Monday, November 8, 2010

Important Video: End Of Liberty

I and others in the real truth movement have been stating for the last few years that America is basically finished as the once great Superpower that it has claimed to be for the last half century at least.  Today, America produces nothing in terms of manufactured goods, having "offshored" most of its manufacturing capabilities over the last few decades to third world nations.  America today is suffering from a 22% real unemployment rate that is rapidly rising, with most of its impoverished people having to subsist on food stamps and government handouts.  America is a definitely a shadow of its former greatness.

We are left with the constantly repeated questions of "What Happened?" , and "How did things get to be this bad?".   Well to continue to answer some of these questions, and to further expose how great the problems in America truly are, I want to present the following video from the American National Inflation Association (NIA) entitled: "End Of Liberty" that shows the real dire situation in America today.  It is an eye opener, and I do recommend that my readers take the time to view it in its entirety:

NTS Notes:  This video focuses primarily on the situation in America, but this same situation is being echoed in other nations around the globe.   For example, I live in Canada, and much of the criminal government activities that are happening in the United States as shown in this video are occurring here as well!

The fact is simple.   America has allowed its printing of currency to be handled by a criminal private banking organization called the Federal Reserve System that prints money at interest (Usury) and thus over time causes the entire nation to fall under an ever increasing debt to the private bankers who control the monetary system.   It is a fact that through out history every single nation that brought in this  debt faced system, sometimes called a "fractional reserve",  eventually collapsed!

There are some immediate solutions that could go a long way into alleviating or actually fixing this crushing debt.  One is actually quite simple:  END THE DEBT IMMEDIATELY!   Just say no more to the criminal bankers, and stop giving them "debt repayments", period.    Also take all money that has been servicing this criminal debt, primarily through the collection of illegal income taxes, and use it to bring back manufacturing, and jobs to America.  Money that has been spent in debt repayments could also go towards repairing America's infrastructure, and thus generating jobs that way as well.

People need to take back their governments and end control of their monetary systems by criminal enterprises.  Only governments should be allowed to print currency, and that must be done totally interest free.   The alternative is to face runaway hyperinflation and world wide economic collapse.  The choice is up to each and every one of us.

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