of vitamin D to prevent cancer.

A massive vitamin D deficiency conspiracy among Big Pharma, Big Government and the mainstream media?

The real story in all this, by the way, is that there is a massive conspiracy to keep the American people vitamin D deficient for as long as possible. This conspiracy is achieved through the use of outright lies such as this whopper published by CBS News a few days ago: "While some people truly are deficient in vitamin D, the average person already has enough circulating in his or her blood. That's because we also make vitamin D from sun exposure, and because many people already take multivitamins or other D-containing dietary supplements."

This is, of course, a blatant lie. Most people don't take vitamin D supplements, and few people get any sunshine at all. The worst deficiency is, of course, among those with darker skin such as African Americans and, to some extent, Latinos and Asians, all of which are now suffering skyrocketing rates of cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

That the mainstream media (and the entire medical community) would
lie to black people about vitamin D deficiency is no surprise: It was traditionally blacks who were chosen for Big Pharma's medical experiments throughout its nefarious history (

And now,
the American people are the experiment! The Institute of Medicine, Big Pharma and the FDA are all running a grand experiment entitled, "What happens if we keep all Americans -- but especially the blacks -- deficient in vitamin D?"

If you doubt the accuracy of that statement, consider the historical fact that the U.S.
government conspired with the National Institute of Health to use Guatemalans as human guinea pigs in secret medical experiments for which President Obama was recently forced to apologize! (

Just as an explanation here, those with dark skin are far more likely to be vitamin D deficiency because
dark skin pigmentation blocks the ultraviolet light that generates vitamin D in your skin. Watch my video here for a full explanation:

The Institute of Medicine brazenly lied about vitamin D's effects on preventing cancer, stating on its
website, "The IOM finds that the evidence supports a role for vitamin D and calcium in bone health but not in other health conditions. Further, emerging evidence indicates that too much of these nutrients may be harmful, challenging the concept that 'more is better.'"

In other words, the IOM wants you to believe that "more is NOT better" when it comes to vitamin D, even though most people are woefully deficient. This is a subtle way of telling people to avoid taking more vitamin D and thereby
remain vitamin D deficient, which would of course keep people trapped in sickness and disease which generates huge profits for the pharmaceutical industry.

vitamin D conspiracy is real. Government, Big Pharma and even some elements of the media are all scheming together to trap the American population in a state of lifelong vitamin D deficiency. But this conspiracy will ultimately fail because the nutritional science about vitamin D cannot be suppressed for much longer. Especially not if people inform themselves with nutritional knowledge by reading websites like this one.

Vitamin D is the nutrient that could collapse the cancer
industry and destroy Big Pharma. That's why you need to keep learning about it and keep taking it to make sure your levels of vitamin D are high enough to prevent degenerative disease.

For the record, I do not sell vitamin D supplements of any kind, nor do I earn any kickbacks or commissions of any kind from vitamin D supplement

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NTS Notes:  I fully agree with the author of this article in that the big Pharmaceutical Industries, and most Government officials, do not want people to cure themselves of major illnesses by taking something as simple as Vitamin D.  Many of them, and especially those criminals in the Cancer industry, would not be able to sell or administer their poisons to their patients, and instead would be put out of business!

People need to understand that the cornerstone of these criminal industries is for profits and pure GREED.  Again, if people would just simply increase their daily intake of Vitamin D significantly every day, guaranteed many of the major diseases that plague mankind would either be reduced dramatically or disappear all together!

My recommendation stays the same... Take more Vitamin D on a daily basis for your better health!

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