Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Sucking Up To The Criminal State Of Israel: VP Joe Biden Says US Support For Israel Must Continue "Forever"!

The Israeli control over the governments of both the United States and Canada is complete.   We are seeing again and again situations where elected officials grovel and pledge their undying support for the evil and most criminal state of Israel above and beyond their own constituents that actually elected them in the first place.  It is absolutely pathetic to see indeed!

Now comes the latest total suck up to Israel.  This time, the Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, has pledged full US support for the criminal state of Israel "forever"!   Here is the article with this sordid details, courtesy of a great fellow blog site: Aletho News, at   A warning to my own readers that this article will just make you sick:

Biden: US Support for Israel Must Continue ‘Forever’

By Jason Ditz, November 09, 2010

Speaking today at the Jewish Federations of North America meeting, US Vice President Joe Biden vowed eternal support for the Israeli government, insisting US support for the nation would continue no matter what Israel does “forever.

The ties between our two countries are literally unbreakable” insisted Biden, adding that policy disagreements with the far-right government will never be “fundamental” and will never have any affect on ties. Biden insists President Obama “feels exactly the same way.”

The comments were largely in keeping with a number of top US officials over the past few decades who have pledged eternal fealty to Israel regardless of the relative merits of that government’s position on any given issue.

Biden’s position is therefore a politically safe one, but is it an obsolete one?

Perhaps. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech at the self-same gathering yesterday and was heckled off stage by attendees outraged by his government’s policies. Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren chided American Jews, insisting it was their duty to support Israel unquestioningly. This claim however whiffed of desperation, and there seems to be concern on the Israeli right that policy disagreements really are forging a growing rift with its traditional allies.

Given the excitement at the conference during Netanyahu’s speech, Biden’s loyalty pledge must seem extremely quaint, albeit not particularly topical. Claims that Israel can’t hurt US ties no matter what they do are going to be less and less credible as what their government does becomes increasingly publicized and increasingly embarrassing for US officials.

NTS Notes:  Again, I need to ask:  Did Americans actually vote for this traitor?   How can these "elected" officials continue to grovel and lick the boots of these criminals?   Pledging allegiance to a criminal nation "forever" in spite of its evil activities, while their own is crumbling at home,  is beyond pathetic indeed!

Again, as before, America (and Canada) needs elected officials that support their own nations absolutely first and foremost.  If these clowns love Israel so much, then they should rush to give up their citizenship,  and take the first available flight to Tel Aviv to live in that "paradise". 

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Saladin said...

Or until Amerika is finally, totally, undeniably bankrupt, whatever comes first. Oh, one more thing BARF!!!!

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden answers to his masters in Tel Aviv like all other members of the US Government. They bow to Israel and then crap on the American people! All these scumbags should be hung upside down.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that all US Foreign Policy and most Domestic Policy is run by Israel. Even when Americans buy food in the grocery store they have to bow to Israel and pay the hidden Kosher food tax! Just look on the can or package for the Kosher K, Pareve, or the U. Do you really think the food companies absorb this cost! Every President since Ike has worn the Jewish skull cap and bowed to Israel.

Anonymous said...

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