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Wikileaks Is Pure Zionist Bull Crap! Selling Wikileaks, Selling Hate For America!

I have stated from the moment that the original "Wikileaks" was pushed out about 6 months ago that it was nothing more than pure BS and Israeli propaganda.   There has been absolutely nothing since that time that has changed that opinion, and now the most recent release of their BS documents has just reinforced my assertions!

To again give my readers some real information on what Wikileaks is truly all about, I want to present the following article from Gordon Duff, from Veterans Today (www.veteranstoday.com), entitled: "Selling Wikileaks, Selling Hate For America".   Here is that article in its entirety right here:

Wiki Leaks Zionist War


By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor
(With commentary by Steve Johnson)
Wikileaks has divided the world into two camps, those who love Wikileaks as a slap in the face for the United States and those who recognize the stench of Wikileaks for what it is, simple Israeli propaganda.  Millions around the world look at Wikleaks as poor, harried Julian Assange and his personal struggle against the evil empire of Bush/Obama America.  Hate, envy, oh, there is lots of envy here, America stimulates that with its highways filled with gas guzzling cars, eating half the world’s meat, all the best music, television and a military that scares the begeezus out of everyone.  What’s not to hate?
Many American’s are buying in on this hate.  Journalist Arnaud de Borchgrave calls these people “self hating Americans.”  He has, at times, coined me their leader.  Consider this my resignation.  There is nothing in Wikileaks about fixing problems.  Wikileaks is cheap sleazy marketing, cheap junk in a shiny package.  The biggest challenge of all had to be marketing Julian Assange.  Assange began life as a reputed computer hacker though never punished.  This is where the smell begins.  Other hackers waste away in prison, not Assange.  Assange seems to have a guardian angel.
Then you have the heroic Julian Assange, first the poor harried gay-boy, getting America’s secrets from his boyfriend in the Pentagon, Assange, wicked, mysterious and somewhat sleazy and his cohort, boyish, Midwestern, obviously seduced into betraying his country.  This was how it began to play out, a fiction of course, as there was no boyfriend and there were no leaks.  It was all an invention, a myth, cheap marketing, selling Wikileaks, building a brand for it as though it were pantyhose or a cold remedy made out of rat poison.
The leaks themselves started as inane, then went to “youtube forgettable.”  On any given day, more hits the mainstream press, with the alternative news or, better yet, the “fringe” press exceeding Wikileaks, certainly in quality.  Wikileaks began as reprocessed new stories and chickenfeed, all “gussied up” through what is commonly called a “guerrilla marketing” program, the same way the movie Blair Witch Project was sold.  There was one catch, however.  The mainstream news was all over Wikileaks, when it was nothing, when they leaked nothing, almost as though they had received orders from above to sell Wikileaks because it was going to be needed for something later.
This, in particular, made Wikileaks seem wrong.  News organizations spend millions working “inside sources.”  Suddenly, out of nowhere, we get massive ourpourings of, what do we call it, data, it certainly isn’t secret, now is it?  Shouldn’t the news have simply turned the other way, pointing out the obvious flaws, how only information useful to certain interest groups, in this case Israel and AIPAC, are leaked, always the same, bad things about Iran, bad things about Paksitan and bad things about the United States.
This was the obvious side the news should have taken, what they should have seen, even what the alternative news should have seen in a minute but so few did.  This is where it became clear.  It wasn’t simply the old story of Zionist control of the press, you know the one, Jews run everything, own everything, make up the news and laugh at the rest of us, no, it wasn’t just that.  It was something more simple, more basic.
Wikileaks tapped into the motherload, a well of hate across Latin America, Canada, Europe, Russia, the Arab world, Paksitan and India.  Countries that would incinerate each other for the fun of it all love Wikileaks.
Wikileaks sells hate.  Wikileaks finds its energy by tapping into the envy the world feels for the United States and helps twist that into hate.  They are doing it, not as an end in itself, but as a way allowing their sponsor, one so obvious they should be asking for credit, perhaps we could call it “Zioleaks.”  As author Jeff Gates points out, Wikileaks is simple “game theory,” an Israeli psychological operation meant to provide cover for acts of genocide they have taken part in.  What will a country like Israel do when it becomes public that they are stealing organs from prisoners they arrested for throwing rocks at their tanks and bulldozers.
A country like that will stoop to anything and for Israel, a nation that has an odd history, so much to hide, so many lies, so many crimes, uncounted crimes, so many crimes that the holocaust is dragged out as a smokescreen…
Then we have the myth, Wikileaks, not selling so well as a gay pair.  Assange has to be reborn, first as the new “Yassar Arafat,” the “man without a country,” said to be fleeing from one recording studio and one 5 star hotel to another, inches ahead of the CIA and MI-6.  We know about Arafat also.  One of my friends used to fly him.  He did so as a Lt. Col. in the United States Air Force.  Oh how we lie, oh how we build those strawmen.
Assange is a strawman, he exists but is he Wikileaks?
The idea of a rather feminine looking young man who is said to receive secret material from an openly gay young American soldier isn’t good marketing.  “Gay” doesn’t sell in today’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) world.  Assange had to be reborn and what better guise than as a vicious rapist.
When American women look on Assange, the idea of following him to a hotel room or being raped seems a bit unlikely.  Selling Assange as a “masher,” or “date rape” suspect with “on again/off again” criminal charges should have raised suspicions with the press.  Funny thing, the press seems to take it all in, this new improved Assange, the potential sex criminal, the heterosexual animal preying on Swedish women, a nation famed for its passive and demure women.  It would be a better than average guess that the average female highschool student in Sweden could beat Assange in arm wrestling.
I think I have a new reality show here.  Consider this a copyright.
This new Assange, serial rapist, “Yassar Arafat” clone, this one is selling better.  What was once seen as feminine and even creepy can now be seen as sinister and dangerous.  Women can now buy in.  Assange is now a “bad boy.”  Maybe we can have Ken O’Keefe give him some “man up” lessons and get him some ink.
While all this drama goes on, quietly, behind the scenes in an American courtroom, those paid to note such things are learning that Wikileaks is actually not a “star crossed” gay lover at all but a group of Israeli citizens, highly paid, heavily protected, working at the highest levels of American government, working for the State of Israel.
Funny thing, nobody has ever found the magic Wikileaks “treehouse” with the dozens of elves who sift through documents.  The NSA and a dozen other agencies can pick up these keystrokes on my computer the second they hit, tap 200 million telephones, kidnap a woman off the streets of Karachi with a two minute phone request but they don’t seem to be able to find the offices or computers of Wikileaks.
Israel does what it does, plays its games, runs America around like a nation of fools.  This time, however, the world is being conned.
Where did I hear that before, “We con the world.”
Really, we heard all of this before, back during the Cold War.  Normally, something like Wikileaks would be a KGB operation, meant to humiliate the “vicious American imperialists” and, let’s not forget, their “running dogs.”  The diplomatic cables in Wikileaks certainly pointed out America’s “running dogs” for sure.
Yes, this used to be an old Soviet game and they were good at it.  Now, all those old Russian spies are in Tel Aviv, drinking tea all day and plotting.  Wikileaks is their game.  There they sit, laughing at all of us while the world burns down.
They conned the world.
Editor’s note:  Other than this being an agreement with the author’s point of view, I am including it, frankly, because it is better written.
Wiping away the tears of laughter visualizing Ken O’Keefe on a late-night bender with Assange getting ripped on cheap whiskey in the Kit-E-Kat club and singing Sea shanties about Marine adventures in Guam, I quickly realised the authors intent is far more serious a subject than this pictorial reference of a limp wristed bowell-prowling (less than arayan example of manhood) crying tears of violation for a whole day next morning about his new ” Semper Fi ” tattoo emblazened and weeping on his left ass cheek.
Disturbing visuals aside, this new release brought reference in my mind to the last big release that was so obvious in it’s context and purpose they almost forgot to remove the Netanyahu -Abe Foxman signatures from the information release forms before seeding it to the media.
What advantage is gained by the information released and to whom is this releases advantageous for?
I consider Gordon Duff is spot on with his analysis. The last release prior blamed Iran weapons supplies for directly arming resistance fighters in Iraq.
The last release talked down the scale of the numbers of murdered civilians in both failed corporate sponsored adventures* of Iraq and Afghanistan. *(See War Inc.)
Immediately those who knew the knew the true figures and scope of the lies being told saw this as a deliberate direct attempt at “watering down” the human rights and war crimes that have been committed by such illegal “adventures”. A kind of plausible deniability in the face of the facts coming out eventually anyway.
Their concept is similar to the 9-11 truther/Gatekeeper phenomenon of late. Truth for Sale. just $29.99 per DVD. Might as well have a planned and controlled release IF ANY release is going to occur. Might as well have our own useful idiot as a poster boy if ANY idiot is going to get the numbers out one day.
This new information presented in the article above solidifies the now obvious link between AIPAC spying scandal and it’s true purpose in being the hasbara wing of the current Administration left with a legacy of illegal invasions, and rampant human rights abuses. It seems all this mess initiated and authorised from a former President who has the IQ and cerebral organic neuron content of a wet shoebox in a mud puddle. (No offense intended to any shoeboxes whom might be reading this article)
Were this not a very serious situation and the potential for initiating an INTERNET clampdown on whatever information THEY WANT that individuals might be posting, I would attempt another amusing anecdote. However this is not correct protocol given the seriousness of the wider implications of the effects of this new release.
Instead of directly targeting and shutting down ASSANGE, the authorities will use his behaviours to enforce their new tighter rules about internet information and the controlled releases of any and all pertinent information. A blanket fix for a bandaid problem. (As usual)
One could speculate this is a pre-cursor for a false flag which I am sure some in the past have been postponed due to rapid dissemination of critical information vital to their operation. By maintaining independent freedom as writers and researchers, who knows how many such State Sponsored operations such websites like this one has managed to thwart or complicate in the past.
Brilliant article and essential information.

NTS Notes:  Gordon Duff has hit the nail on the head with the facts presented here.  Even the comment in the appendix by Steve should make everyone take another hard look at Wikileaks, and see for themselves that it is a massive fraud.

The most recent Wikileaks bull crap has made the criminal state of Israel smell like a rose, while blasting the United States, and making America look like a nation of fools.   Anyone with any common sense can see by that alone that Wikileaks is nothing more than pure Israeli psy-ops!

Mike Rivero over at www.whatreallyhappened.com, says it best in the following comment about the entire Wikileaks charade:

Last week, the Department of Homeland Security seized the domain names of roughly 70 websites for copyright infringement. There were no warrants, no court orders, and no court hearings before a judge. The DHS simply used their authority to grab websites on the basis they are perceived threats (apparently Osama Been Deadforawhile makes a good living with bootleg DVDs).

So, if WikiLeaks is really exposing dangerous classified diplomatic cables that are a threat to the United States, why didn't DHS seize the WikiLeaks domain? 

Assange was dropping hints of a major leak to come. If WikiLeaks was a real whistleblower, DHS could shut them down by grabbing their domain name just as easily as it shut down the copyright violators.

But they didn't.

The dog did not bark!

WikiLeaks is a fake whistleblower, an attempt to repackage old ABCNNBBCBS lies in a new form that the public will swallow.

There is no other possible explanation for DHS not to seize the domain as a real threat, especially since Assange was not shy about dropping hints as to what was to come!

WikiLeaks is a propaganda front.

Well, there you have it readers... Wikileaks is disinformation personified.   It is out there to again make the criminal state of Israel look good while intentionally making the US and others look bad... Isn't that alone enough to make everyone realize that they are being played as suckers by this criminal, Julian Assange?

Like PT Barnum said:  "There is a sucker born every minute!"    Don't be suckered in by Wikileaks Bull Crap!

More to come



Saladin said...

The litmus test, if it makes the Ziofreaks of Israel happy, it's bullshit.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I am wondering what the big "leak"that this clown Assange says is coming is all about...

Someone said that the big leak will be that 9-11 was totally a US Government operation! THAT would definitely be the ultimate proof that the entire Wikileaks is Israeli Psyops, because it would make them look again as the "innocent" party!