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Day Of Infamy, Day Of Deceit: FDR And Pearl Harbor

"Yesterday, December 7th, 1941...A Date That Will Live In Infamy!".... Famous words spoken by Franklin Delano Roosevelt on December 8th, 1941, in front of the US Congress.    On that day, the United States answered the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor by declaring that it was in a state of war against the Empire of Japan.   Three days later, Adolph Hitler declared war on the United States, as part of Germany's commitment to Japan under the Tripartite Agreement between Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Much has been published and telecasted over the last 69 years since that day of "Infamy".   Many in the western world were always led to believe that the attack was a total "surprise", and that the United States was totally "unaware" of Japan's intentions to attack the US Pacific Fleet at anchor in Pearl Harbor.   But with time, and with the relentless efforts of those, including myself, into finding the truth, we now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Pearl Harbor was a set up by the United States itself to get the nation into World War II!

Two years ago, I published an article about how Pearl Harbor was the "Mother of all Conspiracies", and last year, I published an article to show that the McCollum document of October, 1940 was the "Smoking Gun" of Pearl Harbor and the definitive blueprint on how to get America into the European war by using Japan as the back door!   Now, I want to present a great article from my friend, Phillip Marlowe, over at www.incogman.net, that explains how FDR, and his cronies, were responsible for the Pearl Harbor attack, and for getting America into World War II.   That article is entitled: "Day Of Deceit: FDR And Pearl Harbor", and I am proud to present it in its entirety right here for my own readers to view:

Day of Deceit: FDR and Pearl Harbor

THOSE WHO FORGET THE PAST ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT. And those totally clueless about the past have it coming to them.            
ONE OF THE big questions of history is whether or not Roosevelt knew the Japs were going to bomb Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. You know, “The Day of Infamy” and all that jazz. Well, I’m here to tell you that not only did FDR know the Japs were coming, he purposefully worked at goading them to do just that for over a year!           
Finding a way to get Americans in a fighting mood for his fat cat Jew buds became FDR’s secret lust after getting reelected for his second term. He really wanted America to get at Der Fuehrer man, the Jew’s worst enemy at the time (and still going strong). The deal was to make the Japs attack us first and get Americans riled-up enough to deflect into killing other Whites — the Nazi Germans. Japs stabbing us in the back would be just the ticket. Pretty much the same thing happened with 9/11 and Iraq, when you think about it. Read on.  
FDR even admitted a ”Europe first” effort from day-one (because of logistics he couldn’t hide it). Most of America didn’t want to go fight in another European war overseas (88% were against it in a poll). However, the fools sucked-down the Jew media brainwashing and FDR’s bold-faced lie about keeping them out of war and re-elected the squirrelly bastard to another term. That sealed the deal for 2,500 dead at Pearl Harbor and another 415,000 dead American Goyim over the next four years, to say nothing of the tens of millions of other people in the world.            
Three civilians were killed in this Packard sedan when an errant 5 inch US anti-aircraft shell exploded nearby, gutting them out with flying, twisted shrapnel. About 50 locals died from “collateral damage,” including a 3-month old baby.            
“So, what’s all this got to do with me, in this day and age,” you might be asking? Let’s just say you live in some pissant little town somewhere in Middle America. Now, imagine some hook-nosed Khazar Jew someplace (maybe even Tel Aviv), who wants to stir-up war hysteria against Iran by faking a terror attack on America. At this very moment Mr. Neocohen has just spun himself around in a little circle with a blindfold on and jabbed his fat, freckled Jew finger on a map — right where your White ass lives. Guess what? Sayonara, Sucker!            
People can’t seem to get it through their big fat heads that these kind of people don’t give a damn whether you live or die. If it advances what they want in the world, then your ass is grass. Compare it to the False Flag travesty of all time: 9/11. The same power structure willing to let the Japs sneak up on us and kill Americans back in 1941 are the very same slime that were willing to see 3,031 civilians die on that September morning, just a few years ago.            
“Oh, you don’t know all this about Pearl Harbor,” befuddled fools might blubber. “You’re just going off on all the conspiracy nonsense like you always do,” they’ll whine. Uh, brainiac boy, just because the History Channel hasn’t done anything on the story doesn’t mean it’s not true. Far from it. In fact, just like the evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, it’s conclusively obvious to anyone with half-a-brain and has read what’s out there now.            
Robert B. Stinnett in a book published back in 2000 called “Day of Deceit, the Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor” (yeah, I stole his title for this article) totally blows the lid off the lies and cover-ups of Pearl Harbor so much it’s not funny. He unearthed intelligence memos and decrypted radio traffic that clearly shows — without a shadow of doubt — what the mainstream media won’t dare say: FDR most definitely knew in advance the Japs were coming and where they would strike.            
Stinnett also conclusively proves the existence of documents still carefully hidden from the public to this very day. Why would they keep secret information from WWII, should you ask, if you had any kind of brain?            

Arthur McCollum
Well, because they don’t want it to become too public that FDR was trying to get us into the war. It’s like this: (A) leads to B, (B) leads to C and (C) leads to D. Don’t you get it? The Zionists behind all the bull in today’s world had a firm hand in the machinations way back then and don’t want the Goyim in the US to get wise today. It’s so obvious that it totally irks the hell out of me that anyone could be so stupid not to see it. 
Stinnett (who served with Dubya’s dad, George H. W. Bush in WWII) used Freedom of Information requests (FOI), careful cross-referencing of diary entries and whatever military plans and reports that have surfaced over the years. He uncovered a secret 8 step program, designed by a guy named Captain Arthur H. McCollum, that FDR happily instituted (actual memo can be read here). This whole thing was specifically created to make the Japs angrier than hornets and itching to put the smack-down on America’s Pacific fleet!      
One big cover-up of Pearl Harbor was the existence of a Jap spy, Tadashi Morimura, who moved freely about the island, spying and partying hard at night in Honolulu’s bars. The government lied, saying they had no knowledge of him until after December 7. But Stinnett shows that senior intelligence, the FBI and even Roosevelt himself had long been reading the Jap’s detailed secret messages that described Pearl Harbor as a sitting duck.
Roosevelt even had his Jew bud, RCA chairman David Sarnoff (later head of NBC), get into the act by dispatching him to Hawaii to make soothing assurances that the spy’s secret communications would be made available to Admiral Kimmel and General Short, the poor saps in charge of Hawaii’s defenses. But Stinnett shows that Morimura’s intelligence messages were “deliberately derailed and mistranslated. There is only one plausible reason for the failure — to keep information from Kimmel and Short and so ensure an uncontested overt Japanese act of war.”
The government (and El Stupido historians ever since) has insisted that the Japs maintained complete radio silence as they sailed out to attack Pearl Harbor, taking us by surprise. Nonsense, says Stinnett. The Japs broke the airwaves with numerous messages that correctly pin-pointed Admiral Nagumo’s aircraft carriers, revealing they were on a course for Hawaii. US code-breakers could read almost every word because they had long decrypted the Jap’s secret 5-Num code (usually called “JN-25″) as far back as October, 1940. This intelligence was routed only to certain military officers in the know and the White House.            
Lt. Commander Joseph Rochefort ran the Navy’s code-breaking unit in Pearl Harbor (Station HYPO) and was obviously tasked beforehand to keep Kimmel and Short in the dark as much as possible. Now considered a hero of WWII because of Midway, Rochefort (played by actor Hal Holbrook in the movie, bottom left) was described as eccentric because he like to wear a smoking jacket and house slippers around the joint.            
Roosevelt also kept Kimmel and Short from having the decryption machine needed to crack the Japanese PURPLE code (mostly used for diplomatic messages), forcing them to rely on whatever Washington deigned to share. Yet even Churchill (by that time owned by the Jews, too) received his PURPLE equipment and necessary decrypt info from FDR. Some historians have long said Churchill knew about the attack in advance, but cynically failed to alert FDR to get America into the war. But guess what? Both of these Zionist-corrupted bastards knew at the exact same time!            
Even the press knew far more about the dangers facing Pearl Harbor than Kimmel and Short. Chief of Staff, General George C. Marshall, held a top secret press briefing in November for seven print reporters (including NY Times and Newsweek), telling them that war would break out in the first 10 days of December, but to keep quiet in the meantime. The press also played a big part in the subsequent cover-ups and blame games; UPI ran a story all across the nation by a reporter named Joseph Myler that placed the fault totally on Kimmel and Short. Anyone who says the press cannot be used to keep us Goyim in the dark doesn’t know JACK!            
Roosevelt even specifically ordered the north Pacific (where the attack would most likely come), vacated by commercial vessels and even US naval ships! Can you believe that? Far be it for the Jap strike force to be detected  unexpectedly and give Pearl Harbor the time to prepare.       
Hawaii’s General Short asked Station HYPO code-breaker and insider to FDR’s efforts, the eccentric Lt. Commander Joseph Rochefort, for decryption help on November 27th, but Rochefort’s reply (if any) has yet to be made public. Stinnett relates that another request was seemingly made in January 1942, long after Short was dismissed — someone had later used the same document serial number as Short’s real request back in November — probably done to confuse any future investigators as to exactly when Short wanted the help.
Navy communication eavesdroppers had even picked-up and understood the final attack order from Tokyo to the strike force then moving into position: “Climb Mount Niitaka 1208 repeat 1208″ (December 8th was Tokyo time). Rochefort specifically held back these crucial decrypts from Kimmel and Short, which would have given them plenty of time to meet the Japs head-on.
You might remember that scene from the movie “Tora, Tora Tora,” where the befuddled Japanese diplomat was hurriedly typing-out with one finger the final transmission of the infamous 14 part Tokyo War Ultimatum for a real-life deadline of 1 pm to Secretary of State Cordell Hull? Well, my friends, Roosevelt was reading the first 13 parts at 10 pm, the Saturday night before and said “this means war!”At 10 am the next morning (4:30 am in Hawaii), as he sipped his morning joe, the final decoded 14th part was set before him.
At this point there was ample to time to get a message off to alert the troops and sailors. For reasons never adequately explained, the scrambler phone wasn’t working and the message was sent on a slow boat to China, via Jew Sarnoff’s RCA (once again) commercial teletype and only arriving at army headquarters as the attack was taking place. General MacArthur received his warning in the Philippines (even further across the Pacific), in plenty of time.
Almost exactly like the 9/11 commission whitewash, Congress held hearings about Pearl Harbor back in 1945-46. Basically, it was all show and the real facts never came close to the light of day. The so-called “Winds Code” was really all BS, never even used by the Japs and turned into a red herring by the Democraps to confuse Retardicans and protect Roosevelt. It meant nothing except fodder for reporters and fooled historians ever since.
All the secret decrypts and memos were even kept from public exposure during Senator Strom Thurmond’s 1995 inquiry about the injustice done to Kimmel and Short, asked for by the families trying to get their good names cleared. These two fall guys suffered miserably from a stupid public who blamed them for Pearl Harbor. Sadly, Thurmond’s efforts did not officially exonerate them — none of the important documents were, once again, not allowed as evidence.
Back in 1944, this army JAGD officer (more like “JAG-off”) named Henry C. Clausen, was sent out by Secretary of War Henry Stimson, to “interview” army personnel involved in Pearl Harbor. It was actually an intimidation mission to find scapegoats, protect the big fish involved and shift as much of the blame on Navy intelligence, as possible. His 800 page report covered the butts of FDR, Gen. George C. Marshall, Col. Walter Bedell Smith and other Army top brass. His work has been referred to by clueless historians ever since.    
In his 1991 book “Pearl Harbor: Final Judgement,” Clausen even dares to call the few historians who said Roosevelt knew in advance as ”conspiracy buffs.” Somethings never change. In his self-serving book’s forward, he stupidly writes:
“One merely has to employ common sense and remember Roosevelt was a Navy man through and through. he loved his ships; he loved the men who sailed them. Never, never would he allow his battleships sunk and his sailors drowned.”
Yeah, right. What a Goy putz. Most of the ships set-up as sitting ducks were WWI class, basically 27 years out of date. FDR even had Admiral Stark order out to sea at the last minute the two modern aircraft carriers to ferry a few planes to Midway and Wake island (the third was in San Diego). As for the sailors back at Pearl, they were mere cannon fodder who meant nothing to Roosevelt.      
Stinnett relates the bizarre story about this Clausen suck-up having his British driver chase down Colonel Rufus Bratton’s car on the autobahn in destroyed post-war Germany during the Potsdam conference. Clausen wanted to intimidate Bratton into ”modifying” his recollection of his delivery to General Marshall of the Tokyo Ultimatum. Back in Paris with the designated scapegoat in tow, Clausen (relating the story in his book) seems positively gleeful as Bratton, head bowed down after reading cover-your-boss’-ass affidavits from his, by now, former army pals. Bratton understands his army career is now ruined and all because he simply told the truth (Clausen, to protect Marshall and Col. Walter Bedell Smith, insists he was lying).       
Stinnett, for all his excellent research and startling revelations, fails in the end putting two and two together about Roosevelt’s real ulterior motives. He somehow concludes that Roosevelt was doing all this to combat a greater evil, that of Hitler springing the “holocaust” on all the Jews in Europe. That’s patently ridiculous as Roosevelt could not foresee any of that when he started the stealth efforts at getting us into war, even if true (which it wasn’t). More likely, Stinnett was emphasizing the holocaust business to placate all the Jew freaks in advance, quite possibly his publisher insisted that he tack on a couple of nonsense paragraphs before printing. That’s how strong the holocaust brainwashing of America has become.       
If any brainiac boy tries to tell you that conspiracies or secrets can’t occur on the scale of 9/11, than you just tell them this: “The truth behind Pearl Harbor was kept a secret like this, you moron.” No, FDR didn’t “fake” the attack on Pearl, but the real facts behind it have been kept secret, even to the very day. Pearl Harbor is a prime example of what is termed the “Let It Happen On Purpose” (LIHOP) theory of 9/11, i. e. Bush and his minions knew what was going down, but turned a blind eye so they could use it to inflame the American public. Just that sounds plausible, but there is a ton of evidence that screams they had a hand in it from the get-go.            
FDR was not only a traitor to America and a Socialist liberal, but was also, at least, partially Jew. Oh, yes he was. He even admitted it once to a reporter and his geneology confirms it (above). He may not have been a practicing Jew and kept quiet about it, but he definitely had Dutch Jew in him. Great grandfather Isaac Roosevelt founded the Bank of New York and FDR’s maternal grandfather, Warren Delano II (Jewish too), made his fortune in the Sassoon drug running empire — the British Jew oligarchy behind the Opium Wars in China. The Sassoons were closely associated with the Rothschilds.            
FDR was born into this International Banking class, the real-life Zionist cabal often called the “Illuminati” — the hidden hand that owns the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and your White butt.            
Besides the Jew blood running through him, or maybe because of it, he was a corrupt and spoiled rich brat since the day he was born. In 1921, a Senate subcommittee concluded he lied to a Naval Court of Inquiry over his role in a homosexual investigation of sailors. It was an open secret that he took part in running various Stock Market gambits called “floats.” When he went into politics, FDR was backed by Big Jew money and surrounded himself with Jews, not only as governor of New York, but when president he appointed 73 Socialist and Zionist Jews to high-level positions.       
To this day, the Globalist’s minions in the government and media still protect FDR’s image. Why would you think they still keep these WWII documents classified, even now? Why do you think you never see any documentaries on the History Channel about any of these Pearl Harbor revelations? Hell, the Hearst family (the Hearst corporation has a large stake in the History Channel) were in cahoots with FDR and even employed his kids!       
These people pretended to be ”Right-wingers” and opponents of FDR who were going to start up a evil Nazi-style Dictatorship in America. This enraged the working people and made them support FDR, “friend of the working man.” Same thing happened with the Duponts (the Military/Industrial complex). It was all a funny joke (to them) because FDR was long a member of the same group of fat cats who really pulled the strings.       
In 1933, these same powers staged a phony “Banker’s Coup” just to make FDR look good and any real, independent conservatives look like ”Right-Wing Extremists” and “Fascists,” trying to stop the “people’s choice.” Dubya’s granddaddy, George Prescott Bush, was a part of the whole charade and his grandson went on to continue the family tradition of Stoogedom for the same Globalist class.       
This Globalist group is at this very moment consolidating world-wide power by bringing Middle America to it’s financial knees. The next planned stage is to completely destroy the US dollar and bankrupt the nation. As our country begs for relief, that’s when they’ll roll out a new Global currency amid bought media fanfare and hoopla — proclaiming that this is the one solution all Americans have been waiting for!       
Amazing how these people can still get away with the sneakiest bull to keep the wool pulled over America’s eyes!
Roosevelt’s “New Deal” was really a “Jew Deal,” which caused a World War the likes never seen before. Millions died horribly, just so the Jews could set in motion efforts to destroy Germany, a country rapidly becoming quite successful on the World stage without Jew money and influence. They could not allow that kind of thing to go on! This further allowed the secret Jew powers to finally take over Palestine (long a project for them), using the whole ’holocaust” schmeil to rake in bucket loads of dough and sympathy out of White saps who believed all the bull — then and now.
No, this is not Mad Magazine.
Not MAD magazine, but TIME (November 2008).
Haven’t you noticed the way the media always makes out FDR as some kind of God President of the ages? That, my friends, is lefty Jew media in action. Regardless of what they still try to say, FDR did NOT get us out of the Great Depression. Like with Obama, unemployment actually increased under Roosevelt. Not until after the war and FDR’s death did America really climb out of her economic woes. About the only thing good FDR did was repeal prohibition so we could all get drunk legally (FDR liked his drinks, too).
Note how these same media bastards are now trying to make out Obama as some kind of new FDR. Hell, they were calling him this before he even spent one day in office (see Jew media propaganda on right)! It’s such a sorry laugh. But the joke is on us as Obama spends this country into oblivion and the Jew Wars continue unabated. 
The cost of Iraq and Afghanistan have now surpassed the expense of the Vietnam war and with no end in sight. We’ve gone past 13 trillion in national debt and good Americans are out of work everywhere. We are undoubtedly in another Great Depression as we speak, while greedy Wall Streeter Jews are still living high on the hog!
All Obama pretty much had to do was lie his skinny black ass off to all the liberal diversity fools across America who wanted “change.” The only real thing changed on January 21st (not the 20th since Obama screwed up the oath), was the skin color of the current Zio-puppet living in the White House.          
The World paid a huge price way back then and to this very day still pays for Big Jewry’s subversions. What price will America pay tomorrow? Iran, WW III and the loss of America’s sovereignty? Subversive, NWO Jews now infest all facets of power in America today (government, economy, media) and in all the White countries of the West. These people have gone into overdrive with the tired WWII victimhood schtick and anti-Muslim terrorist paranoia propaganda, seeking to keep you flummoxed and going along with their deal — not ours.            
If you can’t see any of this, then you’re nothing but some pathetic sheep. Baaaah!            
— Phillip Marlowe
INCOG MAN PERSONAL NOTE: I’ve had the honor of talking with several people who were at Pearl Harbor on that fateful morning of December 7, 1941. The father of one of my friends was on his back porch shaving as the first wave of Jap planes flew in, low and right past him through a notch in the mountains above Pearl. Being a military man, he knew exactly what was going down, Jack!

NTS Notes:  I wish to thank Phillip Marlowe, the "Incogman", again for his tireless efforts in exposing the criminals responsible for the crimes against humanity.   

There was so much wrong with the attack on Pearl Harbor that smells of a coverup.   The facts and details on the coverup are well covered in " Pearl Harbor: The Mother of all Conspiracies".   I do recommend that readers view that important article for themselves.  

We know from real research that FDR was fully aware of the impending Japanese attack, and in fact did everything possible to assist the Japanese in getting the attack off successfully.    Does that make FDR a murderer and responsible for the destruction of the ships of the US Pacific Fleet, and some 2400+ US lives at Pearl Harbor?   Damn right!

The fact is that over 2400 innocent people were sacrificed that fateful morning of December 7th, 1941, just for plunging the US into a bloody World War, that cost some 60+ Million lives worldwide... All for criminal Zionist Jewish bankers to get filthy rich.   

It has always been throughout history that the only winners in any conflict are these criminals that finance both sides in a war.   World War II was estimated to have cost the World some 1.5 TRILLION dollars in 1945 dollars, which equates to some 25-30 TRILLION dollars today!    Can any say "Debt Enslavement of Nations"?   I bet you can now!

More to come


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