Sunday, October 24, 2010

Very Important Video: Top Rabbi Exposes Jewish Racism!

Readers, we have all read about how an insane Israeli Rabbi, Rabbi Yosef, has recently stated clearly that WE, the non-Jewish people on the planet, are nothing more than cattle, and our sole purpose in life is to be slaves and to serve Jews!   This insane statement has been found everywhere in the alternative news, internet sites, but of course absolutely NOT in the mainstream media!   It is absolutely sickening to see that the truth is never exposed to the majority of people who spend their lives watching the Talmud Vision and are never aware of the real world around them!

For this article, I want to present the following very important video by Dr. David Duke, that not only exposes the insanity of Rabbi Yosef, but also gives us some other quotes from other just as insane rabbis,  as well as a great perspective about the entire falsehood of Jewish Supremacy.  Here is that video:

NTS Notes: Again, as I have said before, Dr. David Duke has always been under attack by the Zionist Jewish controlled Mainstream media as being a "racist", and a "nazi".  However, if you follow and read David Duke's website and watch his videos closely, you see that this hate mongering is absolutely false and misleading.  This type of false labelling shows that these evil Zionist Jewish criminals are trying their utmost to stop the truths that David Duke presents from reaching the general public.   It is up to us again to get David Duke's important messages of truth out for everyone to see.

It always seems that the public is fooled by Zionist Jewish criminals into falsely believing that people such as David Duke, Darryl Bradford Smith, Mark Glenn, and even myself, are agents of hatred.   We now know that this is a ploy to prevent the real truth from getting out and exposing the REAL agents of hatred, which are the Zionist Talmud following Jews themselves!

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