Friday, October 1, 2010

New Footage Of FAKE Apollo 11 Moonwalk Emerges!

It has now been 41 years since the United States faked the Apollo 11 moon mission.   Today, the majority of Americans still believe that the government organization, NASA, actually pulled off that feat using obsolete 1960's technology.    Few have taken the time to examine closely all of the evidence, because if they actually did, they would quickly come to the conclusion that the entire Apollo program was a sham and a massive propaganda con job.   Sorry to burst your bubbles, Apollo believers.

Now comes a new article that I found through Lee Rogers' website:, where it seems that a missing Apollo 11 tape was found and has now been digitally remastered and is going to be released to the general public in a ceremony in Sydney Australia next week!   Here is that article, with my comments to follow:

New Footage Of Fake Apollo 11 Moonwalk Emerges 
Published on 09-28-2010

Never-before-seen video footage of the Apollo 11 moonwalk discovered in Australia will be shown at an awards ceremony in Sydney next week.

The footage of mission commander Neil Armstrong descending the ladder of the lunar module will be shown at the Australian Geographic Society Awards next Wednesday, Australian Geographic said in a statement obtained by AAP.

Armstrong's descent will be among highlights of the historic 1969 moonwalk to be shown at the awards, at which lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin will be the guest of honour.

Other footage to be shown includes digitally remastered images of Armstrong's first step on the moon surface, Aldrin's descent of the ladder, the reading of the plaque and the raising of the US flag.

It is the first time the highlights reel of the restored footage will be screened.

Telescopes in remote Australia played a key role in the Apollo 11 mission, including provision of the television signal, after Armstrong decided to attempt the moonwalk early, putting the United States just beyond the horizon.

John Sarkissian - historian and astronomer in charge of the Australian side of the recordings restoration project - told AFP the unseen minutes were the "best quality of Armstrong descending the ladder".

"NASA were using the Goldstone (California) station signal, which had its settings wrong, but in the signals being received by the Australian stations you can actually see Armstrong."

"In what people have seen before you can barely see Armstrong at all, you can see something black - that was his leg.

"When we heard Buzz was going to be the guest of honour we thought 'what a great opportunity'."

The unseen footage of Armstrong, which runs for "just a few minutes", was discovered after a 10-year search, Australian Geographic said.

There was a "long detective story" involved in the search for the footage and Sarkissian said it took painstaking frame by frame work to shift the material from the deteriorating black and white film to digital format.

"It was very damaged tape as well, that segment of Armstrong at the beginning," he said.

Digitising the recording was "significant in the space flight history context" allowing it to be preserved and copied for future generations, said Sarkissian.

The Australian Geographic Society Awards recognise Australia's leading adventurers, scientists and conservationists and marks 100 issues of the Australian Geographic journal.

NTS Notes:  It is amazing that they suddenly have been able to come up with this "missing" tape when supposedly a few years back it was revealed by NASA themselves that ALL of the original Apollo 11 tapes were "accidentally" destroyed!    The timing of this "finding" also could not be more perfect with the recent discovery of an "Earth like" planet outside of our own solar system, and more revelations about the probability of contact with extraterrestrial life.  Overall, this injection of new publicity is greatly needed by NASA, especially at this time with the shutting down of their entire shuttle program and it fighting for its very existence with tightening budgets....

Lets make it clear, readers.... The entire Apollo program was a massive propaganda stunt, and a waste of taxpayer money.  It is still impossible today to fly humans beyond low Earth orbit due to the deadly radiation levels of the Van Allen belts, the space between the Earth and the Moon, and even on the lunar surface.  The facts are that NASA and its leading scientists knew that there was no way any astronauts could survive the radiation levels, and therefore it was decided early on in the 1960's Apollo program to fake it using props right here on Earth.   Now after almost 40 years of never getting back to the moon, more and more people are finally wising up to the truth about this sham!

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Anonymous said...

I have asked intelligent people why no other attempts have been made by anyone to go to the moon since it has supposedly been successfully done. The amusing answer is since it has already been done, no one wants to do it again. We know what it is like now. What a laugh! Real explorers- and now scientific ones, as well as greedy ones- would have been lining up to go to the moon after the first trip there. There is a whole moon to explore and retrieve resources from, not just the little area the astronauts supposedly walked on. The USSR/Russia has had more and better scientific fund-backing than NASA, yet no moon exploration by men that we know of. Just an orbiting space station is about as far as any of them get today. Or so we think.

Anonymous said...


How could you imagine adopting such an insane position?

You should loosen that Van Allen Belt a coupla notches, and relax into reality!

Technology was more advanced in the 60's than it is now!

That's common knowledge.

And herb alpert was a veritable Mozart!

For shame!

Here it is!

You'll be telling me you don't believe in the judaic g$d next!!

Cannibal Rabbi.

Anonymous said...

In regard to my previous comment: Were all the moon missions faked? If not physically possible for Apollo 11, then none have ever been possible?
How many astronauts have walked on the Moon?
Astronaut on the moon
Twelve astronauts have walked on the Moon. The first astronauts landed on the Moon in 1969 and the last astronauts landed on the Moon in 1972. These astronauts were part of the six Apollo missions which each landed two astronauts on the Moon's surface.

Van Allen said...

"It is still impossible today to fly humans beyond low Earth orbit due to the deadly radiation levels of the Van Allen belts, . . ."

Also, NTS, once our hypothetical "moon walkers" were out beyond the Van Allen belts, what is there to protect them from the deadly radiation that the belts actually stop from frying us here on the planet? They'd have a nice old time in their recycled Coke can spaceship and plastic raincoat space suits against the unfiltered radiation beyond the protection afforded us via the Van Allen belts and our atmosphere (go get an xray sometime and see where and behind what the radiologist stands) - and still with all that protection we here on the planet are warned to never spend too long out in the sun unprotected, or risk all sorts of melanomas and other skin cancers (but, miraculously, this proven scientific principle of the deadly effects of radiation on flesh and blood did not apply to the intrepid Apollo fakers, LOL).

NTS, it just serves to prove to the psychopaths and shysters in charge how gullible we all are with our History Phd's courtesy of the lying trash who own Hollywood's movie and television propaganda output.

Apollo was another super heist for the usual shyster suspects and I'd say much of the billions in stolen profits from the Apollo scam ended up in that shitty little country in the Middle East.

But, good luck trying to wake any of the sheep to the truth of the above; their propaganda programming is bone deep . . . (it was on TV!!!!)

Northerntruthseeker said...

You know something... When I ask the same question to people that if we went to the moon in the 60's then why have we not been back?, I get the same dumbed down stare that you have received.

Americans are so gullible.... The faked Apollo missions to the moon generated so much pride that it has blinded them from common sense.

Yes, the propaganda machine has done its job very well indeed!

Anonymous said...


"Americans are so gullible."

Oh no sir. Would that that was the sum of it.
It's a Planet-wide phenomenon.

But once you bring the JEW, into VIEW, it dissipates. Like magic.

And the world smells all the sweeter.

No jews is good jews.