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Your Brain On Zionism

I have received some emails over the last few years that have asked my personal opinion of Sarah Palin.  I have always said that she was thrust into the spotlight as a candidate for the Vice Presidency of the United States for no other reason than her falsely placed "sex appeal".   We now know that she has no real mental ability for such a high office at all, and would have made a total farce of the office of the Vice Presidency if John McCain would have won the last US Federal Election in 2008.   Sadly, considering John McCain's own health problems, if she would have been Vice President, she would have been a veritable "heartbeat" away from becoming President of the US!  

I could not even fathom what would have happened if we had a "President Sarah Palin" running the US, but guaranteed there would have already been a war with Iran and total economic collapse of the US.    Thank goodness, in spite of Barry Soetoro's proven shortfalls, that she was never elected into such a high public office!

Now comes a great article from Mark Glenn at, that gives a fabulous analysis of Sarah Palin and her twisted mentality.  The article is called: "Your Brain On Zionism", and I want to present the entire article right here for my own readers to view:

Your Brain On Zionism

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Dear God in heaven I wish these people would come down from their high just long enough to at least be consistent in their statements. One day it’s “this” and the next day it’s “that”.
But then, what more are we to expect from junkies? Depending on their blood/Zionism level, reality can be a constantly-changing stream of consciousness for them where a beautiful woman suddenly turns into Godzilla or a flower morphs into the giant man-eating Venus Fly Trap from the movie Little Shop of Horrors.
Take for example the latest slurred speech coming from Sarah Palin who–under the influence–envisions herself as the next Queen of Planet Earth and who had the following to say in an interview with one of the more notorious of the many Zionist crack houses around town, Newsmax–
“We have to realize that a nuclear weapon in the hands of that country (Iran) is not just Israel’s problem — it is the world’s problem. It could lead to Armageddon. It could lead to World War III that could decimate much of this planet.”
COULD lead to Armageddon and WWIII?
Reality check here, Your would-be Highness–WE’VE BEEN IN THE MIDDLE OF ARMAGEDDON AND WWIII SINCE 1948…
COULD decimate much of the planet???
What we are to draw from statements such as these is that words such as ‘decimate’ only take on relevance when it happens at home. Typical junkie logic. Crack whores like Queen Sarah don’t think about the suffering of others while on cloud 9 and in 7th heaven. They get doped up, get behind the wheel of some vehicle of state and wipe out entire families without an ounce of remorse and then when hauled into court to answer for it, blame the car, the road, and the victims themselves.
Likewise with the millions of people killed in the Middle East since Israel was raised from the grave as well as the continued suffering from the THOUSANDS OF TONS of depleted uranium we left there as our “giant footprint“. Obviously, as far as the Queen and her court are concerned, “Charity begins at home”, as the old saying goes, as well as its twin sisters–compassion and empathy.
Keep in mind also as we consider Queen Sarah’s recent “speaking in tongues/a quakin’ and a shakin’ episode that our would-be empress has been quoted time and again saying that Armageddon (and all the innocent human suffering it represents) was a GOOD thing, being that it was the harbinger of “Jesus’ return”.
REMEMBER SARAH? SNAP OUT OF IT. You and the rest of the gang have been saying this FOR YEARS and now you want to do an about-face? Remember when the rest of us clean, sober and productive members of civilized society were warning that the war in Iraq (based as it was on a pack of Jewish lies deliberately injected into the collective bloodstream of Americans like a highly-addictive narcotic to stupidize them and lower their inhibitions to mass murder) was a BAD THING and the start of Armageddon? Remember the epileptic fits you and your cohorts went through in selling all of us on the idea of the impending bloodbath with “JESUS A’COMIN’ BACK! JESUS A’COMIN’ BACK! JESUS A’COMIN’ BACK!”
You said it. I heard it. We all heard it. And now you are changing the seasons to fit your mood, as “Armageddon” becomes a nasty, 4-letter word coming right out of the mouth of Satan himself?
Oh, wait, I think we have it. Yes…yes…Mystery solved as to why Queen Sarah’s going through the DT’s and jitters here–
She said it, I heard it. We all heard it.
Israel. That’s the reason for us suddenly worrying about ‘da bomb’ and Army-geddon. Think about it–here we are, in a near-orgasmic state of anticipation waiting for the big one–the return of Jesus–and the next thing you know–WHAM, BAAM–
“We interrupt our regular Apocalyptic programming to bring you our concerns for Israel…”
Oh ye of little faith Queen Sarah…Have ye not read your bible dear? Go back and look at all those books of the Old Testament–Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, etc, etc, etc. We’re talkin’ about YAHWEH here baby, the one who turned all the waters of Egypt to blood, sent locusts and gnats and frogs and hemma-rhoids and plague after freakin’ plague and who killed the first-born of every household and parted the Red Sea and gave His Chosenites victory after victory in mass-murdering all the people who got in their way! God’s hand is on all of this! Iran getting the bomb?
No dear, as we are reminded on a regular basis, Yahweh not just wants, but DEMANDS the Jews be in that same land He drove them from in 70 AD. They–the EYE-ranians and the rest of those AY-rabs–don’t stand a chance. It’s simply NOT POSSIBLE for any other scenario other than the “Great Passover” of the angel of death. He will not allow a hair on their head to be harmed. Relax, Highness.
Not that we can expect Queen Sarah to do anything of the sort. As she has made plain in recent years, she is Israel’s bitch and as such is going to strut her stuff out there on the street corner in seducing the masses (both the men who’d love to sample her goods and the women envious of them) into doing whatever the hell necessary in protecting the Jewish state. After all, that’s the way it is with junkies who will do ANYTHING to get their fix and whatever they have to in keeping Big Daddy happy.
Remember that old commercial from the 80’s, back when Nancy Reagan was doing her “Just say no” thing, warning about the dangers of drugs? The commercial went like this–they take an egg, hold it up to the camera and say “This is your brain” and then crack the egg, drop its contents into the hotter-n-hell skillet, scramble it and then say “This is your brain on drugs”.
I say we revive that old “Just say no” campaign, only instead of concentrating only on the street drugs being peddled in the seedier parts of town we expand it to include the most dangerous substance we have ever dealt with as a people–Zionism and Jewish thinking. We recognize it for what it is–the most dangerous threat we face as a civilized society and then declare the manufacturers, dealers and pushers as public enemy #1, send them to the gallows where they belong and then burn their crack houses down–the synagogues, churches, and board rooms at places such as AIPAC, the offices of the ADL et al, where the stuff is manufactured and then distributed–forcefully.
A little rough, you say? Reality check–This is war baby, and just as the old saying goes, “all’s fair”. The people pushing this stuff on society have declared their intention of destroying us as well as everything and everyone of any meaning in our lives, and as recent history has proven, you can’t reason with them. Morality means nothing. Fair means nothing. The only law of any consequence to them is that of the jungle–”kill or be killed”.
Welcome to the “world on Zionism”, a nightmare of not just broken eggs but broken humanity–scrambled, burned, destroyed, decimated, and like all systemic poisons, starting with the brain and then moving outward, slowly, creeping, silent as death, just like the infamous angel whose name, coincidentally or not, is named Izrael.
© 2010 Mark Glenn

NTS Notes:  First, I must make readers clear that I am in firm support of Mark Glenn in his recent altercations with Jeff Rense.   If you are interested in what happened in that situation, please read more about that very ugly episode over at the Ugly Truth website.

Second, It must be stated that Sarah Palin is a Lithuanian Jew, and is obviously a firm supporter of her fellow tribesmen and her cherished state of Israel.   As I have already stated, if she would have ever became President of the United States, the innocent nation of Iran would have already been attacked under her direct orders, and to protect her "cherished Israel".  

The fact is that the so called "Tea Party" is still promoting this clown for the strong possibility of running for President in 2012.  I sure hope that people are not dumb enough in America to actually think she has the mental competency to be President!

Sarah Palin's mind "scrambled on Zionism".... Scary thought, and it does make one wonder if she is suffering from delusional madness, and would definitely want a new world war, with the possibility of total world wide Armageddon!

More to come


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