Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Real History Revealed: Important Video: History They Don't Teach You In School (Part One) - Zionism

I came across the following video, "History They Don't Teach You In School (Part One) - Zionism" by Youtube user: "TheAmazingBart", and I found it to be very informative and well put together.  Therefore, I want to post it up right here for my readers to view in its entirety:

NTS Notes:  I have been putting up articles for a very long time about the fact that if you dig deep enough into almost ALL of the major terrorist acts on this planet for the last 60+ years, you will find evidence of Israeli Mossad involvement.

This video focuses on Israel's attacks in the King David Hotel, the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty, the attack on the Arab Mosque in 1994, and the attacks of 9-11.... It does miss out on other attacks that have an Israeli Mossad operation written all over them, such as the bombing attack on the German Disco in 1986, the bombing of the Marine Barracks in 1983, the attack on the USS Cole in 2000, the Lockerbie Plane bombing of 1988,  the 1994 WTC bombing, the phony "Raid" on Entebbe of 1976, and even the London subway bombing of 7/7.... This list could go on and on....

This video also again backs up all claims made so far of Israel's total involvement in the attacks of 9-11, by focusing on the 5 dancing Israelis arrested that day, and the investigations into the vans loaded with explosives heading towards the bridges to Manhattan that morning!   It also shows how "lucky" Larry Silverstein, who had bought the WTC complex and insured the entire complex for billions against "terrorist attacks" was able to "conveniently" miss out on his usual meeting in the WTC complex the morning of 9-11...

Hopefully there is more to come in this series, and I will post them up as they come available....

More to come


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