Monday, November 8, 2010

Chinese Could Fake A Manned Moon Landing By 2025!

Frequent readers to this blog are well aware of my views and my many articles pertaining to NASA's faking of the manned moon missions through their fake Project Apollo from 1968-1972.   It has been a long road for Americans to realize that after 41 years of the glory of "Apollo Landing on the Moon" that the time has come for the bitter truth to finally be realized that it was all a sham and a massive propaganda exercise.   Basically, no man went to the moon during the 1960's because of the tremendous and deadly radiation obstacle of translunar missions that was absolutely never overcame.   NASA knew this, and instead of putting men on the moon, they faked the entire project right here on Earth!

Now comes some interesting news from the Shanghai Daily news service out of China at, that states that the Chinese government is claiming that they will be able to land men on the moon by the year 2025.   Here is that article, and I have a few comments about it to follow:

Chinese Astronauts Could Land on Moon by 2025 
2010-11-08 09:39:34     Shanghai Daily      Web Editor: Sun Yang

China will be able to land two to three astronauts on the moon by 2025, with the South Pole the most likely landing site, authorities of the Chinese lunar exploration program said.

Long Lehao, deputy chief engineer of the program, told the Yangtze Daily yesterday that China will be "technically mature" enough to send humans to the moon by 2025.

"China's current technological and economic power already exceeds that of the United States when it launched the Apollo project" in 1961, said Long. "Within 15 years, China will be capable of landing two or three people on the moon."

The biggest challenge is to develop and build a rocket that weighs about 3,000 tons when launched, Long told the Science and Technology Daily last month. 

Meanwhile, the Legal Evening Post quoted Ouyang Ziyuan, chief scientist of the lunar exploration program, as saying that China may be able to land people on the moon by as early as 2020 if the government is resolved to do so. 

But experts from the China Aerospace and Technology Corp and the Chinese Academy of Sciences expect the landings to happen some time between 2025 and 2030.

The South Pole is a possible landing point because of its abundant exposure to sunlight, which promises stable temperatures and sufficient energy for the landing craft, Ouyang said.

The location is also better for telecommunications as it always faces the earth, he said. 

China's first unmanned lunar probe, Chang'e I, was launched in 2007. It provided high-resolution images of the surface of the moon, and provided estimates of the reserve volume of helium-3, an isotope that can be used in nuclear fusion and is considered a future source of energy for mankind. 

Chang'e II, the second unmanned moon probe, was launched on October 1 this year, inaugurating the second phase of the country's three-step lunar exploration program. It is testing key technologies and collecting data for the future launches of Chang'e III and Chang'e IV. 

The lunar program will help China to make use of the rich metal reserves and solar power on the moon.

NTS Notes:  So it seems that NASA are not the only ones that are into the business of faking a man on the moon mission.   The Chinese have already faked their most recent man in orbit missions, so this would be the next logical step in continuing with faking space flights!

It does not take rocket science to understand that beyond Low Earth Orbit, all manned missions would experience deadly levels of radiation that would kill any Astronauts within days, if not hours.   NASA knew early on that manned missions beyond low earth orbit would require proper shielding to ensure their Astronauts survival.  Such levels of proper shielding were not available at the time of Apollo, and are still not possible today.

Maybe by the year 2025, the Chinese may be able to solve the radiation problems of sending men to the moon.  My bet is still on that they will just fake the whole thing as another propaganda stunt, just like Project Apollo was!

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

Interesting correlation between America and China. Space, the final frontier.

We know who worked much of the hoax in America. To be honest I am not surprised it is an indictable offense to doubt, as in the Jewish Holocaust or 911!

Anyhow, I am convinced that these are all the same people in different guises.

It is ALL in order to bring about an international one world, of which China is now considered to be the perfect model. Yes, folks, they want YOU to fall asleep at your machine overworked, underfed, creating good for who to purchase.

So why not try it from the place where the "big money" is now that they have sucked it out of Germany, who began the whole space frontier exploration thing; from America whose NASA was composed of those German scientists but is now sucked dry of resources. Now they shift it all over to China!

I dunno, how long do you think it will take before they suck China dry? And why the hell do they do this fake moon and space stuff anyways? I mean, really, do you really think the Man on the Moon is going to allow them to shaft him for his assets?

Van Allen's Sunblock Cream said...

Why did the shysters pull of the moon "landing" scam?

Well, one of the strings to their web would have been: In whose pockets did many of the tens of millions of US taxpayer dollars squandered on it come to rest?

Another was they learned beyond doubt how gullible the sheep are, just as long as the lies they are sold are shown on the flickering propaganda tube in the living room.

What followed the moon scam was the selling of the holey holoco$t scam via TV in the 1970s. And just about everyone has swallowed that one hook, line and sinker too.

And then came the televised 9/11 extravaganza...

Northerntruthseeker said...

I hope that some people can see the irony in all of this...

The United States knows that the Chinese are faking their own space missions right now, but are not going to spill the beans because then anyone with common sense would call into question the entire US space program as well!

Isn't propaganda great???