Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Global Warming Hoax: Please Watch This Video: The NUTS Behind "Global Warming" Actually Wanted THIS On The Air! (Absolutely Sickening)

We now know and have definitive proof that all of the scare mongering behind the push for "Global Warming" was done for criminal goals.   The criminals behind the Global Warming fiasco were in it for their own personal GREED and for the eventual goal of bringing in a One World Government.    But now that their crimes have been exposed, people are finally wising up to the fact that the entire Global Warming, or as they call it now: "Climate Change" is a con job.

But the proponents behind the entire "Global Warming" and "Climate Change" fiasco are not about to give up without a fight, or as you will see in this absolutely insane video, without trying to scare people into accepting their false "Carbon reduction" initiatives.   Please watch the following video, and I hope that you will be as disgusted as I was:

NTS Notes:  Well, now we see the newest scare tactics by the criminals behind the Global Warming push.   This is absolutely atrocious and a very bad message that if you do not accept the totally false scheme of reducing your "carbon emissions" by 10%, you will be blown up!

Who ever thought of this idea for this set of commercials in Great Britain should be arrested and put in for psychiatric examination immediately!  

Believe it or not... The criminals behind the "10/10" BS initiatives in Great Britain wanted these commercials aired on British television.   I just could not imagine this type of imagery being used on the British public, especially children!

Bottom line, readers... This is sick and disturbing.... I almost wanted to put this one as one of my Files of Absurdity, but this is WAY beyond that.

I wonder what the criminals behind the Global Warming scare will do next to try to frighten people into accepting their BS?   Considering what we see in this video, I am afraid to ask!

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Unknown said...

This reminded me starkly of what it was like under communism in the former Warsaw Pact countries of Europe. Whenever people were asked to vote on something ("no pressure"), almost everyone voted the way the Communist Party wanted them to. Those few who had the integrity to think differently, were eliminated, by putting them in prison or death mines, or by executing them.

"No pressure."

Northerntruthseeker said...

You mean when the communists would lock away dissidents in their gulags... where most of the inmates were never heard from again???

Yes, I agree Delta... It is getting to the point where the pushers of the phony global warming are saying: "You will believe in Global Warming, or you will be executed!".... Kind of an Orwellian idealism, is it not?

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