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The Global Warming Fraud: Warmists Plot Secretly To Kill Off The Medieval Warming Period..Again!

I have been spending the last few days taking care of other business..  In the meantime, we have seen the latest laugher of a "terrorist" attack take place, and the full exposure of it as nothing more than a massive fraud.    It is odd, and extremely convenient that there is a "terrorist" attack just before the US midterm elections.  

Anyways, for this article, I want to concentrate on new information concerning the Global Warming fraud. I came across the following article from James Dellingpole, who writes articles for the Telegraph online news service at   This newest article is called: "Warmists Plot Secretly To Kill Off The Medieval Warming Period. Again" and I am putting that entire article here for my own readers to view in its entirety:

Warmists plot secretly to kill off the Medieval Warming Period. Again

By James Delingpole  Last updated: October 23rd, 2010

Pretend ruins of fake 12th century Viking church moved to Greenland by Booker, Delingpole, North et al last year in cynical bid to pretend the MWP actually existed
Pretend ruins of fake 12th century Viking church moved to Greenland by Booker, Delingpole, North et al last year in cynical bid to pretend the MWP actually existed
Remember how one of the great ambitions of theClimategate “scientists” was to “contain” the “putative” Medieval Warming Period? Well – guess what – they’re STILL at it.
Michael Mann, Phil Jones, Jonathan Overpeck, Eugene Wahl, Malcolm Hughes – just about anyone who’s anyone from the Climategate emails, in fact – have all been on a clandestine boondoggle to sunny Portugal, there to conspire how best to obliterate that embarrassing and inconvenient period of bounteous warmth between around 900 AD and 1280 AD known as the MWP.
Anthony Watts has the full story. The bit that interests me most is the size of their carbon footprint? And even more so, who actually grant-funded all these shysters to fly to Portugal for their weekend reality-denial fest? And even more, more so if it was us – which of course it was, via our governments, the UN and the EU – why we can’t have our money back NOW.
Wattsy’s site was responsible for another classic this week which you must read if you haven’t already: Willis Eschenbach’s magisterial and hilarious essay Eight tenths of a degree? Think of the Grandchildren! I met Eschenbach at Heartland: terrifyingly loud shirts and an aura of tousled levity and almost childlike sweetness which might give you the impression that he’s just a barmy eccentric. Make no mistake, though, this man is a genius. I’ll reprint the opening paragraphs to give you a taste:
James Hansen and others say that we owe it to our Grandchildren to get this climate question right. Hansen says “Grandchildren” with a capital G when he speaks of them so I will continue the practice. I mean, for PR purposes, Grandchildren with a capital letter outrank even Puppies with a capital letter, and I can roll with that.
In any case Hansen got me to thinking about the world of 2050. Many, likely even most people reading this in 2010 will have Grandchildren in 2050. Heck, I might have some myself. So I started to consider the world we will leave our Grandchildren in 2050.
In a recent post here on WUWT, Thomas Fuller floated aproposal that we adopt a couple of degrees as the expected temperature rise over the century. He says in the comments to his thread that
I think we owe it to the people of the world to give them an idea of how much warming they can expect, so they can plan their buildings, businesses, roads and lives. They matter. They don’t care how much of it is due to CO2 or how much is rebound from a LIA due to forcings we don’t understand. They don’t. They probably shouldn’t.
We have temperature rises that we can almost trust from 1958 that show a trend of about 2 degrees for this century if things go on.
To start with, I don’t think we owe people anything more than the scientific truth as we understand it. And if we don’t understand it, as in the case of what the climate may be like over the rest of this century, we definitely owe it to the people to simply say “We don’t know”. Those three little words, so hard to say … so no, we don’t owe people a number if we don’t have one.
Read the rest here. If you haven’t the time let me summarise his truly scary conclusion: that by 2050 our planet might possibly have warmed by….
Eight tenths of a degree!
How will our grandchildren cope?
Oh and one other piece you should definitely read. This one in today’s Telegraph by Charles Moore on Britain’s energy policy. It’s bang on the nail and highly welcome. Possibly I’m being unfair when I say “joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth…” – Charles was never THAT much of a believer in the “Consensus”. But I don’t half find myself in agreement with this commenter Raffie:
At last! Somebody (other than Booker and Delingpole) in the mainstream media has finally woken up to the fact that the government is inflicting one of the biggest bills in history on us; (£18 Bn a year for forty years) for 44,000 25% efficient wind turbines ………. at a time when the country is over its head in debt and people are about to lose jobs left, right and centre.

NTS Notes:  It does seem that the scam artists behind the entire Global Warming farce are definitely not giving up on their criminal pursuit of personal wealth and pure GREED.  

Again, history does not lie, and the Global Warming cult still cannot figure out how to hide the facts that during the middle ages, or roughly 1000 years ago, there was a long period of warmer weather in which regions around the planet were much warmer than even today, and such as Greenland and Iceland were actually free of snow and ice.   This period of warming flies in the face of all of the Global Warming cultists' "historical records" and defies their claims on how the planet is warming due to man made influences.

Lets not get fooled again.  We must let everyone know about this latest attempt to get their criminal Global Warming agenda off and running in their evil pursuit of "Green initiatives" and "cap and trade" legislations that will bleed more money out of taxpayers.    This is again nothing more than a fraud, a scam, and a massive swindle.  

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