Monday, December 20, 2010

Cancer Cured In Canada: But Big Pharma Says NO WAY!

One of the most important topics that I cover in this blog is the criminality of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries.  I have been putting up articles for quite some time almost begging people to stay away from the dangerous vaccines and chemicals that these groups constantly try to push and to seek out more natural remedies that actually work!

One touchy subject has always been the subject of Cancer and Cancer treatment.  It is a fact that Cancer Research and treatments cost BILLIONS of dollars annually, and take up a very large part of a nations' health care costs.   People suffering from that dreaded disease are subjected to a multitude of different chemicals and even radiation that the Medical Industry and Big Pharma promote as "treatments".   It is a fact that these costs are a major burden to sufferers of this dreaded disease, and in most cases... They simply do not work!

I have also put up many articles and videos that cover real cures for Cancer.   Right now, I want to present another great video that was originally put up in May that shows that a simple and absolutely cheap chemical does cure Cancer with  little or no side effects to the patient, but is being purposely withheld from the general public for very nefarious reasons!  Here is that video, readers, and I have a few comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  It is no wonder that the Cancer Industry, Big Pharma, and the Medical Industry as a whole do not want this to be public knowledge.   A simple inexpensive cure for Cancer would put these criminals out of business!   Again, as I have stated many times, GREED rules the day when it comes to these businesses.

Feel free to pass this information around to others, and lets get the truth out about the criminality of the Cancer Treatment Industry, and Big Pharmaceuticals.

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

This is similar to the energy problem. There are ways already devised, vehicles already designed, that fit the mandate of fulfilling necessary functions at a fraction of the cost environmental and financial. What happens? The big companies buy them up and bury them.

In this case it is a public drug and this cannot happen, but they can still put the kobosh on it by any one of many means. As the woman says, she has seen several already go the way of the dinosaur because they were cheap and effective.

The slash and burn method currently in use is a money maker and a depopulation device. As well as the spiritual darkness involved to all involved in the disease on a personal level... patient, family, etc. Do you think those creatures, elites, would submit to such terrors were they ill? I doubt it.

They would have medicos who treat cancer like the fungus it is and get on with their evil ways.

Time to wake the people up...

Thanks for the post and I will put it up later today...

Oh, and if I did not say it yet, Merry Christmas to you and yours this season.....

Northerntruthseeker said...

I agree, Noor... Because there never has been an "energy problem"....

Nikola Tesla solved the energy problem at the turn of the 20th century by his free energy patents and devices... The problem was that the Rothschild dominated oil, and electric industries could not fathom "free" energy for everyone, because they wanted that energy metered for their own personal greed and profit!

It has always been the case that people are fooled into believing in crises and other fearful issues for them to pour money at the problem. Little do people realize that solutions are already available, but are suppressed purposely for nefarious and evil reasons!

Waking people up has always been yours and my own goal..... I just hope we are able to give a few heads a real shake before they attempt to suppress and shut down our messages by shutting down the net.

Best to you and yours for Christmas.... Keep in touch.

a GrebBear said...

Hey Cats )

Great article/comments, Merci )

i have been using MMS 2 found through Jim Humble for over a year now, it works and is completely safe, if taken with a dash of salt and baking soda in the 'wash it down' glass of water.

On the energy front ... WE need a change of perspective. OUR lives unfold in this moment only, ie. OUR lives never unfolded in the past nor will they ever unfold in the future + 'energy can not be created nor destroyed' = ALL the energy that ever was and/or ever will be ... is already present, because, NOW is all there is !!

Add to this undeniable TRUTH, that one side of OUR existence (a dichotomy) is favored (eg. WE are surrounded by life, not death & light can create darkness; but not the reverse) = the golden ratio boost = spiral nature ... and WE have the beat of a rediscovered 'drum'.

Explosion = more and more energy to go faster and faster; because, the circumference gets larger and larger ... "E=MC squared"
Implosion = less and less energy to go faster and faster; because the circumference gets smaller and smaller ... "E=M/square root of C"

i have an invention more than 50% complete and will be finished in the next couple of weeks. Everyone will be able to build one due to its simple principals (see: hidden in plain sight). i already know it works, because, much like Tesla and Schauberger ...
i can clearly see it working in my mind ))

i hope when its finished you two will be a part of its proliferation, far and wide ))

Happy Solstice )

a GrebBear

Peace Love Light TRUTH
(- ;
; -)