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Rick Sanchez Tells The Truth: Yes, The Jews Run CNN And All Media!

Readers, it does not take a rocket scientist to see that the Jews control our media, and everything coming out of Hollywood.   Their total control of the message means that what we receive over our TV (Talmud-Vision) and other sources is totally biased and will never say the truth about the criminality of their fellow tribesmen, and their glorious state of Israel.   I have said for a very long time that it is time to turn off their BS propaganda and get your real news from alternative sites especially over the Internet!

I have been watching the response of the media whores who have been out to vilify Rick Sanchez for speaking the truth just the other day on the fact that Jon Stewart himself is an absolute bigot, and his spilling the beans that the Jews control all media, especially his own network, CNN!   I have been looking for the best article that covers this amazing display of truth from Mr. Sanchez that does not launch into any pro-Jewish biased tirade.   Here is probably one of the best neutral articles, courtesy of  I am enclosing that article right here for my own readers to view:


CNN's Sanchez Fired After Stewart Remark

Anchor Called Comedian A Bigot On Radio Show
NEW YORK -- CNN fired news anchor Rick Sanchez on Friday, a day after he called Jon Stewart a bigot in a radio show interview where he also questioned whether Jews should be considered a minority.
Sanchez, who was born in Cuba and had worked at CNN since 2004, was host of the two-hour "Rick's List" on CNN's afternoon lineup. He did a prime-time version of that show in recent months, but that ended this week because the time slot is being filled by a new show featuring former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer and columnist Kathleen Parker.
Stewart had frequently poked fun of Sanchez on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," most recently for saying on the air that his show had received a tweet from House Republican leader John Boehner. Stewart called it a case of "send a twit a tweet."
"He's upset that someone of my ilk is almost at his level," Sanchez said during a satellite radio interview with Pete Dominick. Details of the interview were posted on the Mediaite website Friday and quickly became a topic of conversation in the media world.
Sanchez said that Stewart is bigoted toward "everybody else that's not like him." He said Stewart "can't relate to what I grew up with," saying his family had been poor and he had seen prejudice directed at his father.

Sanchez dismisses it when Dominick points out that Stewart, who is Jewish, is also a minority.
"I'm telling you that everyone who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart, and to imply that somehow they, the people in this country who are Jewish, are an oppressed minority?" Sanchez said, adding a sarcastic "yeah."
"I can't see someone not getting a job these days because they're Jewish," he said.
CNN issued a statement late Friday that said Sanchez "is no longer with the company." In it, the network also thanked Sanchez "for his years of service" and wished him well.
Sanchez did not immediately return an e-mail or call to his mobile phone seeking comment, though it was unclear whether the CNN-issued phone or e-mail address were still active.
Stewart had no comment on Sanchez's statements, a Comedy Central spokesman said.
Three times in the past few months Stewart had used a Sanchez clip for the mocking "moment of Zen" feature on "The Daily Show," including once where Sanchez mispronounced the world "annals" in a story about Vice President Joe Biden.
He also made fun of Sanchez questioning a reporter who was stationed in a California gay bar for a report on the court case there involving gay marriage and hadn't found anyone at the bar who opposed the idea.
Sanchez spent much of his career as a reporter and anchor in Miami, where he won an Emmy Award in 1983 for a story on why he left Cuba. He has also worked at MSNBC and CNBC.

During the interview with Dominick, Sanchez told about a CNN executive whom he would not name telling him that he saw Sanchez not as an anchor but a reporter like ABC's John Quinones. He implied that this was a subtle form of bias.
Later in the interview Sanchez, indicated that "bigot" may be too strong a word to describe Stewart, saying he was "prejudicial" instead.

"He's not just a comedian. ... He can make and break careers," Sanchez said.

NTS Notes:  All of the major Zionist Jewish controlled media outlets across the United States have, of course, launched into a tirade of vilification of Rick Sanchez for his remarks.  Many are continuing to say that Rick Sanchez was fired for his statement about Jon Stewart, but the TRUTH is that he was fired for spilling the beans about exactly WHO controls the media.

Of course, the Zionist Jews will do everything in their power to keep Americans as dumbed down as possible about their total control of all media.    If Americans finally knew and realized that what they have been watching and listening to from their media is nothing but pro-Israel slanted BS propaganda, guaranteed there would be hell to pay!

Lets get the truth out about this matter once and for all.   The Jews control ALL the Media, and Hollywood.  There should be absolutely no doubt about this as anything but fact!

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