Thursday, November 11, 2010

From The Files Of Absurdity, Volume CLIV: Osama "Been Dead For 9 Years" Laden Rises From The Grave (Again?)

This is getting absolutely ridiculous and down right hillarious.  People everywhere with any common sense have realized by now that Osama Bin Laden has been dead for almost 9 years now.   He died of kidney failure in the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan at the beginning of December, 2001.   Since his death,  I have had my doubts that he has the supernatural ability to continuously rise from the grave!

But lo and behold, the Zionist Jewish controlled Mainstream media around the world will not give up in bringing out the dead guy and trying to use the psychological effect of fear on a gullible public.   I want to present the following article from The Telegraph out of the United Kingdom, at, where it seems that this corpse has again risen from the dead, and this time it is claimed that he has appointed a new commander to spearhead the "war" on the West!   Here is that amazing, and yet so laughable article for my own readers to view:

Osama bin Laden appoints new commander to spearhead war on West

Osama bin Laden has appointed a new commander to spearhead al-Qaeda's offensive of operations against the West.

Osama bin Laden appoints new commander to spearhead war on West
Osama bin Laden Photo: AP

Known to western intelligence services by the alias Saif al-Adel, or "Sword of the Just", al-Qaeda's new chief of international operations is believed to have conceived of the wave of strikes that set off terror alerts across Europe recently, as well as last week's mid-air parcel-bomb plot.
US and Pakistani sources have told The Daily Telegraph that al-Adel is running several similar operations as part of a war of attrition intended to persuade Western public opinion that the war against terror is unwinnable. This would clear the road for al-Qaeda to capture power in fragile states such as Somalia and Yemen.
"His strategy", said Syed Saleem Shahzad, a Pakistani expert on al-Qaeda, "is to stage multiple small terror operations, using the resources of affiliates and allies wherever possible."

A US counter-terrorism official said the idea was for "small-but-often attacks" that would hurt the West more than a "one-off terror spectacular".
In 2005, al-Adel authored an al-Qaeda planning document that holds clues to his thinking. The document said that Islamist movements failed because their "actions were mostly random". It called for al-Qaeda to focus on "the greater objective, which is the establishment of a state". The new attrition strategy marks the triumph of a minority faction within al-Qaeda who had opposed the 9/11 attacks, arguing that the inevitable US retaliation against Afghanistan would cost the jihadist movement its only secure base.
In 2002, jihadist internet forums carried a letter purported to have been written by al-Adel, criticising bin Laden's leadership. Little was heard of al-Adel, who was held by Iran with a group of al-Qaeda fugitives, for several years thereafter. The fugitives were housed in villas along Iran's Caspian coast and in Lazivan, north-west of Tehran. Al-Adel lived there with his five children and wife Wafa, who is the daughter of Mustafa Hamid, another top al-Qaeda figure.
But in April this year, he was released from Iranian custody along with Saad bin Laden, Osama bin Laden's son, and top al-Qaeda operatives Suleiman al-Gaith and Mahfouz al-Walid.
Iran swapped the terrorists for Heshmatollah Attarzadeh, a Pakistan-based diplomat kidnapped by al-Qaeda last year.
Little is known about the shadowy al-Adel, who is also known by the names Muhammad al-Makkawi and Ibrahim al-Madani. Born in Egypt, al-Adel is said to have served as a colonel in its Special Forces. He was, however, arrested in 1987 along with several jihadists.
Egyptian prosecutors claimed that al-Adel's plans included crashing an aircraft into the Egypt's parliament, or driving a bomb-laden truck into the building – both tactics al-Qaeda later used to devastating effect.
Later, documents filed by US prosecutors show, al-Adel worked as an instructor at al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan and Somalia, and participated in several attacks. In 2000, Austrian investigators found he played a key role in a plot to assassinate Joseph "Diamond Joe" Hicks – a mining magnate who is also a leading member of a religious Jewish group.

NTS Notes: Well, it seems that the CIA and the Mossad are at it again. Now the entirely phony Al Qaeda has a "new" phony leader to lead their equally phony terror war on the West.... And what a great name indeed: The "Sword of the Just"! I bet their script writers dug deep to come up with that scary sounding title!

When the heck will these clowns stop with this sick game? Bin Laden has been dead for 9 years, and the equally phony Al Qaeda is a Mossad/CIA invention to have the "boogeyman" necessary for the just as phony "war on terror". This is all BS propaganda that feeds on peoples' fears and ignorance.

Another chapter for my Files Of Absurdity, indeed. But they will continue trying with this type of garbage, and when they do there will be people like myself to make sure that everyone is well aware that it is nothing but pure lies and BS. Therefore, stay tuned.....

More to come



Osama bin on de Moon said...

Maybe the indestructible Osama has been up on the moon at the Apollo "landing site" these past 9 years, building an alCIAduh Extraterrestrial Terrorist Training Camp?

The herd will buy that one if they are sold it via the propaganda tube.

You know, NTS, there's a reason the psychopaths treat the herd like fools . . .

Northerntruthseeker said...

Ah yes... Putting Osama on the moon makes sense... The Chinese will probably do that in 2025!

The psychopaths must enjoy themselves immensely knowing how gullible the goyim truly are... Like lambs to the slaughter....

I am still waiting for someone in the media to claim that the recent missile fiasco off the coast of California was caused by an Iranian submarine manned by Al Qaeda launching a missile built in Yemen! Now THAT would be news!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's absolutely hilarious that people still think he's alive. I believe he's been dead for at least 5-6 years. Besides, Benazir Bhutto spilled the beans long ago too (before she died). But hey, if people want to keep believing he's still alive, I'll continue to enjoy laughing my butt off at their naivete'.