Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zionist Jewish Control Of Canada Has Damaging Consequences: Canada Loses Bid For UN Security Council Seat!

I do keep abreast of what is happening in my nation, Canada, and from time to time it is important to get that information out to my readers.   I have said for a very long time that Canada is totally under the control of Zionist Jewish interests, and more and more evidence does come forward periodically that backs that up as fact.

Now to give further proof of the Zionist Jewish domination of Canada, I want to present this interesting article that I came across thanks to a fellow blogger who writes under Aletho News, at www.alethonews.wordpress.com.  It seems that the Zionist Jewish control over Canada has not been overlooked by other nations, and it may have just cost Canada's long desired seat on the UN Security Council.  Here is that article for my readers to ponder:

Canada: Harper government’s policies lead to loss of UN Security Council seat

October 12, 2010 – Canadian Arab Federation
“The Harper government must take full responsibility for Canada losing the race for a UN Security Council seat. This is as a result of the misguided positions taken by the Harper government domestically and within such key international bodies as the UN General Assembly and the UN Human Rights Council that undermine human rights, environmental rights and global principles,” said Khaled Mouammar, CAF National President.
Since coming to power in 2006, the Harper government’s actions have set back or weakened crucial international human rights initiatives such as global protection of the rights of Indigenous peoples, protection of the human rights of the Palestinian people under occupation, protection against torture, the rights of women, the rights of children, and the rights of gays and lesbians.
Domestically, the Harper government has systematically undermined democratic institutions and practices, and has eroded the protection of free speech by cutting or threatening to cut funding to organizations that disagree with government policies as in the case of the Canadian Arab Federation, KAIROS, MATCH International, Alternatives, the Canadian Council for International Co-operation, the National Association of Women and the Law, and the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women.
A glaring example is the government’s refusal to repatriate Omar Khadr to Canada , after the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada that found Canada is responsible for continuing violations of Omar Khadr’s human rights, a stand that has shamed Canada on the world stage.
“By denying the Harper government a seat on the UN Security Council the international community has signalled its displeasure with the government’s performance on the world stage. Canadians lament Canada’s loss of influence in the world and deserve a government that does not tarnish Canada ’s reputation internationally and that does not seriously threaten the quality and health of democratic life in Canada,” said Khaled Mouammar, CAF National President.
Aletho News adds:
The Council of Canadians states that it hopes that this vote will be a wake-up call for all Canadians that after almost five years in power, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has diminished Canada’s international standing to the point that what is normally a rubber-stamp for Canada to take our regular rotation on the Security Council has become a national embarrassment.

NTS Notes:   The Zionist Jewish controlled Harper regime in Ottawa can cry the blues all they want about losing this important status symbol for Canada, but other nations can clearly see that if Canada would have won the race for the UN Security Council seat, it would have just given the criminal state of Israel more clout in the UN itself.

The Harper Government policies of being totally Pro-Israel has cost Canada dearly in this case, and guaranteed this is only the beginning.  People around the world used to look at Canada as a true model of democracy, but not any more...

People in this once great nation have to finally come to terms with the truth.  Canada is totally controlled by  Zionist Jewish interests, and those interests are now giving this nation a black eye on the international stage!

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Anonymous said...

I don't like the Harper government, or their horrible position on Khadr, or the way they embarrass internationally.

But I don't agree with blaming Jewish zionists. The Harper Conservatives are playing to their Christian right fans who have some religious idea that Israel can never be criticized even slightly. It's related to some biblical prophecy.

I don't think most Jewish Canadians would buy that. They support Israel as most of us do but not out of some blind religious notion, and I'm sure if a particular Israeli government does something they don't like they would say so.