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Gilad Atzmon: From Rabbi Yosef To Marx

I put up an amazing article just two days that came from a fellow truth blogger: Desert Peace, where it seems that the insane Rabbi Yosef went on a rant saying that the whole purpose of the non-Jews in the world was to serve the Jews!   This insanity is actually part of their Talmudic teachings, and should be an eye opener to everyone, and a reason for everyone to wake up and join us in this fight against real racism and supremacism.

As a "Goy" myself, I do not picture or ever see myself as a slave to anyone, period!   I work hard for a living and support a family myself.  I am not a "sheep" or "cattle", and believe that everyone is absolutely equal in the eyes of their Almighty.  

There is absolutely no reason for any group to claim supremacy over anyone else, and everyone MUST fight against such twisted idealisms, and make it aware to these evil groups that we are absolutely not their inferiors and will not tolerate such thinking!

Now, I want to turn to a great Jewish writer, Gilad Atzmon, who has just posted an article that shows his opinion on this latest piece of pure racism and garbage by this Israeli rabbi.  Here is Gilad's article, from his website:, entitled: "From Rabbi Yosef To Marx", for everyone to view here:

Gilad Atzmon: From Rabbi Yosef to Marx

In case the Goyim cannot find a purpose in their life, Israeli senior Sephardi Rabbi Ovadia Yosef is there to help them out.  In his Saturday sermon  Rabbi Yosef revealed that the sole purpose of Gentiles is to serve Jews.
“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world.”  The Rabbi was also kind enough to provide the Goyim with some precise tasks. “Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.
That is why gentiles were created.”

I guess that it is about time the friends of Israel in Western politics started to fully comprehend their role in our Judified universe -- AIPAC and the Conservatives’ Friends of Israel do indeed, have a crucial function : They are there to ‘help’ our politicians grasp why they ‘were created’.

And their role is, apparently, to ‘serve the Jews,’ as the Chief Rabbi describes it so eloquently.

But there is a further and even much more sinister meaning to Rabbi Yosef’s sermon: according to the Rabbi, the Goyim will ‘work’ hard, they will ‘plow’ and ‘reap’ while the Jew ‘sits like an effendi (master)’ and ‘eats’. In just a few words Rabbi Yossef expresses the depth of Judaic contempt towards labour.

The senior Rabbi provides us with a devastating glimpse into the Judaic alienation from these aspects of the human condition and human experience. In an unequivocal manner, Rabbi Yosef depicts a clear dichotomy: Jews are the master race and the Goyim are nothing but a work force. The Goyim are there to sweat and struggle while the Jew is ‘sitting’   and ‘eating’. I guess that Rabbi Yossef has managed, in just a few words, to portray the intrinsic relationships between Judaism and Capitalism.

But in fact, Rabbi Yossef didn’t invent anything new here -- his Saturday sermon sounds familiar enough to me. Karl Marx in his paper On The Jewish Question, identified aspects of Jewish ideology at the heart of Capitalism: “It is mankind (both Christians and Jews) that needs to emancipate itself from Judaism” Marx wrote.

Marx managed to identify an inclination towards exploitation at the heart of Jewish culture.

However, being a humanist, Marx wanted to believe that mankind (Jews and others) could overcome this tendency. Many early Zionists too, were also convinced that in Zion, Jews would liberate themselves and eventually become a nation like other nations, through productivity and labour.

Seemingly though, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef is not that impressed with either Marx, or some of the ideals within the early Zionist dream:  Rabbi Yossef is brave (or foolish) enough to sketch the inherent bond between Jewish culture and Capital.

The only question that is still open is, for how long can the rest of humanity tolerate that kind of Rabbinical arrogance?

NTS Notes:  I am no real personal fan of the works of Karl Marx, due to the failures of the Communist system itself, but Gilad shows some interesting points about how this type of  "racial superiority" sick thinking shows the failures of the present primarily Jewish controlled Capitalist system... In the present Capitalistic system, we are laboring to serve the "elite", which as a group is primarily composed of rich Jews!

In spite of this insane rabbi's ramblings about the "Goy"'s so labeled "place in this world", we have shown tolerance for these evil Talmudic racial beliefs by simply ignoring them as outdated and out of place in our modern world.  But that tolerance has its limits.

If this type of racial extremist stereotyping has been brainwashed into Jewish children from birth, it is no wonder that they cannot live amongst others, and why they have been banished 79 times from host nations in our recorded history!  Racial and religious "superiority" has no place in the modern world, and should be permanently eliminated from the human race.

Lets get the message out, everyone.  The United States itself pours billions of dollars into the Zionist Jewish state of Israel so that they can allow this type of practice of "racial superiority" to foster within its populace, and why they act against their neighbors by killing with impunity and with no morals..  Support for this racial hatred and superiority garbage must end immediately!

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