Friday, October 8, 2010

While America Goes Bankrupt: US To Give Israel F-35 Fighters At US Taxpayer Expense!

America is a mess.  Right now, there is absolutely no hope of any economic "recovery" but instead that nation is falling rapidly into a Great Depression that will make the Great Depression of the 1930's look tame in comparison.   The true unemployment rate in the United States is around 20% and RISING.   There is no manufacturing base left in America because evil corporations off shored the manufacturing to third world countries over the last few decades.  America right now does not build anything of quality other than weapons of war!    Americans are losing their homes at an ever increasing pace, and more and more people in the once proud United States have had to give up their homes and are now living in ever growing tent cities.  Again, America is a mess.....

But now comes news out of Israel, from, that states that the US and Israel have finalized  the "purchase" of F-35 fighters by the Zionist Jewish state.   I want to present this article for my own readers to view, and please pay particular attention to the last paragraph in this Haaretz article:

  • Published 21:52 07.10.10
  • Latest update 21:52 07.10.10

Israel, U.S. finalize F-35 stealth fighter purchase

In a possible reference to the Iranian nuclear threat, top Israeli security officials says newly signed deal ensures Israel's ability to face security challenges, both near and far.

By Shlomo Shamir

The purchase of U.S.-made F-35 stealth fighters ushers in a new era in Israel's ability to face security challenges, both near and far, a top Israeli security official said at a ceremony Thursday which finalized Israel's purchase of its first batch of advanced fighter jets.
F-35 Lightning II, also known as the Joint Strike Fighter, manufactured by Lockheed Martin Corp.
Photo by: AP
Under the contract signed in New York on Thursday by Ehud Shani, director general of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Israel will get 20 of the warplanes for nearly $3 billion and will receive the jets in 2016. It has an option for 75 more.
Speaking at the New York ceremony, Shani said the singing represented "an historic event and a new era in Israel's military might in the face of challenges both near and far," in what could be construed as a reference to the role the advanced fighters could have in a potential strike of Iran's nuclear facilities.

The warplanes would be capable of reaching Iran undetected by radar.Shani also said that the newly signed deal was "another expression of [Israel's] strategic alliance with the United States and its commitment to maintain Israel's military edge," indicating that "Israel intends to purchase more stealth squadrons. There's a reason the option to buy more planes is in place."
The signing attended by the head of the Pentagon's F-35 pentagon Vice Admiral David Venlet, Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force, International Affairs, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force Heidi Honecker Grant, as well Lockheed Martin's Executive Vice President Ralph D. Heath.
Last month, a ministerial panel headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak made a final decision to purchase 20 new F-35 fighter jets, despite opposition from a number of senior defense officials over the high cost of the deal.
Barak gave his go-ahead last month to purchase the jets in a deal valued at around $2.75 billion. The first planes are expected to arrive in 2015.
The Israel Air Force, however, will have to make do with considerably fewer planes than the 75 originally sought. The entire deal will be funded by American military.

NTS Notes:  I hope that all of my readers have caught the last quip in this article... "The entire deal will be funded by American Military"!   Which means that the US taxpayers will be footing the entire 2.75 BILLION dollar bill for Israel to have these advanced aircraft that they can use to continue to kill their neighbours!

This is sickening indeed... Here we have Americans living in poverty at home, and their Zionist Jewish controlled government in Washington DC goes right ahead and hands Israel a gift of 2.75 BILLION dollars worth of advanced aircraft!    That money is woefully needed at home in the US, but instead the puppet regime goes and gives their masters in Tel Aviv even more military hardware for free!

I knew from the beginning that something stunk about this F-35 deal between the US and Israel, and now we have proof.   All of the pondering by Israel in other reports over their ok'ing of this deal was just pure propaganda again because the US just handed them more US taxpayer paid hardware for nothing!   What a sweet deal indeed for the criminal state of Israel!

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I'am afraid the American sheeple
don't care any more the "tea party"
is a war mongering party same as republican/dem party there is no choice even if we could cast a "real" vote. (electronic voting)
Obama/Bush/Clinton its all the same
they all kiss the zionist ring,the
American dream has BEEN quite an experiment in history