Friday, November 5, 2010

How Zionists Divide And Conquer

When most Americans hear the name "David Duke", they are subjected to a barrage of disinformation courtesy of the Zionist Jewish controlled media outlets that have falsely labeled David Duke as a racist, neo-nazi, bigot who spreads his hate and literature to unsuspecting masses.   This readers is an outright lie!

Well the real truth is that Dr. David Duke has been on a campaign for years to get real truthful information out to everyone and to expose the real criminals in our midst that want to destroy our society.  This is the reason why the criminal Zionist Jewish criminals are out to suppress David Duke's information and falsely label him as a racist!

Here now, I want to present the latest video release from Dr. David Duke, entitled: "How Zionist Divide And Conquer", and I hope that everyone dismisses for the next 15 minutes any of the false rhetoric about David Duke and watch this video in its entirety.  My comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  This is a real eye opener, and a very important video for everyone to heed.   This video contains the truth coming from the words of the criminals themselves!  Honestly, does this look like the work of a bigot, or a racist?  

The fact is that multiculturalism and diversity are indeed weapons used by the Zionist Jews to weaken or destroy societies so that they can come right in and take over without a fight.   It is indeed time for people to wake up and realize that we have all been had, and that the push for multiculturalism and diversity must end immediately.

Again, take a look at the evidence, and look at the headlines yourselves... Israel is pushing for it to be a "racially pure" Jewish only state, while these same criminals push for full diversity, and dilution of "race"  elsewhere.  Is this not sheer hypocrisy at its worst?

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Anonymous said...


The beginning of this video showed the video of Barbara Specter, whom I quoted in my last reply to you, although I got this from a separate news source.
Is this in the newspapers? Do the daily tabloids and broadsheets mention one peep of this? Do you not think the British people would want to know, let alone should know just what's really going on in society?

Of course not. This is the reality. Our people are fed a constant diet of celebrity, deadhead, culture propaganda, while the Jews dismantle our society. It's despicable. Guaranteed however that if Muslims were saying these things they'd be all over the front pages along with whites, were they to be implying the same things in Africa or South America.

It's nothing but hypocrisy with a sinister twist. It sickens me quite frankly that not only do the newspapers ignore this, but when you try to print it, they delete it.
There's a complete cover up to the truth. Although I have to say, I was out last night in a pub in my home town having a chat to a guy, ten or so years my senior in his 50's and we spoke about WW1, 2, French and Russian revolutions and the impact of Judaism on the west, including the false propaganda and religion. It was a truly enlightening conversation that I needed to have, because not being able to discuss this assassination of our society and culture with like minded people, really begins to way heavy after a while. It's a case of looking at a field of sheep and feeling incredibly lonely.

David Duke is the only western politician who is leading the way to exposing these bastards' demolition of the White European culture. While you are now seeing the stark reality of white genocide in the USA, we've been living it for the last 40 years over here.

And you'll enjoy this read on anti semitism (well you won't) but it's testament of the total control Jewry has within the West. The Hope not Hate website is an anti fascist - fascist website. some realise this but many don't.

At the centre of the web as on Michael Hoffman's website. Hope not Hate is part of a government sponsored attack on the British people. It's grouped with the Unite Against Fascism, who happily march through the streets of the UK with Islamists, hell bent on Islamisation of it. Unbelievable.....

Northerntruthseeker said...

Thanks for the heads up on that disgusting creature, Barbara Specter....

These criminals have absolutely no souls and promote their sick diversity and multiculturalism blatantly while they themselves try to keep their "race" pure!

It is no wonder that these creatures are nothing more than inbred multi-racial mongrels with no consciences. Their push for constant inbreeding has done them no great service other than ruin their genetics and has caused them to have mental illness, and it shows in their actions.

I do support David Duke in his fight against their push for dissolution of western culture.

And always remember that their "antisemitism" wails are lies... I have the video proof in the left hand column of my blog for everyone to see.